9 thoughts on “New York Jewish Federation Executive, Veteran of IDF Cyber-War Unit 8200 – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. Brave new world.

    As to two (three?) vast and on-rushing problems in America and the world, the people need revolution, not evolution. These problems are climate change, big-money control (and spying and corruption of computer systems and networks). We need to stop using fossil-fuels cold turkey, eject big-money from politics ASAP (because big-money is notably acting to prevent action on climate change (and regain the safety of our computer systems).

    Instead (or as a goad?), we have the USA Supreme Court increasing the control of politics by big-money, big money (Kochs and others) fighting to prevent knowledge or action or education about climate change, ( and NSA, 8200 thoroughly corrupting cyberspace).

    Brave New World. Are sensible people wishing for grand-children any more?

    1. “…(T)he eternal surveillance state…” Yes, the future is here. I was thinking revolution as well. My first action would be to demonstrate that the US is not a democracy by enlisting the majority of Americans to withhold participation in electoral politics, demonstrating to the world that the two party system is a sham and does not express the majority thinking and goals. Second, capping corporate power by fiat. Third, placing the environment before profit by law. And fourth, thrashing the tax code and writing one that is actually progressive without “outs.” Fifth, mandating reductions in military spending each year for the next twenty years. We need revolution here in order to obviate Israel’s power there.

  2. What’s the purpose ?
    Is there a new path to justice ? guilt according to RS ? Was Uri Leventer-Roberts convicted at anything ? is he guilty ?
    An Israeli-American living his life in NY (like many others) what gives you the right exposing his military service and possibly risking his life ? I smell AA here, and the stench is disgusting.

    1. @ JustMe: “Exposing” his military service? In what other country in the world is one’s military service a national secret? By what right does he get to conceal what he did in the IDF? And if what he did exposes him to danger (which is a ludicrous claim on its face anyway), why is that? What did he do? How much damage did he cause? And to whom?

      As for “stench,” I think the rest of us are smelling it wafting from your disingenous comment.

    2. RS is right: What is there to hide? Is his military service a secret? Why? What are you saying? The truth “exposes” him and so the truth must go? I don’t think so. RS shows that this guy can run, but he can’t hide.

  3. Mideast speeds up nuclear projects

    (Haaretz) Aug. 22, 2007 – In a recent article in the International Herald Tribune, Joseph Cirincione, director for nuclear policy at the Center for American Progress, offered an alternative explanation. Cirincione and his Israeli associate, Uri Leventer, a graduate student at Harvard University, argued that the nuclear surge in the Middle East is due to the interests of global powers, competing to sell their nuclear technology.

    In their article, Cirincione and Leventer noted French President Nicolas Sarkozy’s recent signing of a nuclear cooperation deal with Libya. Sarkozy later agreed to help the United Arab Emirates launch its own civilian nuclear program. Indicating that this could be just the beginning of a major sale and supply effort, Sarkozy declared that the West should trust Arab states with nuclear technology.

    The former military adviser to Congress went on to warn that “if the existing territorial, ethnic, and political disputes continue unresolved, this is a recipe for nuclear war.”

  4. No secrecy about his IDF experience here …

    Uri Leventer | LinkedIn

    Israel Defense Forces
    Government Agency; 10,001+ employees; Defensie industry
    March 1996 – March 2001 (5 years 1 month)
    2000-2001 – Strategic Planning Department, Assistant director:
    • Oversaw yearly planning and budgeting process of various departments within unit.
    • Monitored section’s performance relative to approved plan and budget, and reported on it to Unit’s commander, a brigadier-general.

    2000 – Joint Israeli-American Project, Coordinating Officer:
    • Organized discussions in Israel and a U.S-led visit of U.S professionals in Israel. Served as point-person to American counterpart and facilitated communication between sides.
    • Negotiated and crafted formal joint papers and recommendations.
    Received Letter of Appreciation from U.S. General Michael V. Hayden (currently director of CIA) for advancing the project.

    1996-1999 – Intelligence Information Analysis Center, Head of Section:
    • Managed 200 soldiers and officers’ intelligence collection, analysis and dissemination.
    • Trained new officers and taught in several professional courses.
    • Finished officers course with honors, 1997.

    officer IDF
    Government Agency; 10,001+ employees; Defensie industry
    1995 – 2000 (5 years)

  5. Harvard: Uri Leventer on Counter-Terrorism

    The Language of Counter-Terrorism: When Message Received is Not Message Intended
    Authors: Jim Armstrong, Candace J. Chin, Uri Leventer

    Small changes in Western political language can deny terrorists’ power to use our words against us.

    Al Qaeda and other terrorist networks frequently manipulate Western leaders’ words and use them as tools to rally others to the cause of extremism. While policymakers cannot control how people will perceive what they say, they have tremendous power over what they say. The incredible power of language and the ways in which we characterize our intentions can be an effective tool that policymakers employ to combat terrorism.

    The British Government (Her Majesty’s Government, or HMG) recognizes the critical role of language as part of its larger arsenal in its counter-terrorism operations. HMG understands that its language can be used against it, to radicalize people – particularly vulnerable members of marginalized communities at home and abroad – to commit acts of violence.

    … The Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) wants to understand ways to best engage in this “Battle of Ideas” and this paper informs that effort.

    HKS final report wound up in the hands of British Prime Minister Gordon Brown

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