11 thoughts on “Trump’s Middle East Peace Plan: Dead on Arrival? – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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    1. @ lepxii: Yes, if you believe Palestinians are imbeciles who would accept whatever is dished out to them. But unlike your racist notion, I know that Palestinians aren’t robots who can be ordered & bossed around.

      Consider this a warning. Post insulting snark like this again & you may move from moderated to banned.

      1. I did not mean to imply this would be accepted by the people on the ground – a fair amount of goons willing enforce public order would probably be required to back up said figurehead. A Saudi peacekeeping force perhaps?

        1. @ lepxii: Palestinians have resisted Israeli Occupation for more than 50 yrs without conceding and you think “a fair amount of Saudi goons” could succeed at supressing them where Israel has failed? You must be daft.

  1. “Why, you might ask, would any Palestinian agree to such a deal? ”

    Okay. No deal. Now what?
    Wait for the next incoming US President? Wait for BDS to strangle Israel till her pips squeak?

    High hopes indeed, but while the Palestinians bide their time, all the while, the settler population is increasing, and they will continue to expand the settlements.

    1. @ Zionauts: Actually, the more settlers there are the more likely there’ll be a one state solution. You guys think you’re so smart. But you’re really leading directly to the outcome you hate the most: full equality and Palestinian majority control of Israeli politics once they demographically surpass you.

      1. One man, one vote, one Palestine, sounds great, until the Arab majority votes Hamas. Then, you’ll have substituted Jewish majority supremacy with Islamic majority supremacy.

        No thank you.

        1. @ Zionauts: Your Jewish minority in greater Palestine has already voted the Jewish equivalent of Hamas. The sky hasn’t fallen (yet). But even if Palestinians did vote for Hamas, they’d only be a Palestinian equivalent of what you have now.

          Whether you like it or not that’s democracy. You have 2 choices: you can be the Jewish equivalent of Saudi Arabia or you can be a democracy.

          Finally, I think the Palestinians would be far more moderate & reasonable than the Jews. They’ve suffered far more than you & generally haven’t developed the thirst for vengeance one would expect. I find that remarkable.

          I should make clear that even though I’ve used the term “Jewish” here I don’t mean it in the conventional sense. These Israeli Jews who vote Likud consider themselves Jews, but their Jewishness is based in political ultra-nationalism I don’t recognize as conventionally Jewish. There should be a way to distinguish between the two versions. But so far, there isn’t an easy way to do so. Maybe we should call them “racial Jews.”

          1. I make no pretence of knowing the Arab heart or mind, but I do know facts. Hamas (Muslim Brotherhood) was democratically elected, and remains the people’ choice. In Egypt, the Muslim Brotherhood was also democratically elected, the people’s.

            Even if a secular Arab Palestinian government is elected in (one State) Palestine, secular Arab governments have often been at odds with Islamists; i.e. Egypt, Syria, Algeria.

            And what of the women in One State Palestine? Will Arab women become equal to their menfolk? Will Jewish women in One State Palestine lose rights?

            I hope One State Palestine doesn’t become deadlocked or stagnant, like Zimbabwe, South Africa and Weimer Germany.

          2. @ Zionauts: Are you arguing that because the Palestinians elected a minority government led by Hamas that perforce a unitary single state in which there was a Palestinian majority would also elect Hamas to rule? Because if you are that’s a vast leap. In fact, if there was a unitary state there would be far less reason for either Israelis or Palestinians to vote for the most radical parties among them. In fact, it’s much more likely there would be a search for common ground among ethnic groups, rather than a rush toward the extremes. As far as the Palestinians are concerned, they would no longer feel desperation and the need to turn toward extremists, since much of their grievance would be resolved. SO your claim is specious.

            And if you’re arguing that Israeli women (not “Jewish women” as you wrote) are treated so much better than Palestinian women, I’m not so sure that’s true. Further, the Palestinians once had a secular society. In a new arrangement I think the religious extremists on both sides would lose a considerable amount of their appeal. While I don’t think a one state Israel would ever be completely secular, it would be far less theocratic on both sides than it is now.

    2. The Palestinians have nothing to expect from Israel, no matter what US administration is at the helm. Patience is their only realistic option, and time is on their side. Your own lifetime always seems to be the only real one, I know, but try to think beyond that.

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