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  1. The scourge of “binary” thinking, Geller incites “islamophobia” by speaking out against “judaeophobia”. There is a middle ground. I also note that “binary options” have just been outlawed in Israel.

      1. [comment deleted: don’t like my editorial decisions? Tough. Not your business. Don’t raise these subjects in future.]

        1. @ gefilte: Please don’t use big English words you don’t know how to use. And if want to do so do it in Hebrew if that’s your native language. Nor do I even know what you’re talking about. It’s always a good idea to quote whatever word, phrase or passage you’re commenting on.

  2. I wonder what was on the menu at the JDL dinner?

    Am I the only one turned on by this psycho chick, Geller? I think it’s the hair and the Brooklyn accent.

  3. Breitbart.com, conceived self-admittedly in a room in Tel Aviv with Bibi sitting in it, is a website that breeds open racial and bigoted vitriol willfully along the lines of the Israeli political agenda, yet somehow is subject to none of the prohibitions that rightfully censored, “The Daily Stormer”, by Andrew Anglin.

    Pamela Geller is free to convey hate speech there and elsewhere, but rendering factual items that are not in vogue with the Israeli interest, like standing up for Palestinian rights, have been censored openly by Israeli government demand to Zuckerberg and Sandberg’s managed, “Facebook” and “Instagram”, under the false rubric of “incitement towards violence” or “hate speech” likewise (the common “anti-Semite” accusation).

    The boundaries of these rights appear to be defined by whether or not you are in a particular “club”, and more so in line with that club’s demands, and one that holds in contempt any other human not “chosen” or going against the same even if righteous or legitimate in complaint.

    So long as this club’s supporters play moderator openly, allowing exceptions for this person or that person to do the very things they deny others, and often even worse, while not leveling an equal standard to the “other”, the supremacist structure stays intact.

    What is it like being Muslim and watching Hollywood films slowly merge into bearing Muslim villains from Russian villains right around when “True Lies”, starring the seemingly offensively surnamed, “Schwarza-negger”, debuted?

    It’s like watching a systematic machine of prejudice, bigotry, contempt, and hatred — the worst of mankind’s vitriol — move from one target to the next. And watching the hatemongers stir the pot while calling others the same labels they actually deserve by Machiavellian projection — in slow motion.

    When I turn on much of the supposed “free press” in America’s television venues to see what is being said about world affairs, it is clear whose bias is being projected because the experts of foreign countries, especially those under target also by the open lobbying of AIPAC and the like, always either bear a particular set of surnames, appearances, or work for think tanks and institutions connected to money from the same.

    I’m glad this guy got what he deserved, but Pamela Geller and Breitbart are still at it. This anti-Gentilism strikes me as very much the reason much true anti-Semitism in the world exists. That is, those being constantly smeared are not deceived as to who is stigmatizing them and why.

    1. @Soleimani: I was almost ready to call you a liar about that Breitbart story & then I searched & there it was. You are right. I’ll be damned! Bibi wasn’t directly involved. But he certainly would’ve approved had he been asked: http://www.breitbart.com/big-journalism/2015/11/17/breitbart-news-network-born-in-the-usa-conceived-in-israel/

      I’d urge you also to stick to the topic of the blog post. Your comment ranged pretty far afield into other areas not directly tied to the post.

    2. @Soleimeni

      True Lies debuted in 1994, well before 9/11, but only one year after terrorists tried to blow up the World Trade Centre with a truck bomb. True Lies was based on a French comedy, and directed and co-produced by James Cameron.

      I’m not sure “the chosen” conspired to make Muslims the villains in True Lies.

    3. ‘…What is it like being Muslim and watching Hollywood films slowly merge into bearing Muslim villains from Russian villains…’

      Yeah. That certainly happened. I remember. The Soviet empire collapsed, and suddenly, for a certain genre of film, Russians were no longer plausible as villains. The filmmakers actually visibly thrashed around for a while with ‘neo-Nazis’ and ‘KKK members’ and such before hitting upon the much more satisfactory ‘Muslims.’

      More broadly, there’s been a visible paradigm shift. The OLD Western stereotype of Muslims was Rudolf Valentino and the Sheik of the Burning Sands et al. It was hardly accurate — but it wasn’t especially derogatory. This culminated in ‘Lawrence of Arabia’ and seems to have had its last hurrah with ‘The Wind and the Lion’ with Sean Connery as Sheik Raizuli or whatever it was.

      Since then, there’s been a discernible effort to blacken the image of Arabs and Muslims generally. There have been films, and revisionist histories, and sudden accesses of concern for the status of Muslim women on the part of the most improbable figures.

      It’s all been successful too. One finds oneself realizing that no, one wouldn’t want to let one’s daughter go out with a Muslim. A Jew or a Buddhist, quite alright — but a MUSLIM?

      One of the worst thing about lies is that THEY WORK. Just repeat them often enough, and they work. Even as one struggles to disagree, one finds oneself unconsciously incorporating part of the lie into one’s own outlook.

  4. I just wanted to add that I love your site, Richard, and think highly of you. I know many people come here to spew negativity, and often to troll you, so please take this as a positive compliment for your activism and efforts.

  5. The more things change, the more they stay the same.

    Contemplating the reluctance of the New York City Police to interfere as the JDL thugs assaulted their victims, one thinks of Tsarist police standing idle while Ukrainians beat up Jews.

    One of the more definite shifts that is going on is that Muslims are becoming the Jews of the new century. Muslims occupy almost precisely the same location Jews did just about a hundred years ago.

    …and we’re being firmly frog-marched toward Treblinka, I’ll point out. Nobody wants to see it. After all, the Nazis were bad, and we’re good.

  6. Thanks Richard. As usual you are spot on with your articles and analysis. I was there in DC when this happened, marching against AIPAC. Although I didn’t see the attacks by the JDL, I did see them two days later at the Federtal building when Ann Wright pleaded guilty to laughing out loud. As we left to join our colleagues outside, the JDL was hanging around the front of the building, threatening us and the man who had his cameras. It was not a one-off of attacks. They verbally and physically attacked throughout those three days. It was only because we were older women that they didn’t rush us.

  7. Has anyone found any updates on these trials for assault? I read somewhere that Steynovitz’s was supposed to be Feb.21, 2019 but, so far haven’t found anything on it. I participated in this AIPAC protest but apparently left before the assaults happened. Would like to see justice take place.

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