10 thoughts on “Netanyahu Falsely Claims Jerusalem Terror Attacker Affiliated with ISIS – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. There is a time and place for armed resistance to an occupier. This terror attack is self-defeating in a political context. Momentarily global opinion is turning towards Palistinian statehood.

    Elected DT will do no more harm to Palestinians than 8 years under Obama. Shame.

  2. “Armon HaNatziv was one of the first strategic victories in the Israeli 1967 conquest of Jerusalem. As such it carries a historical significance which the IDF seeks to instill in new recruits”

    To be a bit more precise, Armon HaNatziv was the main trigger for the Israeli conquest of Jerusalem in June 1967. While Israel was fighting Egypt, it worn king Hussain not to intervene in the war. He was indeed reluctant but was pressed hard by Natzer. So, his forces began shelling west Jerusalem and made an offensive move-taking over Armon HaNatziv which was a demilitarized zone, a strategic point where the UN local headquarter was stationed. The Jordanian soldiers fired from this location towards west Jerusalem and than were driven away in a bloody battle with an Israeli force. Than came subsequent battles.
    If one wants to know the full story, he or she may read Tom Segev’s book “1967”

    BTW, we don’t know what inspired the attacker in Jerusalem. It could be the similar attacks that just happened in Europe. However, similar attacks happened in Jerusalem before they happened in Europe and making a claim such as Bibi made thus demands some evidence, such as ISIS realted facebook posts of the attacer or some similar meterial. As I am not aware of him producing any such evidence, I can only conclude that he was speaking out of his ass,

    And that was my third and last comment for today…

  3. Thanks, Richard, that you mention Armon HaNatziv also known as East Talpiot was conquered in 1967, by the way, much of the land belong to residents of Jabal Mukabber where the Palestinian attacker comes from.
    I’m so disgusted that absolutely no MSM mention where this attack actually happened, no French media mention it, many speak about ‘West Jerusalem’ or just ‘Jerusalem’ switching to ‘Israel’ as the public television, and Hollande spoke about ‘un attaque odieux’.

    1. @ Ben: Interesting that you don’t put up pictures of the thousands of Palestinian children “cut down in their youth” by Israeli forces murdering them in cold blood. Some are far younger than these soldiers & none were serving in the military or in any way stealing Israeli land or occupying Israel.

      Why is that? Hmm? Two can play this game, buddy.

      1. [comment deleted: snark is not a substantive comment and violates the comment rules. Read them carefully if you haven’t already.]

  4. While it is sad that anyone dies in this conflict, the fact that the dead and injured are soldiers while on activity in an Israeli settlement makes it a legitimate military target in my opinion. The soldiers should have known that they are a foreign occupying presence in the region and taken appropriate measures to protect themselves. The best way for a soldier to protect himself is to not be a soldier in an Israeli settlement (i.e. refuse).

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