22 thoughts on “Breaking: Second Israeli Captive in Gaza Identified – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. “In this case, they saw someone crossing in the “wrong” direction and did nothing to prevent it. Because they just didn’t care.”

    Maybe they slipped up on their surveillance, and are not as efficient as they claim. During the 2006 war in Lebanon, there were some awful blunders.

    This case is very strange, and surely more details will come out. I notice that HAMAS, also, said nothing about their captive, and are now saying that he left Gaza through Egypt. I don’t trust any of this information.

    1. @ LittleBat: If Mengistu “left” Gaza he was “escorted” by his captors who no doubt still control him and know his whereabouts. I have little doubt when Israel finally gets around to negotiating seriously for the release of the 2 Ashkenazi IDF soldiers’ remains, which it genuinely wants, Hamas or whoever holds Mengistu will manage to “find” and produce him.

  2. ” If a terrorist was crossing into Israel from the same location..”
    You’ve adopted Israel’s flawed terminology– based on who he is, not what he does.
    Otherwise, good job with your reporting, i saw all the trolls who attacked you. LOL

  3. “Gilad Shalit was Ashkenazi and white. Mengistu is Ethiopian and black”

    You forgot to mention that Gilad Shalit was kidnaped and he was sent there by the state. Avera Mengistu voluntarily crossed the border and neither the state or anyone else sent him there.

    Please have more respect for your readers, they are not stupid to think that the only difference between the two is their skin color.

    1. @ David: You forgot that soldiers aren’t “kidnapped,” they’re “captured” because they’re not civilians.

      Mengistu no more voluntarily crossed the border than your schizophrenic brother decided he was the Prince of Egypt or your mother decided she was the Queen of Sheba. Ascribing to mentally troubled people free will and volition is a pretty dicey proposition.

      As for “respecting my readers,” you mean “agree with me.” I don’t have to agree with you in order to respect my readers, thankfully. As for who’s being stupid, I’ll let other readers be the judge of that.

    2. “You forgot to mention that Gilad Shalit was kidnaped”

      A squad of soldiers is on active duty on the front line.
      That squad comes under fire and all are killed except one, who puts his hands in the air.
      The attackers then take that one survivor with them when they withdraw back to their own side.

      Q: Is that a “kidnapping”?
      A: No.

      Q: Then what is it?
      A: He has “surrendered”, which makes him their “captive” and makes them his “captors”.

      Q: So, not a kidnapping then?
      A: No, he is a “prisoner of war”.

      Q: And all the negotiations that followed?
      A: That’s a “prisoner swap”, and is perfectly legitimate under the Rules Of War.

  4. “.. I first identified Mengistu by name and excoriated the government for turning its back on him ..”

    I believe that the gag order was a silly idea.
    That said, nowhere do you criticize Hamas for it’s horrendous role in the affair. Hamas hasn’t acknowledged that Mengistu is a captive, or even if he’s alive. They say that Mengistu has he left Gaza through a tunnel and disappeared. At least Israel has kept the Mengistu family informed and not spun fairy tells.

    Hamas is the villain today. Not Israel.

    1. @ Mitchell: Hamas’ “horrendous role?” What are you smoking? Mengistu entered Gaza where Hamas rules. Did you expect he’d be put up at the Gaza Hilton. Oh wait, no, even if there was one it would’ve been destroyed by Israel years ago. Hamas says Mengistu “left Gaza?” Where do they say that?

      Israel has not kept the Mengistu family informed. Government officials had to be shamed into contacting them & Bibi only met with them 2 days ago when he discovered the cat would be out of the bag and the gag rescinded.

      No, Israel is the villain today. Hamas may be a villain another day. But not today. The day of shame belongs to Israel entirely. If you read Hebrew read Melman’s Hebrew piece, not the English.

      1. What is Hamas today? A social worker?

        You can say whatever you want about Israel handling the case but since you believe Hamas still hold Mengistu (a reasonable assumption) but won’t disclose it, to simply dismiss Hamas role is nonsense.

      2. @Richard

        “Hamas says Mengistu “left Gaza?” Where do they say that? ”

        ‘Hamas sources told [Gershon] Baskin that they did not keep track of Mengistu and they believe he went to Sinai via a tunnel and have no knowledge of his whereabouts.’


        Hamas admits that Mangisto was in their hands and was interrogated, but released him once convinced that he was not an IDF soldier.

        So if Hamas cannot find Mangisto, how do you expect Israel to find him within or without Gaza?

    1. @ Mitchell Blood: Mitchell, Mitchell: hasbarists always come along here thinking they’re invented the hasbara wheel that will finally outsmart me. You apparently neglected the fact that the “rescuers” tossed grenades and various other explosvies into the tunnel before they entered. Were they trying to save Goldin’s life or…?

      1. Richard, it’s a tunnel, what’s the point of kidnapping an Israeli soldier if you stay put with him right near the entrance? Were the IDF troops supposed to give up and just go away?
        Odds are that within seconds they were long gone with the soldier or with his body, so any hot pursuit didn’t risk hurting Goldin with a few grenades. Is it however likely that someone could have been left behind to ambush the entrance, that’s what the grenades were for.
        At the end of the day, it was a tactical decision, you don’t need an approval from the chief of staff to throw a grenade. It may have been reckless, but under the circumstances it was probably correct.

      1. I don’t speak Arabic but there is something called Google and you can search an image (the one from your blog) and google translate will do the rest. You should defiantly check this out.

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