9 thoughts on “Israeli Minister Calls for Assassinating Assad, ‘Cutting Head Off’ Iranian ‘Snake’ – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. What “war crime” is he calling for exactly?
    Israel and Syria are in a state of declared war since ’48. That hasn’t changed. Leadership decapitation during war is not a war crime.

    1. @ HaHa: I’d like to see that adjudicated in the Hague. With any luck Galant will end up there & you can be his defense counsel. With the arguments you offer here he’ll spend the rest of his life in jail.

      So you would have no problem if Arab nations assassinated Israeli prime ministers? Yeah, I didn’t think you’d have the courage of your so-called convictions. Meaning you’re a friggin’ hypocrite…

    2. HaHa: “What “war crime” is he calling for exactly?”

      There is a ceasefire in place. Has been since the end of the Yom Kippur War, and agreed to by both Syria and Israel.

      To assassinate the President of Syria when there is a ceasefire in place is, without dispute, a war crime.

      HaHa: “Israel and Syria are in a state of declared war since ’48.”

      No, in fact, that statement is demonstrably untrue. Neither Syria nor Israel “declared war” on the other in 1948, and neither has done so at any time since.

      There was an armed conflict between the two in 1948. And again in 1967. And again in 1973.

      But on none of those occasions was a declaration of war issued by either side – they simply started shooting at each other (i.e. “armed conflict”), and kept up the shooting until both sides agreed to cease (i.e. “ceasefire”).

      HaHa: “Leadership decapitation during war is not a war crime.”

      There is no “war” between Syria and Israel. The last such “war” was the Yom Kippur War, and it ended long ago.

      I can even tell you the exact day it ended: October 25 1973.

      You as simply mouthing obsolete phrases to try to justify the unacceptable, which is the assassination of the leader of one country on the order of the leadership of another country in the absence of an armed conflict.

      If you want to understand just how unacceptable such an act would be then simply turn it on its head: ask yourself what your reaction would be if Bashir Assad were to order the assassination of Bibi Netanyahu.

  2. Yeah I must say, I’m not impressed with Galant here, but I also wouldn’t shed a tear if someone took out that butcher.

    1. @ Shay: The problem with taking out the top “butcher” is lots of little butchers clamor to take his place & they’re worse than the former top guy. Take Libya for example. Or Egypt under Mubarak. I’m not a fan of dictators or strongmen. But what do you replace them with? If you can install a democratic or popular government fine. But how many nations even have such a tradition? Unfortunately, Tunisia seems to be an exception so far. Iraq is a holy mess. Afghanistan, the same. Lebanon is functional–somewhat. Turkey, once a bright spot, is also a mess.

      1. Richard – all you examples are of Muslim countries. That is not politically correct!

        2nd – how can a person who write such pessimistic statement believe in a 1-state solution? Do Palestinians have “such tradition”? Do Israelis?

    1. @Willem: Nuts to you. I’m beginning to think you’re a troll.

      Of course you’re a troll. And you think it’s a clever trick to adopt the name of a Dutch Nazi collaborator, Willem Sassen. I thought that name rang a bell from my memories of WWII history.

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