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  1. “Keep in mind that Iranians who engage in such activities today are arrested and thrown in prison” – any example or it is just an empty sentence. And while there is no doubt if this happened the Iranian caught will be thrown in jail, that is not what you wrote!

    More to the point – I’m part of Brown University Alumni Association and Washington University in St. Louis Alumni Association. So what??? People use the connection and the “brands” in their life to advance their career. That it is all there is to it!

  2. “Alumni of Israeli intelligence like Unit 8200 have been dragooned into Mossad assassination conspiracies like the one which murdered Mahmoud al Mabouh.”

    Richard. You’ve hatched a conspiracy theory, and no more. Unit 8200 isn’t part of Mossad, and the CEO of Payoneer isn’t a Unit 8200 vet.

    But the genie is out of the bottle.

    1. @ Ben:

      the CEO of Payoneer isn’t a Unit 8200 vet.

      I meant the founder and president of Payoneer, Yuval Tal. He’s Sayeret Matkal vet. And he & Payoneer were intimiately associated with al Mabouh’s murder.

      And I never said 8200 was ‘part of Mossad.’ Paraphrase carefully & accurately what I do say, not what you think I said or what you want me to have said. I said that Mossad would happily recruit 8200 vets (& Sayeret Matkal, AMAN vets, obviously) to help do their dirty work around the world. And so they have.

  3. No need to be too hyetrical about the elders of 8200….

    This is a HUGE unit in the IDF (actually, the largest in the IDF) and the number of their veterns reaches tens of thousounds…Most, if not all of them, will never have anything to do with intelligence operations the moment they finish their service.
    The number of them I peronally know is at least 50, including many of my extended family, my ex-girlfriend, some of my friends from the University, workets in my College and even a very popular stend-up commedian…
    They defiently use the connections they made during their military service to find jobs but that’s about it.

    The 8200 veterns make a siginiciant contribution to the hi tech industry not only in Israel but also in the USA. Take for example NICE or Check Point (the developer of FIREWALL that were founded by 8200 veterns.
    If USA companies will stop hiring 8200 veterns or allow their companies to operate in the USA just because of some vague fear that they may turn out to be spies it will be a loss to the American economy. Israel will be very happy that they remain in it.

    I haven’t seen any proof that Yuval Tal served specifically in Sayeret Matkal but even if he did- Sayeret Matcal has nothing directly to do with unit 8200. The main role of Sayert Matcal is to collect intel by plotting devices in enemy countries. unit 8200 is there to develop such devices and analyse the data received. A Sayeret Matcal vetren has no direct link to 8200 veterns.

    1. @ Amico:

      just because of some vague fear that they may turn out to be spies

      Oh, it’s not vague. It’s concrete. Unit 8200 veterans and veterans of other Israeli intelligence units operate here intensively and are assets. As for it being a loss to the American economy–oh, that’s too, too bad. I guess the .01% of U.S. high tech that comprises ex-Israeli intelligence agents will be devestated. We’ll just have to close up shop because without Israeli spies among us all of our high tech industry will go belly-up. Really, who do you think you are? God’s gift to the high tech world?

      I have no problem with Israelis in U.S. high tech. If they wish to be high tech workers & be loyal to their employers and participate in American life: all to the good. But if they retain primary or even secondary allegiance to Israeli intelligence or believe it’s their patriotic duty to aid the plots of Israeli intelligence in this country, they should get the hell out.

      Sayeret Matcal has nothing directly to do with unit 8200.

      Oh please. Unit 8200 is Israeli intelligence. Sayeret Matkal is Israeli intelligence. What difference does it make? None. A veteran of one unit will serve just as well as an asset of Mossad as the other.

      If you morons don’t stop being so bloody literal-minded I will scream…then ban your asses.

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