1 thought on “Pro-Israel Faculty Launch Anti-BDS Campus Group – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. The good news is that these ersatz organizations springing up to protect the status quo in I/P are a good indication of their perception of the “threat” of BDS. As these anti-BDS agents go through the US badgering, threatening and humiliating US law-makers and University officials — they are creating a wave of BDS awareness and controversy which accrues to the BDS campaigners, in my opinion, as backlash. Once this door is open, people learn more about I/P and will more likely be driven to endorsing BDS than not, given new knowledge and insight into the “conflict.” Of course, the propagandists have evaluated this probability and judged that it is worth the risk: That’s why the birth of this new organization is a sign of the fear instilled by BDS, i.e. they are willing to take a considerable risk to stifle it.

    As for “demonizing”, the Zionists have demonized Arabs and Palestinians and Islam for one hundred years in the West and it will take confrontation and uncivil discourse to undo this handiwork.

    I see no good reasons for or against a Jewish Homeland. I see lots of good reasons against a Jewish Homeland at the expense of another people.

    Richard — you did not mention AMCHA which has been a nuisance in California.

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