13 thoughts on “Israeli Dirty Ops Firms Colluded on Trump’s Behalf, Perhaps Directed by Israeli Government – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. “It isn’t clear who received the Psy-Group presentation, but it appears to have been created sometime after the 2016 election.”

    I don’t understand.
    Psy-Group pitched the Trump administration AFTER the 2016 election, so obviously, Pay-Group had nothing to do with social media manipulation during the 2016 election.

    “Psy-Group offered clients an array of services—including “honey traps,” a term used by spy agencies for an intelligence-gathering tactic using romantic or sexual relationships to extract information”

    So what.
    Al Jazeera used a honey pot to ensnare the Israel lobbyist in Great Britain, and the FBI stringer, Professor Halprin, used a ‘female associate’ to try to draw George Papadopoulos into the FBI investigation.

    1. @ Philly: As usual, you missed the important part. Psy Group made an entire presentation of what it could do to create a fraudulent campaign for Trump. It doesn’t matter when the meeting occurred. They were pitching to do engage in the same type of fraud which the Russians did on Trump’s behalf during the last election.

      Al Jazeera did not use a honey pot and you haven’t a clue what the term means. Al Jazeera used a legitimate journalistic technique, an undercover reporter tasked with reporting a story. That is not a honey pot. Nor was Prof. Halper an “FBI stringer.” He didn’t work for the FBI. He was an informant for the FBI, a role which has been endorsed even by Trey Goudy. Nor is his name “Halprin.”

      Just how many mistakes can you make in a single comment???

  2. Interesting article, but I take issue with the last paragraph: “It’s only a very small step for Vladimir Putin to believe that a U.S. presidential candidate so mired in dirty Russian money would be easy prey for a Russian influence campaign designed to win him the White House. And that is indeed what happened.”

    I have no axe to grind about Putin, who is no choir boy, to say the least, but this last paragraph of your article does not provide any hard evidence of his/Russia’s meddling in the 2016 US presidential elections. Instead, the 1st sentence provides circumstantial evidence, which leads you to a non-sequitur: Trump won thanks to Putin.

    1. @ Klaas Vaak: U.S. intelligence officials have stated definitively that the role of Russian dirty tricks played a decisive role in Michigan and Wisconsin & threw the election to Trump.

      My job here is not to convince people like you of anything. There are certain issues that are patently obvious and settled law in reasonable quarters. I won’t reopen them just because you don’t believe them or aren’t convinced.

      Do not publish further in this thread.

  3. [comment deleted: as I wrote in response to another commenter. Do NOT publish comments here attempting to argue that Russia or Putin played no role in the U.S. election. This is settled law as far as I’m concerned. It is not up for debate. So don’t do it.]

  4. I don’t think Trump himself orchestrated any Russian connection to the 2016 election. The neocons, who insinuated themselves into Trump’s inner circles (hopefully through the near mindless Papadopoulus), made sure things appeared there was a connection – anything they could give to the media who could add to the chaos. Since Project for A New American Century (1998), “chaos” has been the neocon middle name.

  5. Richard said:

    “…it is illegal for foreign companies or individuals to contribute to, or influence U.S. elections.”

    That’s not quite accurate.

    The Federal Election Commission bars foreign companies or individuals from providing a candidate with a “thing of value” for his/her campaign.
    Just what a “thing of value” is, is unclear.
    Money is definitely a “thing of value”, but I’m not sure that ‘opposition research’ is a “thing of value”.

    The statute seems to me to be over broad, and an impingement of our First Amendment rights.

    Furthermore, I don’t believe the FEC, the District of Columbia Courts, or the United States Supreme Court wants to divide our country in such a manner.

    Do you seriously believe that the United States Supreme Court wants to rule on the prosecution of Donald Trump Jr.?

    1. @ Philly: You’re really slingin’ the shit today, aren’t you?

      I’m not sure that ‘opposition research’ is a “thing of value”.

      Zamel was paid $2-million by Nader for preparing his presentation to Trump. Oppo research specialists are paid millions for their work in elections. And you say this isn’t a “thing of value?” Obviously it’s quite valuable to the candidates who pay so handsomely for it.

      Eugene Volokh is not a credible source here. But clearly he appeals to your hasbaroid tendencies. But don’t offer him here as a legitimate source. He isn’t.

      The statute seems to me to be over broad,

      When you get to be a professor of constitutional law or a federal judge, get back to us. Till then, no one gives a crap here what your view of U.S. regulations are.

      As for the prosecution of Trump and his associates, I don’t care what the SUpreme Court wants. I hope the whole load of them end up where they belong. If the Court wants to absolve them of their sins, go right ahead. It will make the Court a laughingstock.

  6. Richard said: “They have close ties, as do a number of Russian-Jewish oligarchs like Lev Leviev”

    You may want to check your facts a little more carefully.
    Lev Leviev was born in Uzbekistan and made Aliyah to Israel when he was fourteen years old.
    He made his fortune in African diamonds and now lives in London and Israel.

    To wit; Lev Leviev is not a Russian-Jewish oligarch.

    1. @ Philly: Lev Leviev’s ill gotten wealth derives from all the rotten deals and shady characters he befriended in Russia. He’s as Russian an oligarch as all the others.

      When he travels “home” he doesn’t visit Tashkent. He goes to Moscow where his bread is buttered and consorts with the fake chief rabbi of Russia who he and Putin installed. He’s Russian all over.

      Remember your three comment a day limit. Don’t exceed it.

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