16 thoughts on “Neocon NGO Pressures Google, Facebook to Censor Content – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. Will google shut down pamela geller website cited by Anders Brevik as a source of information … the website is a continuous vitriolic stream of hate, lies and obscenity or are extremist jewish websites somehow different?

    1. @Alec:

      That’s just the thing. I see no examples of groups or organizations or ideologies that’re characterized by their hatred of non-Jews from the Middle East and “the Muslims” across the board on that “extremist list”.

      Clearly these people have absolutely no problem with fanatical, eliminationist hatred of “the Arabs”, the Iranians, and indeed all non-Jews and specifically Muslims across the greater Middle East.

      But these people are nothing if they’re not massive, massive hypocrites.

      Also note the deliberate attempt to conflate Islamist-Nationalist groups like PIJ, Hamas, and Hezbollah– groups that all rely on nationalist sentiment to gain support and seem to eschew sectarianism– with Salafi or Wahhabi Islamist groups.

      The shameless agenda could not be more clear.

  2. “Among prominent groups missing from this list are violent Israeli settler groups like Hilltop Youth and Jewish Underground” – Are you serious? Do you really not see the difference? Those two aren’t organization. Hilltop Youth youth is a nickname given to some teenagers and young adult in the Sameria area and I can’t even imagine what do you mean by Jewish Underground. The one from the 80’s? Bat Ayin? Unger??? None of those has a structure that can be pointed at.

    You claim they “have murdered many Palestinian civilians”. Why won’t you give us the number? Each and every life is world but the numbers aren’t comparable top what Palestinian civilians have caused. Not even close. Either those organizations are lame or or the number of their horrendous actions is just completely unproportional to what Palestinians do.

    If you want to bring a Jewish organization that should be on this list, you should go with Lahava. Not many people would miss their BS and hate.

    1. @ Eran: So you’re arguing that despite the fact that Israeli settlers murder & maim Palestinians in avowed extremist acts, that they shouldn’t be on the list because there are no organizations representing them? Further, Israeli media, which you presumably read, refer to the Jewish Underground as an active current term. That’s because the Shabak uses it as well. So I guess you’re behind the times & should update your Jewish terror lingo. So once again, Israeli settlers are extremists and terrorists and should be on the CEN list. Don’t distract from that fundamental failure.

      As for the number of Palestinians murdered by Jewish terrorists, go through my blog & you’ll find coverage of every attack by a Jewish terrorist against Palestinians going back a decade. Further, Jewish terrorists don’t need to kill as many Palestinians as Palestinian terrorists kill Israelis because they have their own police and army to do it for them. There are incidents in which the IDF & Border Police have murdered innocent, unarmed Palestinian civilians. These are acts of murder and terrorism, albeit state terror.

      As for Lehava, of course it belongs on the list. I’ll even bet members have killed Palestinians, but you’d have to ask Shabak about affiliations.

      1. Now it isn’t just “Hilltop Youth and Jewish Underground”but “Israeli settlers” in general.

        You ask about extremism, I would add some liberal orgs to the list. It can easily be argued that, even if liberals rarely press the trigger itself, they are responsible for bloodshed by their self-righteous incitements.

    2. @hasbarabot

      Palestinian civilians who kill in self-defense of what’s left of their land have still killed far less then the murderers calling themselves “settlers” and the “IDF” or “Israel border police”.

      How many Palestinian civilians have been killed (murdered) at Israeli and Zionist hands over the past decade? How many Israeli “civilians” (there are no Israeli civilians in the occupied Palestinian West Bank) have been killed by Palestinians in the same period?

      An easy question. Answer it.

  3. If Youtube starts to, say, start censoring videos from anti-Occupation activists & Palestinians, all it will mean is that people will start posting on Vimeo & Rumble.

    1. @ Malka: Stupid question. First, I don’t know whether all the groups listed even still exist. Second, are these the only “extremist” groups in the world? Why single these particular ones out? And why not inclue extremist groups of all religions including Judaism? You & I know the answer to that one (though you prefer not to acknowledge it).

  4. “…who decides what is extremist”?

    Hamas, the Palestinian Islamic Jihad , the Al-Aqsa Martyrs’ Brigade, Hezbollah
    and the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine have all been listed for years by the United States Government as Specially Designated Global Terrorists (“SDGTs”) and foreign terrorist organizations (“FTOs”).

    1. In new agreement, Israel recognizes political arm of Hamas working in Turkey …

      Israel’s Mossad Chief Yossi Cohen “went on a secret visit to Turkey” some 10 days ago and agreed with Turkish National Intelligence Organization (MİT) head Hakan Fidan on the main understandings, mainly concerning Hamas’ activities.

      “Under the agreement Turkey will not enable Hamas to carry out, plan or direct any military activity against Israel. However, Hamas offices may continue to operate in Turkey for the purpose of diplomatic activity.”

      [Source: Hürriyet Daily News]

    2. @Masbara:

      America’s opinion on the matter isn’t a valid one. They’re not “specially designated terrorists” just because some Jew who doesn’t think Palestinians or Lebanese people can kill Israelis back complains about them.

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