2 thoughts on “Neocons Continue Promoting Middle East Regime Change – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. Yes, the Hamas-Fatah fight is not referred back to much nowadays. To explain it comes out of the current frame, as it were: the complete objectification/demonisation of the Palestinians.

    Something else: Letting Gaza go.

    It was mighty expensive for Israel to keep it under direct thumb while keeping the boot on the face of W.B. Palestinians. WB costs them about $600m p.a. or something. The figures for settling the WB are staggering.


    Think I read somewhere that giving up Gaza was seen by the Israelis [we’re talking Sharon..] as a way of reducing the PLO/Fatah’s influence by giving Hamas an open door. Hamas didn’t suddenly appear from nowhere – after all they are Muslim Brotherhood. And it wasn’t just Hamas and Fatah fighting: it was Fatah refusing to hand over the reigns of the security apparatus to Hamas, after Hamas won the Gaza election.

    Hamas gets elected even in the W.B. They are the ones many people take to, because they help the poor, as the Brotherhood do in Egypt, and unlike the PLO [which of course is an umbrella group of wide spectrum of groups including George Habash’s PFLP] as well as wanting to see the back of Israel are seen as un[in]corrupt. Though the security org in Gaza is ruthless and balks not opposition, and of course Hamas is not too keen on secularism.

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