12 thoughts on “Eichmann Exhibit at Jewish Museum Promotes Mossad Brand – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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    1. @ Anya: 6 million died & you claim he saved 60,000? When he could’ve saved hundreds of thousands had he wished. Not to mention that abomination, the Haavara Agreement, which he approved. Ben Gurion was a monomaniacal fanatic devoted to Zionism, much less so to Jews.

      1. @Richard

        “When he could’ve saved hundreds of thousands had he wished. ”

        What are you talking about? Cite please. You demand I cite, please obey your rules (or run the risk of turning your blog into Orwell’s Animal Farm).

        Frilling’s book proves that the Yishuv had few options, but tried and tried to save Jews.

        The Yishuv wasn’t a powerful State, it was a nascent State, within Britain’s Palestine Mandate. The Haavara Agreement saved thousands of Jews.

        1. @ Anya: There were 6 million Jews killed during the Holocaust. Ben Gurion only saved those who were involved in the Haavara Agreement because it offered a material benefit to the Yishuv. But in the process it also broke the international anti Nazi boycott & offered the Nazis war materiel they could use during the War. Don’t try to turn a sow’s ear into a silk purse.

          Other than that, Ben Gurion did NOTHING to help European Jews before or during the War. Nor does it matter whether the Yishuv was weak or powerful. It had thousands of assets around the world it could’ve directed to create an international rescue operation to save Jews.

          1. I believe that you are confusing the Haavara agreement (pre WW2) with the discussions regarding Hungarian Jews in 1944.

            Haavara enabled some German Jews to emigrate with part of their assets = the benefit to Germany was a “legal” confiscation of the remainder of the assets. The alternative was not emigrating (one of the requirements of British was a capital transfer of 1000 Pounds) and staying in Germany where the majority of remaining Jews were murdered in 1941-1942.

            There was no international anti Nazi boycott during the time and the argument was with US Jews who had initiated one.

          2. @ Kevin: I know about both plans and also know that some Jews were saved via the Haavara Agreement. I used it more as an example of how amoral the Yishuv was willing to be in order to advance its own interests. Not so much to prove anything regarding the saving of Jews per se.

          3. Adler Rudel.

            Transnisteria Plan.

            Europa Plan.

            Parachuters Plan?

            Hannah Senesh?

            Friling is Israel’s State Archivist. His two volumed, peer reviewed, award winning book is definitive.

            Unless you start providing some cites, I’m done here.

          4. @ Anya: All these plans amounted to nothing. They didn’t save any Jews. I don’t know how serious they were, how well supported by the yishuv, nor why they failed. But they did.

            Jewish Virtual Library is not a credible source on any subject. But I’m not at all surprised that you use it ‘religiously.’ I could care less who Friling is. He’s a representative & employee of the State. Therefore it’s no surprise he would share the State’s views on this matter. Books are not peer-reviewed. Articles & publications are peer-reviewed. You probably mean that his peers reviewed the book. That too means little. Millions of books by academics and scholars are reviewed. Some are good, some are not.

            You’re done in this thread.

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