4 thoughts on “Satmar vs. Israel Lobby in New York Congressional Primary – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. Richard,

    It’s curious that you claim that the rhetoric of the Satmar representative sounds like that of secular anti-Zionists, and then you include a quote that includes the following two nuggets, both of which in my opinion represent anti-otherism or anti-humanism.

    We must not provoke the nations that surround us. (Please abandon this “the nations” narrative and how the Jews must be separate from the nations. Join the human race!)

    We think the right to live in the Holy Land is reserved for religious people… (That wouldn’t be a bit exclusionary, would it?)

    Love from Taiwan

    Frankie P

    1. @ frankie P: I never claimed that leftist anti-Zionists were the same as ultra-Orthodox–only that their rhetoric had a great deal of overlap. Further, the ultra-Orthodox want a Torah state at the end of time, in the age of the Messiah. They don’t want such a state immediately, as most settler Orthodox Jews do. In fact, they say they’re willing, even happy to live under a Palestinian state since it makes no claim to be the fulfillment of Jewish messianic aspirations.

      Nor have I said that I personally agree with ultra-Orthodox rhetoric on the subject. In fact, I think that anti-Zionists often make the mistake of believing that the ultra-Orthodox are their soulmates & that they represent the cutting edge of Jewish thought on the question of Israel & Zionism. While the ultra-Orthodox represent a legitimate & important voice on this question, they are a distinct (though growing) minority.

  2. Hmmm….
    Satmar have all kind of opionions…if you consider their views about gender equality, tolerance to non-belivers (Jewish non-believers, of course), homosexuals etc than they are much more similar to the “Anti-Zionist” of the radical Islam than those of the secular world.

  3. that ISNT SO TRUE ther is an astimati 130.000 satmar afiliaters over the globe america canada londen entwhirp isreal

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