9 thoughts on “Jewish Defense League Allies with Alt-Right – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. Some jews – e.g. Iraqi / Yemenite / Iran jews (of which there are large communities all over the world) – don’t really have any “European white” basis.

    I sort of understand the “case by case Italian” – I’m assuming this is a no for Sicily or southern Italy, but yes for northern Italy (e.g. Milan etc.) – The Italian state really is a modern invention.

    I flummoxed by the Irish bit. Are they anti-Celtic? If so, are the Celtic scots (a minority in Scotland) in doubt? Or are they just confused by the “Black Irish”? Someone should tell them that “Black Irish” have dark hair, but are otherwise are a lilly white.

    1. @ lepxii: Irish are notoriously Republican and left-wing socialist/radical. Also entirely too tolerant of minorities and anti-Brit. That contradicts white supremacy ‘principles,’ such as they are.

  2. The mystery of the ancestors of the Israeil people (living today in what was known as Palestine) is more easily explained by European colonial settlement movements rather than any effort to define some racial grouping. This genetics argument is racist to its core. Just like American racist that try to define “white” versus “non-white” to some kind of genetic difference. It is just not there. Face it people and face it Israelis we are all some kind of genetic amalgam. That is a simple fact.

    The Israeli people are a political reality, not a genetic reality. I think most sensible people have known this for a long time. If Israel begins to ally itself with these crazed white nationalist then it will be a very short time when these idiots will be reduced to the dust bin of history if not taking down the whole Israeli state. (now that would not be a bad outcome, would it?)

        1. I think you can because Judaism is a ‘peoplehood’ [אומה] and not a religion per se.
          One cannot be excommunicated from Judaism as in Chistianity or Islam. One is born a Jew via a matrilineal line where as C. & I. one converts to or is abolished from.
          Judaism may not be specifically racial nor genetic but there is definitely something passed on from the psychic plane and manifests in the body{and mentality}.
          And by psychic I mean that which is between the hylic and the pneumatic not the flaky things like psychic healers and their kind

          1. @ Shaul: Your claims about Judaism are incomplete, if not inaccurate. Yes, Jews are a people. But they certainly are a religion as well. And yes, until the Englightenment Jews could be, and were excommunicated as happened to Baruch Spinoza.

            As for how one becomes a Jew, one can also convert into Judaism just as one converts to other religions.

          2. Yes, the religious aspect is principial in that it is the thread which runs thru the fabric of Judaism and keeps it going but then most Jews are not religious and still Jews. Spinoza was excommunicated from the Jewish social network and we all know how the rabbbis like to maintain their power.
            Spinoza was a Jew who thought and that is what they did not like among other things.
            The idea of a convert is a given and I saw no necessity to mention it but I have known many converts esp in the orthodox world who experience a syndrome I call ‘the adopted child syndrome” because for some reason they are not the same. Going into a miqveh does change DNA..
            One can always tell who is a convert, their uneasiness, diff, etc so I stand by my original opinion the Judaism is an inherited ‘consciousness’ which you can describe any way you want.
            And I am aware it says 36 times in the Torah “thou shalt love the ‘ger’/convert.
            In any event if Jews were not actually diff by some kind of measure, perceptible or not, it would be difficult to explain anti-semitism.
            There are Jews in orthodox getups and Jews with no exterior allusion to their Judaism.
            On a certain level it is visual like Fanon says i.e. the black man and the Jew.
            After all we even have a blessing upon seeing a black person obviously put in when Negroes were rare in the Land of Israel or Babel.
            As Job says: והכושי יהפוך עורו

          3. @ shaul:

            Judaism is an inherited ‘consciousness’ which you can describe any way you want.

            Our rabbis didn’t agree. They commanded Jews to treat converts like one of our own, just like a native born Jew.

            In any event if Jews were not actually diff by some kind of measure, perceptible or not, it would be difficult to explain anti-semitism.

            That is precisely the point and you’ve missed it. Jews, and Blacks, and Arabs are not different in any fundamental way from anyone else. And the ways in which they are different are incidental. It is only the racists, anti-Semites and Islamophobes who insist that there is a fundamental difference, when there is not.

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