2 thoughts on “Roseanne Barr’s Abuse of Judaism – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. This story has legs and lessons. I wonder who the people are who laugh at such so-called humor. The people who vote for Trump and his supporters in the Congress? And though I am glad of main stream media alienating itself from this vileness, as has been pointed out, this was a financial/brand decision at least in part by ABC owned by Disney. This kind of abusive “humor” has gone, and not only here. But I am reminded of the old Borscht Belt comedians who would say and do anything for a laugh, including opening a fly even dropping pants (the men). Oh so funny. Anything for a laugh. But that was in a certain atmosphere, not broadcast nationally.

    Barr, as you say is apologizing because her livelihood depends on it. Not that it worked to get her show back. She is being shamed. And at least she is attempting an apology. Trump on the other hand, her “spiritual” brother does not have to apologize it seems. As we reject Rosanne, or force her to some corner to exercise her free speech without this megaphone, this is progress, draining the swamp.(Or will Fox pick her up?)
    About the swamp, we have yet to get to the political realm.

  2. There is this story about king David ‘repenting’, which has always given me similar unpleasant vibes: After the magnificent story of Nathan confronting the king with his abhorrent treatment of Bathsheva and her husband Uriah (which may very well be unique in royal chronicles, which usually only extoll the rulers), David ‘repents’. He does not eat or drink, tears his clothes etc. (if I remember correctly). Then when his child dies (as punishment for him, although it must have been worse for Bathsheva), he gets up, eats, drinks, has a nice bath, and rubs some oil on himself, explaining: ‘Oh well, as long as I thought I could change God’s mind, it seemed a good idea to repent, but the child has died already, so why continue when there is no use anyway.’ He then right away goes out to ‘comfort’ Bathsheva, which apparently involved sex, as she then conceives Solomon.
    A colourful figure for sure, or an amalgamation of stories about different people. Who knows?

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