19 thoughts on “Mossad, British Intelligence Fear Secrets Shared with Trump Will Be Leaked to Moscow – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. Trump wants to curtail his Oval Office ‘daily intelligence briefings’ and it already at odds with the United States intelligence community. I don’t think that’s what a ‘Manchurian Candidate’ would do.

  2. From your Reuters link:

    “Two of Trump’s cabinet picks, Secretary of State nominee Rex Tillerson and Defense Secretary nominee James Mattis, have signaled a far harsher tone toward Moscow in their Senate confirmation hearings.”

    Rex Tillerson (Exxon CEO) is quite amicable with Russia, Rosneft chair Igor Sechin and the Kremlin. Tillerson stayed profesional during the hearing when attacked by a raving Marco Rubio [donor Paul Singer, mentioned as person behind the Fusion–GPS / Orbis Business Intelligence dossier against DT]

  3. Ok, lets be like the Clinton’s and give state secrets etc., to the Chinese! Lets not be like Mr Trump and give them to Vlad??? Really my friend get a grip.

    1. @ Tony Wilson: This isn’t a gossip, rumor-monger or conspiracy site. You support such claims with evidence (credible) or you don’t make them. Capiche!!?

      Not to mention that the claim itself is off-topic and against the comment rules.

      1. You say This isn’t a gossip, rumor-monger or conspiracy site. after repeating the charges made in that dossier which contains unsubstantiated “assessments” that have no more validity than gossip, rumor supporting fanciful conspiracies.

        1. @ ToivoS: When you become an MI6 agent posted to Moscow to run agents. When you do the things Steele has done. When you know the Russian security agents and political leaders he knows, then I’ll trust your claims as much as Steele’s. When the CIA quotes your reports in its intelligence memos and tells reporters that they find you & your work extremely credible, then ditto. Till then, I’ll accord more weight to his than yours.

          1. Well Richard if you accept the word of MI6 and CIA agents as the truth and dismiss the word of many independent journalists who are skeptical of their claims because it lacks supporting evidence then so be it.

            As I mentioned earlier — it is logically impossible to prove a negative. All anyone can do is test a proposed hypothesis against available evidence and ask if the evidence is consistent with the hypothesis. If the evidence does not support the hypothesis then it means that the hypothesis is not a useful description of reality. It does not mean that the hypothesis has been proven false, but rational people can dismiss it.

            You (or any of you sources) have yet to present any evidence that supports the wild claims made in that Russian dossier. All you done is assert your faith in the words of MI6 agent Steele and many anonymous CIA agents.

          2. @ToivoS: I’m somewhat skeptical as well. Everyone is skeptical till evidence is confirmed decisively.

            Nor do the claims “lack supporting evidence.” They have reams of supporting evidence. They just don’t have definitive, verifiable evidence…yet.

            “Many” journalists?? Not really. A few journalists. Plus a lot of pro-Putin anti -U.S. cranks & conspiracy theorists.

            In science, the theory that explains seemingly disparate facts most economically, simply & directly is the most valid & credible. The dossier is such a theory for me.

    1. @Ben: Let’s all bow down to Bob Woodward, an intelligence god and all-seeing seer. Did you really write “no less than Bob Woodward?” “No less?” As if he stands on some pedestal of virtue?

      Seriously, the days when I admired Bob Woodward or treated him as an arbiter of journalistic truth or credibilty are long (probably 30 or 40 yrs) gone.

        1. @ Ben: Wow, Bob Schieffer!! That must seal the deal. Did Bob Schieffer affirm Bob Woodward’s idiotic remarks about Trump & Putin too?

          Look, I don’t care if the Pope & half his army said Woodward is the greatest thing since sliced bread. On this & so many other things, Woodward is at sea. So stop bringing it up. And you’re done in this thread.

          I think pimping for Trump as you’re doing is repulsive.

        2. CNN’s Candy Crowley invited Bob Woodward and Carl Bernstein. The former apologized for not getting reporting right about the bogus reasons for going to war against Saddam Hussein and the latter whacked Dick Cheney for opening his mouth about the crisis in Iraq and the scourge of terrorism.

          Bob Woodward makes a living writing/selling books …

  4. You appear to regard the Steele ‘report’ as valid. ‘You cannot be serious, man’. Steele is a work-for-hire smear artist who worked for both the Republicans and the Democrats in the same election. Similarly, the supposed Reykyavik meeting is made-up bs, apparently swallowed hook line and sinker. I respect your work on revealing evidence to expose Israel, but you have jumped the shark into evidence-free territory over Trump.

    1. @ Yonatan: You are the 8th person to publish essentially the same comment. All previous comments (with the exception of one) offered claims: no evidence, no facts, no credible sources.

      So here’s a declaration to you and all the Putin-Trump crowd: if you wish to write this comment or one like it know that 9 people now have written the same comment. I detest repetition in comments. WRiting the same comment 10 or 100 times doesn’t offer any further validity to it. So knock it off.

      BTW, working for Republicans and Democrats in the same election isn’t illegal. Not even immoral. In fact, it’s nothing.

      About the Reykjavik summit: you’re claiming the Times of London lied? And you have proof of this? No you don’t. So don’t make shit up. I hate that. What has happened is that one Trump aide said there would be a summit & another denied it. We still don’t know which is right. In fact, knowing Trump, both may be right.

      you have jumped the shark into evidence-free territory

      I don’t take kindly to insults like this.

      If you wish to state facts backed by credible evidence, then I will listen. But vague insults, empty claims and derision backed by nothing is useless here.

      In other words, if you’re tempted to publish yet another version of this empty comment–DON’T!

    1. Michael Hayden?? You can’t be serious … the spook of all spooks. I stopped reading the article, found nothing that didn’t serve his own agenda.

      “If Israel’s secrets are indeed not kept confidential, this is a serious danger to the state’s national security: Since the early 2000s, the cooperation between the Israel and US intelligence communities has been intensified. It was led by the head of the Israeli Military Intelligence Directorate (AMAN) at the time, Aharon Ze’evi Farkash (who even received a citation from the NSA Chief General Michael Hayden), late Mossad chief Meir Dagan and his successor, Tamir Pardo …”

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