12 thoughts on “Baby Adele: Stolen by Israeli Welfare Ministry from Israeli-Palestinian Couple, Placed for Orthodox Adoption – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. @Richard

    “The State wants to steal Daniela’s baby.”

    How old is Adele? I don’t think she’s a baby any longer.

  2. Wait. What?! The state took away a baby from a legitimately married couple? How did they justify that? Surely there is no legal basis for doing that unless there were allegations of abuse or neglect!

      1. Elisabeth – the story is sad on its own without the need for fake statement like ‘Baby Adele’.

        Another example for this fake language is “Palestinian infant/child” while Adele is as much of an Israeli as she is Palestinian and Daniela went back to live within the Jewish community.

        But I guess sticking to the facts will make this just another sad story about a kid removed from the parents home which happens in many countries on a regular basis.

        1. “which happens in many countries on a regular basis.”

          That is simply not true. Read the post, will you.

  3. Stealing children because you don’t like their parents is such a medieval practice it beggars belief. And notice how when states do it the child is sent to a “model home”, and in this case it’s an ultra-Orthodox one. No science ed, no real humanities, no sex ed, just living in a mental shtetl the rest of her life. And she will probably be picked on for her Palestinian father to boot.

  4. It’s great to live in a country where you can convert from one religion to another without submitting a form to the government.

  5. The principle of child adoption n Israel is faulted. The system relies mainly on the American system – in which, the social worker is considered a sole specialist who may decide the fate of a child unpopularly – as depicted in your post.

    The saddest in this situation (in my view) is that there is 0 or near that of specialists, academics or public servants who would denounce these methods, and suggest something better.

    The only member of the Knesset who I may think about was the late Dr. Marina Solodkin. A former FSU repatriant, from a marginal party, addressing a marginal issue (in the mainstream thinking)…it was easy enough for the establishment to ignore her. It is important to understand that she was openly speaking out against the establishment. An uncommon practice in Israeli politics.

    Adoption practices in Israel to this day remain very nasty business, which many choose to look over.

    There are few other topics which to this day are considered “nasty practices”, few good examples would be suicide rates in the population, treatment of mental disorder patients and unlawful acts committed by the establishment in it’s daily routines.

  6. Historically speaking, adoption remains a fascistic practice targeting those considered marginalized for race, class, or sectarian reasons. Let’s not forget that 4500 Yemeni children were stolen from their families during the airlifting of Yemeni Jews. So this is not the exception, and it should not surprise us.

  7. This is very similar to what the Inquisition did with Jewish children in Portugal. They stole them from their parents and sent them to Sao Tome in the Atlantic Ocean. Except that these children were not made available for adoption.

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