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  1. I went th the original detention hearings at the end of February. It was considered a courageous act. prior to going, I received warnings from others, that anybody, who would show up in court may be detained as well. It should be recalled that Leybel was arrested by 4 undercover police (without showing a warrant) at the end of an unrelated court hearing on another matter….
    The entire situation represents another escalation, where the justice system, apparently panicky over the widespread protest of its corruption, is engaging in unprecedented repressive actions.

    1. Joseph, since you are obviously very knowledgeable about the case, can you please comment on the actual charges? Can you confirm offering some people to remove their names from blogs in return to large sums of money?

      1. No charges have been made. One of the detained, Ariel Formanovski was aided by leading lawyer Avi Amiram, and released on house arrest. Lory was not at the avganah (protest) at the judges home. This was a legal protest. She was arrested when returning to the police station with a judges order to release Moti Leybel. Her phone was traced, and two hours later she was arrested. Moyal was not wanted for questioning. There was no question of people being paid, over removing blogs. Formanovski was taken by a magav team at his home, at gunpoint. The other activists had no connection to the fight described on Channel 2 with a lawyer Shwartz. Therefore the detentions are still not publicised as to their reason or how they are all allegedly connected. Incidentally, most of the civil society members of Ccf (coalition for children and families) were imprisoned. Another man, who also connects to the society, has also been arrested for investigations – an American citizen who is in Israel. Mainstream may publish this as soon as enquiries are over. There was an undercover operation started over a year ago, which is correct. I personally published the Homeland Security brief in April 2016, and had access to information on which sites were targetted, and which FB pages, contributors etc. Lory was a main target. Those arrested are under other questioning. Plus now clients are also losing cases due to lawyer, which the gag order was not issued by authorities but by Lory and the lawyer. In order to protect others – shame it is released, as now more people at risk of arrest.

  2. In recent years, social protest emerged in its new form: small groups, focused on protest in particular area of gov corruption. Not surprisingly, most of them protest various areas of justice system corruption. Here – taking children from their biological parent by the courts (often for being too poor) and giving them up for adoption or surrogate parents for moneys that could have been used for welfare for the biological parents.

  3. Some of the same detainees were of course subject to corrupt legal process before… only validating their protest against corruption of the justice system…
    And the claims of “terrorism” are not new either, as seen by recruitment of US DHS to assist…
    US DHS assists in suppression of anti-corruption dissent in Israel

  4. The arrests, Richard, are mostly for the actions that were done here –
    (now offline, was up until a few days ago (including after the arrests)).

    Was actually quite an interesting site to read – they had the inside scope on all sorts of stuff, if you read through the particular jargon. You can see a snapshot here (Jan 2017) –

    However it was full of attack pages. It also ran foul of the anti-free speech “revenge porn” law in Israel (posting private porn is now a 5 year offense) – of which that was some. Among other things, they posted a short clip of an Orthodox woman giving a BJ in a car (while the driver is driving) and claimed that the woman in question was the murdered woman in Migdal (murdered with her two and three year old sons + a neighbors kid – by here husband), and that the murderer was motivated by discovering this and discovering the kids were supposedly not his. Some other woman has come forth claiming that she was the one in this video –

    1. @ lepxii: The website you’re referring to is/was Lorry Shem Tov’s website and, as I wrote, it was taken down by WordPress after Israeli authorities directed WP to do so.

      As I wrote, Lorry is no angel. She has been severely wounded by the Israeli child welfare system. I’m not excusing this behavior, but it’s surely worth placing it in context of the personal suffering she’s endured.

    2. It is shocking to read the language use on that website – words like wh*re or pus*y are used freely when refering to other women.

      Can anyone seriously call a person who write this way a journalist? or even a blogger?

      1. @ Jim: My goodness. Donald Trump refers to women’s genitals explicitly and yet you blush when Lorry Shem Tov does too? Such a sensitive soul you are. And a real champion of women, I’m sure.

  5. According to Channel 2, the group created fake news item about people in order to later blackmail them. In one case they photoshopped a lawyer next to a psychiatric institute. They emailed many of their victims with language that would get me banned from this blog “faster than my head would spin”.

    Last and most important, Mordechai Leybel offered some of the victim to pay a ransom of 50,000 NIS or 13,500 USD so they will stop the harassment. They played a recordings in which Mordechai Leybel is making such an offer.

    So, after investigation of over a year, with 100’s of victims harassed, it is unlikely there is no fire with all this smoke.

    1. @ Jim: The Channel 2 segment is ludicrous, regurgitating charges offered by police and offering no statements from the defendants themselves or anyone representing them. This is ambush journalism, not real journalism.

      The meeting at which the extortion incident occurred was initiated by the supposed victim, who himself initiated a discussion about a payment in return for ending the alleged harrassment.

      Yes, I’m afraid that there is much smoke, all produced by Israeli police. As for fire, not much I’m afraid.

      1. The long running fight and lawsuits between lawyer and activist has been going on for over year, and the programme selected various segments of recordings. It is also said that the lawyer’s family member is high level in Channel 2. There was no fake news in order to blackmail people. This ‘takedown’ of 10 people, and now 2 or 3 others not in this scandal is more than meets the eye. Also Lory was imprisoned last year for protecting a father, as it is men who face more suffering from welfare than women. Way more.

      2. “The meeting at which the extortion incident occurred was initiated by the supposed victim, who himself initiated a discussion about a payment in return for ending the alleged harrassment.”
        – and you say that based on what? The article says he asked them to stop lying about him and they offered him to meet and then came the ransom offer.

        Even if they have started as true activist, apparently they found a way to benefit from it.

        1. @Jim: Unlike Channel 2 I actually spoke with people who know Lorry & some of the others. I spoke with people who don’t necessarily like what they did, but who like what was done to them even less. They offered details Efrat Lachter never bothered to put on the air. You might try doing what I did. It’s called fairness. And never trust a news article that doesn’t at least make an attempt to present the other side.

          1. Did “they” provided any objective proof that will support their claims? I listened to the recorded conversation in which 50000 Shekels are demanded. It doesn’t matter who initiated the meeting. Money was demanded for stopping the “campaign”. And the lawyer of Label did get a chance to response.
            If you want to be “fair”, why don’t you talk to the social workers harassed by these people? why don’t you ask them about the horrific allegations against them?

          2. @ Amico: Most of the defendants are in prison. There are at least nine people in prison & you think hearing from the lawyer for one of them presents their side fairly? You heard edited recordings, not full unedited recordings. Do not trust edited evidence. If you do you are a fool.

            I know plenty of stories about Israeli social workers who steal children from their parents, who strip them of parental rights for arbitrary reasons. I’ve written numerous posts about this. Go and read them before you defend a class of people who do not deserve support. Did you know that social workers steal children in order to hand them over to adoptive parents who they believe are more suited to raise them than their biological parents? Do you know they have a financial incentive to do this?

  6. What happens in Israel is not unique.
    Maybe spend some time listening to David Seaman and George Webb,both kosher,on Youtube
    Then you might learn what powers are behind for example,the way children are being treated in general,not only in Israel.
    I’ve been trying to tell you this for years ,but you wouldn’t listen.
    It’s gonna be out in the open pretty soon,named and shamed.
    Better educate yourself,because you’re gonna look silly once it’s clear to everybody.
    You still got no idea.

  7. How can the child welfare even function in a state where biblical law rules many of the communities? As a former foster parent I can say its less authoritarian in Washington.

    1. You have no idea what you are talking about
      The child welfare system in Israel functions despite of the biblical law and considerable power. As it should have.

        1. You “proved” nothing.
          What incentive do you think social workers have to get children out of their homes and sending them to insitutions or foster homes?
          My brother is a social worker and used to work such an institution. He could tell you horrific stories about the circumctances that led for children to be taken from their parents. You are welcomed to get his contact details if you for the real picture instaed of for the rare anecdotes of children taken from their biological parents without sufficiant cause.

          1. @Amico: Adoption agencies need product in order to earn their funding. How do they get it? They find children to steal from parents. Then they activate the levers of institutional power to steal them “legally” (of course). The adoptive parents pay & everyone is happy, except the parents who lose their children.

            I asked you politely to read the many posts I’ve written documenting this. You haven’t. You will do a Google search & read them now or you will no longer comment here.

            My posts are about real victims of this crooked system. Unlike you or your brother, they are real people who .lost their children for no good reason.

            I don’t know your brother from Adam. He may be one of the honest, decent social workers. In a system this big there are bound to be some. But by & large the system is corrupt to the core.

        2. It must be painful to have your sources in jail for blackmailing their victims.
          What does it say about their credibility? And in turn, what does it tell about yours?

          1. @Jim Lorry Shem Tov is not my source. Nor are any of those detained. Nor are any of their lawyers. You will apologize for that smear or you will be banned.

            But even if they were, one of the cardinal rules reasonable readers of this blog learn is never to trust any Israeli official source (military, political, police). Nor to trust the media unless you know the reporter is credible. The Ulpan Shishi story is a hit job. For believing it you’re a fool.

          2. @ Jim:

            you use her as a source

            Not even that is accurate. I did link to her blog post. But neither it nor her are “a source” for that post about Judge Becker. I didn’t use any information from her post in my own post. All the information came from the News1 account. Do learn what “source” means in a journalistic context. It means more than a blog link. It means you used the material in a substantive way as a basis for your own post: either through an interview or through quotation or reference to specific information directly from the source material.

            But even more disturbing is that you lack elementary reading comprehension. I clearly indicated that Lorry Shem Tov was not the source for the post I wrote about her arrest. I never said I had never referred to Lorry Shem Tov.

            I directed you to apologize for your smear of me claiming Shem Tov or her agents were the source for my post about her own arrest You have not done so. Therefore you are now moderated.

  8. Amnon levy of channel 10 presented a documentary about children taken by welfare in Israel. Over 10000 per year. Yossi silman, ex ceo, confirmed he left the job for not making quota and that at least 50% of kids did not need to be taken. Add in the $5000 per month per child profit to American institutions in Israel and there you have a business. Even Haim Katz,, welfare minister, had to admit on TV that it was catastrophic. So perhaps your reader needs to rethink the glossy image of families in Israel. It is disastrous.

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