9 thoughts on “Neocons Form New Anti-Iran Group With Suspect Bi-Partisan Claim – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. Richard,

    Why are surprised that Holbrooke and Ross are involved in this scam? Holbrooke is the neocon front man with a Democratic face and Dennis Ross is the Jewish Lobby prince who has been scuttling peace attempts for years. If this group has its way, Iran will be in the cross hairs before November!

  2. Holbrooke and Ross may not be NeoCons per se, but they are pro-Israeli and deep denizens of the DC pro-Israeli think tank community. So why be surprised at their participation on an anti-Iran agenda?

  3. They said it — Dennis Ross has scuttled peace in the Mideast for years, and Holbrooke bought into the neo-con vision. Their article today in WSJ is co-authored by James Woolsey (all three were PNAC signers) and Wallace.

    I loathe fundamentalist Islam with a passion (not to mention reprehensible terrorists), but “Israel first” is not the answer.

  4. @publius: I STRONGLY doubt Holbrooke signed the PNAC Iraq letter. You’d need to prove that to me before I believed you. I also don’t believe Ross did since he was a member of the Clinton State Dept. at the time the PNAC ltr. was written.

  5. Silverstein writes, “Clearly, this is a further attempt by the Republican right (including forces with Aipac and other right-wing Jewish groups and donors) to set a tone in Washington that will justify more bellicose and belligerent policies toward Iran.”

    An examination of the UANI website will show, however, that Silverstein’s argument is vacuous. Three of the members listed on the UANI Board of Directors webpage (including UANI’s two co-founders), are now working for the Obama administration.

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