11 thoughts on “Israeli Government, Jewish Agency Bestow Genesis Award on Anish Kapoor, Artist Fighting for Refugee Rights – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. Russia’s foremost oligarch and mafioso, Vladimir Putin.

    Putin has a number of undesirable traits but being an oligarch is not one of them. The claims that he has amassed huge personal wealth are without any evidence whatsoever. These claims have been made, without any evidence, by expatriate Russians who fled Russia during Putin’s early years in power when he was purging the country of some of its more blatant gangster oligarchs. Mafioso in the post-Soviet Russian era refers to the private security agencies that protected the oligarchs. No one has accused Putin of engaging in that kind of activity. From 1991 to the present he has been a public employee.

    Richard’s dislike of Putin is quite clear, but perhaps supporting that bias with some evidence would help his credibility.

    1. @ ToivoS:

      The claims that he has amassed huge personal wealth are without any evidence

      Oh please, Putin presides over a kleptocracy. Just because he hides his assets well doesn’t mean he’s not just as corrupt as the oligarchs he feeds like sharks. You think he permits them to steal hundreds of billions of dollars and lives a chaste, humble, honest life? Really.

      From 1991 to the present he has been a public employee.

      Jeez, from 1933-1945 Hitler was a public employee as well. He just so happened to have killed 20 or 30-million Europeans. Boss Tweed was a public employee just like Vladimir Putin. He also just so happened to preside over one of the most corrupt city governments of his age.

      Evidence you seem to have overlooked:


      And this was only a small fraction of the articles I found in a quick Google search, which you could & should have done yourself before claiming there was no such evidence.

      Look, I don’t want to get into a pissing match with you over this. Nor do I want to continue in this vein with future comments. So let’s call it a day in this thread. You’re welcome to comment in any other thread you wish, of course.

      1. Richard

        I looked at those links you gave. They do not provide evidence — they just provide a bunch of assertions that have been made by expatriate Russian gangsters and oligarchs. The photo of the palace in the Independent link, for example, is the property of the Russian State for the use of the President. Would you accuse Obama of owning Camp David or the White House?

        1. @ ToivoS: Wrong. They provide evidence via former Kremlin insiders who witnessed transactions, saw paperwork, or had inside access to information. You just don’t accept the testimony.

          As for palaces, American presidents don’t have palaces. Further, if an American president spent a billion dollars building a new palace he’d probably be impeached. If not, there would be such a storm of protest he’d immediately back down. That’s because political leaders are generally answerable to the people here. In Russia, not so much…

          1. Actually putin didn’t build that palace — the Soviet State inherited it from the Csar and the RF inherited it from the Soviets.

          2. @ ToivoS: Apparently there may be more than one of these monstrosities used by His Excellency. Whichever one you refer to is not the same as this one, which was built for Putin himself at the cost of $1-billion. Of course, like the smart KGB agent he once was, he knows how to cloak the payments and entire affair in layers of transactions & cross-dealings in order to hide their ultimate benefactor. Here’s some more history to the accusations concerning it.

            It is also no accident that one of the key Russian figures documenting & publicizing Putin’s personal corruption was Boris Nemtsov. Guess what happened to him? Oh no, you’re right Putin didn’t kill him personally. That would be far too messy. For this he has his own personal hit men like Kadyrov and his ilk. They are terribly convenient for a Killer who doesn’t personally kill his enemies, but only orders them killed. And he probably even does that through emissaries.

            As I already said. I don’t want to go off in an tangent here. I believe I’d asked you not to prolong this with a response. You may believe whatever you want about Putin. Just don’t expect to persuade me of it.

  2. “They were arrested and detained in a desert prison.”

    The vast majority of African migrants are walking around Israel free and unmolested. Many are working and make enough money to get by and send money to their people back home.

    1. @ Ben:

      The vast majority of African migrants are walking around Israel free and unmolested.

      A lie. African refugees (not “migrants”) are not free nor unmolested. During Tel Aviv riots they were beaten & their businesses were torched. Border Police routinely harrass them or beat them for no reason. During raids Border Police pour lye into their restaurant pots just for the hell of it. All documented. Unlike your stupid empty, unsupported claim.

      Working? Yes, they work at jobs providing cash. Jobs that are off the books. JObs which permit employers to cheat & blackmail them.

      As for sending money back home–are you insane? I’ve watched interviews with scores of such refugees and not one says he sends money back home. You think these people are becoming rich in the Israeli paradise? In a country which refuses to offer any means of refugee status? Which offers them money & dumps them in African countries which have been bought off to take them? Try as you might, you can’t put lipstick on this pig, buddy.

      You insult us. You insult African refugees. You insult common sense. You even insult Israel with your vapid nonsense. I am losing patience with you. You ought to make travel arrangements. There’s a flight leaving soon that will take you back to Ben Gurion (it’s an “in joke”). I think you’ll be on it & not with us here very much longer.

      1. Unlike you, I’ve been to South Tel Aviv many times, among the African migrants, some of whom are refugees. I was there last week with my partner Neil and we saw many Africans working, shopping, or looking for work, unmolested by any Israeli.

        No jack booted Border Police anywhere to be seen. No municipal police harassment either.
        Just poor folk getting by, right alongside poor Jews and Arabs.

        We spent time in Tel Aviv’s Old Bus Station, the mecca for these migrants. The Old Bus Station is full of migrants, who were uniformly well mannered, well fed and clothed. We felt perfectly safe everywhere we went. Everywhere we went was clean and orderly.

        You cherry pick you facts and tar Israel with a broad brush. You should be ashamed of yourself.

        1. @ Ben: That’s a lie. I’ve been to South Tel Aviv as well. And regardless of where you’ve been in Israel, you don’t know any more about the neighborhood than I do. YOu forget this is 2017, not 1917. In fact, I’ll bet I know more overall about living conditions of African refugees than you.

          I guess you never managed to see these hundreds of scenes featured in these images of Border Police beating up, strangling, arresting & harrassing African refugees: https://www.google.com/search?q=israeli+border+police+violence+against+african+refugees&tbm=isch&ei=4E2aWIi5LYvojwOOqqD4Bg&start=20&sa=N
          So either you are legallly blind, you don’t see what you don’t want to see, you actually have never been to South Tel Aviv and are lying about your claims above, or you are telling us an anecdote that reflects your own personal experience which isn’t necessarily reflective of reality. Also, there are thousands of African refugees protesting against this treatment which you claim doesn’t happen. So either you’re calling them liars, or you’re imposing your own Ashkenazi-white-privilege version of their reality on them.

          Whites in the American south said precisely the same things about Jim Crow. Our “darkies” are neat and tidy. They enjoy slavery. THey enjoy segregation. They dance and have parties and play fiddle & banjo. Happy Old Joe. Oh they’re happy folk. What patronizing bullshit you peddle. Either way, your views are demeaning and racist. And I’m growing exceedingly tired of them.

          This is your fourth comment today. Recently I warned you that you had exceeded this daily limit. YOu’ve ignored me. So the next time you exceed the limit you will be moderated.

          1. [Comment deleted: have a nice flight. I expect you to be leaving us momentarily. Ready yourself for touchdown at Ben Gurion and a gala reunion with your pals at Hasbara Central.]

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