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  1. So Omar pledges alliance with ISIS, watches ISIS beheadings on Youtube, spouts jihadi rhetoric about the West being decadent and how America kills Muslim women and children, and than warns on social media about his pending ISIS attack on America.

    You can try to shoveling this load under the carpet, but no one’s taking you seriously.

    If that’s not enough, you still manage to smear/shaming Israel through the Britain First backdoor. Britain First is about reducing Islamism in Britain, and no more. It has nothing to do with Israel aside from one comment on one of it’s scores of video postings.

        1. You’re trying to pose as a woman again (what is that with you Barbar?) but you are really unsuccesful at it, and it seems you cannot figure out why.
          For one thing, you reveal who you are because you keep using the same gimmicks. (SHAME *ring tone SHAME *ring tone) You used that so many times as Barbar already, it’s pathetic.

          1. Not sure who put you as a police who harass other commentators but yourself you broke the rule of not more than 3 comments a day.

            Obviously I’ll be the one to called out by Richard because in this temple of progressive blog, equality is just something one write about.

          2. You think it is OK to pose here repeatedly as something you are not? (An old lady, a supporter of Adalah, Breaking the Silence etc. He has a history of that.)

          3. Elisabeth – Israel is the only user I use. IF you have doubts, ask Richard to check his logs. I know this blog is loved by conspiracy-theorists but this is just silly

          4. @ Israel:

            I know this blog is loved by conspiracy-theorists

            When I need you to characterize the views of my readers or commenters I’ll ask. Until I do, stop maligning them. If you write anything like this again, you’re history.

          5. @ Abby:

            Cox killer may not have yelled, ‘Britain First’.

            Let me get this straight: you’re claiming Mair didn’t shout “Britain First” because Britain First and Paul GOlding says he didn’t? Really?? If so, I don’t know who’s a bigger fool, you or Paul Golding.

          6. @Richard

            The quote was MAY not have shouted ‘Britain First’. Some eyewitnesses said he shouted it, other eyewitnesses said he did not shout ‘Britain First’,

            Try reading a little more carefully before you insult people.

          7. @Elisabeth

            Read YOUR OWN bloody links.

            “After Mair appeared in court in London on Saturday, The Guardian reported that a Crown Prosecution Service summary revealed that the attacker told the arresting officers he was “a political activist,” and had shouted “a variation of ‘Britain first,’ ‘Keep Britain independent,’ ‘Britain always comes first,’ and ‘This is for Britain’ as he launched the attack on Cox.”

            So Mair told police what he said during the attack, and it was not “Britain FIrst”.

          8. @Abbeleh: poor poor Abbeleh. Your version of pilpul is pathetic. Mair was an avowed follower of Britain First & admirer of its leader, Paul Golding. Numerous eyewitnesses heard him shout “Britain First” as he murdered Jo Cox. Now you claim his perhaps saying a variation of “Britain First” gets the party off the hook?? Are you daft? And why are you trying to whitewash such a band of scummy racists? Hmm, let me guess…

          9. This is getting to be ridiculous ‘Abby’. Assuming that the attacker had a right wing political motivation is a ‘witch hunt’ according to you, and as proof of his a-political stance you quote the following:

            ‘Britain first,’ ‘Keep Britain independent,’ ‘Britain always comes first,’ and ‘This is for Britain’. Plus he claims himself he is “a political activist”.


            As to your reading comprehension: He may have claimed he shouted such ‘variations’ on “Britain first” when he was arrested, but this is from 2 witnesses at the time of the attack. From my link (which you clearly also did not read):

            Graeme Howard, who told the Guardian that he rushed outside after hearing a shot fired and heard the attacker screaming as he shot and stabbed Cox, and after he was detained by the police. “I heard the shot and I ran outside and saw some ladies from the cafe running out with towels,” Howard said. “He was shouting, ‘Britain First!’ when he was doing it and being arrested.”

            Fransen did, however, refer to part of an interview with another witness, Clarke Rothwell, who told BBC Newsnight, “The words I heard him say was ‘Britain first,’ or ‘Put Britain first,’ I can’t say which exactly, what it were, but definitely, ‘Britain first’ is what he said when he was shouting — he shouted it at least twice.”

          10. @Richard

            The shooting suspect told police he shouted, among other things, “a variation of Britain First”. This is a fact, not an opinion.
            I never defended Britain First or any other fringe group, yet you have commenters on this blog who are no less extreme.

            What’s pathetic is you using this tragedy to clumsily attempt to shame Israel.

            Shame on you.


          11. @Abbeleh: what’s ‘pathetic’ is that Israel’s racist, hateful, homicidal policies attract the admiration of neo- Nazi white supremacist thugs like Paul Golding, Thomas Mair, Britain First & the rest. If I were a hasbara apparatchik like you that’s what I’d be concerned with.

            I find offensive your outrageous claim that anyone commenting here is as extreme as Thomas Mair or even the IDF, which routinely murders Palestinians. When you can point to any commenter here who’s killed anyone or advocated doing so, let us know. In the meantime, try talking manure like that again & I’ll ban your ass.

        2. @Hasbarabby:

          The soul of Zionism, of Israel, of all pro-Israel hasbarat hacks like you is an ugly one.

          Try that evil crone Golda Meir. I imagine seeing Golda Meir walking down the street naked (sags in all the wrong places, anyone?) would strike even the most “age-positive” amongst us blind.

          Israel is not the victim. People like you are not the victims.

          But continue whining and crying to that effect. Pathetic!

          1. Wow!
            The reason why I called dude ‘Abby’ out is exactly because of sexist talk about stripping a woman naked and parading her around, an example a real woman would not use.
            Your disgusting comment about Golda Meir (whom I despise because of her infamous words about Palestinians who supposedly do not love their children enough) is a reminder to us all, that sexism is also rampant in circles that consider themselves progressive.

          2. Dude, ask anyone around here. I don’t buy into this political correctness stuff. But that remark was way over the line. You need to check yourself.

        1. @Elisabeth

          You wrote:

          “ In all of Europe the extreme right is a big fan of Israel.”

          True – but you would never have guessed that loving Israel is a sign of moderation for some. The top Islamophobe/Crank Daniel Pipes on Wilders:

          “Indicative of this moderation is Wilders’ long-standing affection for Israel that includes two years’ residence in the Jewish state, dozens of visits, and his advocating the transfer of the Dutch embassy to Jerusalem.”

          I don’t know whether it is this love of Israel or Wilders’ hatred of Islam that was more conducive to Pipes bestowing this remarkable crown of laurels:

          “Who is the most important European alive today? I nominate the Dutch politician Geert Wilders. I do so because he is best placed to deal with the Islamic challenge facing the continent. He has the potential to emerge as a world-historical figure.”

        2. @Elisabeth – “Extreme rightwing xenophobes always love Israel, so it’s a good guess.”

          So, it is a good guess the murderer supported Israel though there is a picture of him performing a Nazi Salute, but a guy calling 911 about swearing to ISIS have nothing whatsoever to do with Islam???

          One should explain that this individual doesn’t represent Islam or Muslim but to say their is no connection is sheer stupidity!

          1. @ Israel: Are you forgetting Eichmann considered himself a fan of Zionism? And that many UK white supremacists both worship Hitler AND think mighty highly of Israel? Are you forgetting Moshe FEiglin is an admirer of Hitler as well? As for Mair’s views on Israel, we can infer from his devotion to UK white supremacism his views didn’t diverge from the consensus, which is great admiration for Israel.

            to say their is no connection is sheer stupidity!

            There is no connection between Mateen’s attack and Islam until you prove one beyond a reasonable doubt. Law enforcement according to multiple sources is backing away from the theory there was any connection with Islamism. Now if you find one, do let us know. Till you do, you don’t get to call my views “stupidity” unless you want to escorted from this blog feet first.

          2. Again the Eichmann joke? Aren’t tired of picking quotes without their context?
            Same goes for Feiglin.

            Aren’t you a Zionist yourself? How can you relate to an ideology that Eichmann admired?

          3. @Israel: Neither the Eichmann more Feiglin quotes were taken out of context. Feiglin admired Hitler & Eichmann admired Zionism. Full stop. Read all my posts on both subjects before you make a further fool of yourself by denying it.

            Besides, Feiglin is an outright fascist. Why wouldn’t he admire Hitler?

        3. British pro-Israel EDL

          Groups Protest Unholy Alliance Between Jewish Defense League and English Neo-Fascists

          TORONTO – On January 11, 2011, the alliance of the Jewish Defense League (JDL) and the English Defence League (EDL) were challenged by counter-protests from anti-racist and human rights activists. The JDL and EDL alliance was supposed to be cemented in Toronto at an event held by the JDL in support of Tommy Robinson of the EDL.

          … their alliance with the English Defence League, a neo-fascist organization based out of Britain that focuses on anti-Islamic street activism, seems surprising considering the history of the relationship between Jews and fascist states and movements.

          Although the EDL does not claim to be fascist in any of their publicity and is not linked in any way to traditional neo-Nazi groups, the nationalist nature of their movement and their tactic of scapegoating one particular religious group to justify their broader political agenda betrays their underlying fascist politics.

          Richard has profiled the Toronto JDL as an extremist Kahane group with support from Israel’s MKs.

      1. @hasbarat

        Yawn. More lies and slander. What else can you expect from the thin-skinned Palestinian-hating goofballs who “stand for Israel” on the internet?

    1. A Finnish Security Intelligence Service boss specialized in terrorism research said in an interview about this ISIS – Mateen link:
      A phenomenon related to terrorism of today is that anyone can declare himself a supporter of a ism or a group and carry out any act.

      He was very skeptical is there a real link between Mateen and ISIS. That interview was made rather early after the attack became public. Also the Finnish media did not share very much of that undeniable “joy” that Israeli media could not hide that Mateen was a Muslim and the claimed ISIS link. The Finnish media concentrated in reporting more to the event itself and human consequences, than maximizing anti-Islamic propaganda.

      If we compare Mateen and Anders Breivik, Breivik has much more clear links and ideological sympathy to his ISM than what have been shown with Mateen.
      Why Norway Terror Accused Breivik Says he Loves Israel

      So can we say for balances sake, that Breivik supported Zionism in his 1500 page long “manifest” and Mateen ISIS in one unpublished 911 call? Or is even speaking about such links and sympathies in case of Israel anti-Semitic? With Breivik’s case it was astonishing how “everybody” from the start begun to minimize Breivik’s undeniable contacts and ideology and painted him as a totally lonely isolated wolf. In case of Mateen and others western Muslim murderers these same media sources blame at once a huge international organized religious/political network, Islamic naturally, being behind the attacks.

      Has Mateen’s 911 call been published? As far I have read, not. The police refused. The relevant question is why? When the terrorist is killed such record hardly should be no state secret and there are no reasons to avoid publishing because of the justice process.

  2. 1 In all of Europe the extreme right is a big fan of Israel. They are even received by Israeli politicians.

    2 I am afraid lots of people are interested in ISIS video’s: Pamela Geller’s website is full of them.

    3 In comments to co-workers in 2013, Mateen claimed to be a member of Hezbollah, a big friend of ISIS as you know. (Have you read Richard’s post at all, I wonder? ) Many also report that his comments were incoherent.

    4 You really have to shed the habit of not reading the pages you yourself link to, Barbar.

    “Despite mounting pledges of allegiance to ISIS, some say they believe Mateen was actually fueled by struggles with his sexuality — and may have latched on to ISIS as a vehicle for his anger.

    Several regulars at the gay nightclub said the gunman visited frequently over the past few years. Cord Cedeno said Mateen saw him at Pulse and messaged him on Grindr, a gay dating app.

    Cedeno said he wasn’t interested in Mateen — but his friend was.

    “One of my friends … has been speaking with him since 2007, on and off,” on another gay dating app, Cedeno said.

    “(Mateen) sent him a picture of his private part, and my friend actually was attracted to him. He almost went and hooked up with him.”

    FBI agents are interviewing people who claim they met the gunman on gay dating apps, a law enforcement official said. Those claims “certainly change the perspective,” the source said.”

    etc. etc.

    1. There’s also the testimony in Los Angeles Times already on the next day from someone who went to the police academy with Omar Mateen 10 years ago, they used to go to gay clubs together, and Mateen asked him out on a private date (he refused as he wasn’t openly gay at the time), another testimony from a high school acquaintance who later on worked in a gay/lesbian shop next to where Mateen worked, he came there all the time, joked with the people, went to see this acquaintance in a drag queen show.
      I also saw a discussion between two journalists on a local Orlando tv-station, the one who did the field research said that many at the club knew Mateen and said he was gay.

    1. You don’t need to read an article in Hebrew, read the poems of maybe the biggest Arab poet, Abu Nuwas (Baghdad, same time as Harun ar-Rashid, the guy from 1001 Nights): homosexuality was a common ‘practice’ (in the hamman among other places) but there was not a ‘gay’ identity (cf Desiring Arabs by Palestinian academic Joseph Massad whose intellectual mentor was Edward Said; https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Joseph_Massad#Desiring_Arabs_.282007.29 )

  3. Our preexisting hostility to anything Muslim based on our ongoing war with IS & Co shines through.

    The attack and murder of British politician Jo Cox is not being called a terror attack which I’m sure would have been the case if a Muslim had done it. Even if said Muslim had all the same problems and motivations as the British attacker.

  4. “…The portrait has turned far more complicated in the course of a week, with experts now saying Mateen appeared to be driven by a dangerous mix of bigotry, self-loathing and, perhaps, mental illness.”

    —“PERHAPS, mental illness???”
    WHO can imagine anyone doing such a reprehensible act who is NOT mentally ill????

    1. @John F.


      “High school classmates have testified that he supported 9/11 when it happened, Richard.”

      Well Netanyahu was not too unhappy either – not to speak of the Israeli “high fivers”.

      “The Israeli newspaper Ma’ariv on Wednesday reported that Likud leader Benjamin Netanyahu told an audience at Bar Ilan university that the September 11, 2001 terror attacks had been beneficial for Israel.
      “We are benefiting from one thing, and that is the attack on the Twin Towers and Pentagon, and the American struggle in Iraq,” Ma’ariv quoted the former prime minister as saying. He reportedly added that these events “swung American public opinion in our favor.” ”

      read more: http://www.haaretz.com/news/report-netanyahu-says-9-11-terror-attacks-good-for-israel-1.244044

        1. @John F: I don’t need you policing my comment threads. I can do that myself.

          Though I tend to agree with you that Bibi’s views on 9/11 are somewhat off topic, I think it’s quite important to note that both al Qaeda & Bibi view 9/11 as helpful to their interests.

    2. @ John F.: Wow, so you claim unnamed high school classmates claim Mateen made some unspecified statement about 9/11. That’s incredibly credible. Now go back & find the source, quote it verbatim, link to it & then we can talk. Till then, don’t waste our time.

      As for what Mateen may’ve said nearly 20 yrs ago: look, Mateen is a clearly disturbed, profoundly damaged individual. Could he have said things that are disturbing? Sure. Does that mean he’s an Islamist? Hell no.

      Gotta do better here. This isn’t Frontpagemagazine or Breitbart, bud.

          1. JOHN F: I don’t find people on a Facebook chat group talking about events 15 yrs ago to be terribly credible. Nor is the amateur psychology persuasive.

            Mateen was about 14 yrs old at the time. He also clearly had huge behavioral, if not mental deficits. Personally, I think he was mentally ill, or at least mentally damaged.

    3. An acquaintance of mine (he’s neither Muslim nor Arab) worked in Congo (former Zaïre) around 9.11, He told me that many people (and they were neither Muslims nor Arabs either) in Eastern Zaïre close to the Rwandan border where he worked at the time were quite happy about the attack too. It maybe tells us more about what people around the world think of American imperialism than about their religious fervor (and I’ve heard similar things from another female acquaintance who worked in a non-Muslim African country at the same time).

      1. Yes, even in Japan people were saying things like: “America always metes out violence to others, and now it is finally coming to them. What did they expect.”

        1. However in Rome where I was at the time prints from the Italian Communist Party appeared pasted on buildings the next day with sympathy for America expressed on them.

  5. We’re not seeing the forest for the trees-Here’s a real eye opener for us all…
    Mass Shooting: Orlando False Flag? by Makia Freeman
    Was the recent mass shooting in Florida on June 12th, 2016,
    an Orlando false flag attack? Early signs indicate so.
    Are we looking at an Orlando false flagwith the recent mass shooting at Pulse (a gay nightclub in Orlando, Florida)where over 50 people were reportedly killed? False flag attacks happen in the US with a certain and predictable regularity. It has been awhile
    since the last major false flag attack on US soil (San Bernardino),interspersed with one in Europe (Brussels).

    The Dude Drops Orlando Shooting Hoax Truth Bomb LIVE on TV!!!
    [ NB comment by Dennis Gannon-‘These fake events are getting old,  Fake shooting events/false flags/frames/hoax:(Lists events 1963 to 2016!)]

    1. Look, someone already posted a link to that anti-Semitic filth here and got no success. Wrong blog. Bye.

    1. Yeah, this is rather well known here. Dutch soldiers who did duty in Afghanistan came back disgusted when offered young boys by warlords in the Pashtun areas. (Better check if Mateen was Pashtun, don’t you think?)
      Not that it is that relevant: His father was clearly homophobic.

    1. @ John Mayor: I assume you mean his fiance, not girlfriend. Nor has she ever confirmed he was an Islamist, jihadi or anything of the sort. And if you link to garbage Islamophobic websites again here you’ll be history.

    2. What girlfriend ? Omar Mateen was married twice; first to a girl originally from Uzbekistan (who left him after 4 month of marriage, and who’s been interviewed on television from her home in Colorado saying he was clearly mentally ill already at the time (2009) but not a particularly religious person, and then his present wife with whom he had a 3 years-old boy. As far as I know she’s still in custody.

  6. Just a small correction: Bataclan, the concert hall in Paris was a historical place, not akin to The Pulse in Orlando, on the night of the horrific attack it was a heavy metal band playing there.
    But pro-Palestinian groups have earlier demonstrated in front of Bataclan, the former owner was a French Jew (now living in Israel) and pro-Israeli events were regularly held there, such as money-raising events for the Israeli army. Right-wing Zionists of course tried to link Palestinians to the attack in Paris just as Shurat HaDin has tried to link Palestinians and Hamas to the attack in Orlando (cf their disgusting FB comment on that topic.

  7. IMO the attack by Thomas Mair was a local incident, prepared for a decade through hate and incitement for violence by neo-Nazi, white supremacist groups joined in the UK and the US. The anti-immigration and Islamophobia fearmongering has gotten a political cover by bourgeoise and the right-wing parties across the European continent. All bear a responsibility for the vitriol and hate spewed daily in the (social) media against Muslims. Not much has changed in 100 years when the U.S. Congress passed quota laws to stem immigration of Jews and Catholics from Europe.

    This murder was motivated by a long history of racism and xenophobia, not because of Brexit or the discussion in the UK on refugees from Syria. Tory leader Cameron has blocked migrants from outside of Europe, allowing just 20,000 refugees over a period of next 5 years. Jo Cox, Labour MP for Batley and Spen, had written about her concern on June 13th in a newspaper. She was most likely targeted a long time ago, also from her record as former Oxfam executive.

    The killer found a soft target as all mass murderers look for. See also link to Breivik and his warped concept of Europe and immigration policy. Also the Charleston church shooting comes to mind. Islamophobia is an impulse for hate and incites violent
    crimes. When will the likes of these “prominent” politicians be held responsible by the electorate.

    Posted in my diary – Far-right Extremists More Virulent Than Islamists In UK-US.

  8. Europe: Extreme Right Not Listed as Terrorists

    Lone-Actor Terrorism
    Policy Paper 3: Motivations, Political Engagement and Online Activity
    By Melanie Smith, Sabine Barton and Jonathan Birdwell

    In terms of monitoring and policing proscribed groups, our research suggests the need for increased coordination amongst European member states, in particular when it comes to known far-right movements that operate across national boundaries. The European Union currently has two lists of designated terrorist groups, entities and individuals involved in terrorist acts: firstly, a copy of the list of the United Nations; and secondly, an autonomous list based on decisions taken by the EU Council. Listed persons, groups or entities are subject to the freezing of financial assets and funds, as well as enhanced measures related to police and judicial cooperation in criminal matters. However, at present, there are no far-right organisations listed by the European Union.

    A concrete example of existing imbalance is the group Combat 18 and its associated Blood and Honour organisation, to which numerous lone actors across different countries in the dataset have exhibited a link. Blood and Honour and Combat 18 remain unproscribed despite their open incitement of racism and hatred, which qualifies as a criminal offence in countries such as the United Kingdom. The fact that Blood and Honour is banned in some European countries but not in others indicates that there might be scope for a more unified approach towards cross-border extremist organisations within the EU.

    [The Dutch orgaization is called C-18 and in it’s slogan is mentioned: “Alle verraders dood!” or “Death to all traitors!” – Oui]

  9. Among the far-right organisations in West Yorkshire are the virulently anti-Muslim English Defence League (EDL), which claims to have established “divisions” in Leeds, Huddersfield, Halifax and Dewsbury, along with the British Movement (BM), a small but ultra-violent group considered extreme even by the standards of the British far right.

    Other organisations include National Action, a neo-Nazi nationalist youth movement that openly advocates violence and whose strategy document reportedly makes reference to Hitler.

  10. There have been at least seven marches by the far right in West Yorkshire during the past two years, including the Dewsbury turnout in January. In May 2015 the EDL marched in Halifax; two months later the National Front demonstrated in Wakefield; and in November the pro-Israel EDL marched again, this time in Bradford in an attempt to provoke the city’s sizeable Muslim community. The Britain First demonstration cost £445,000 to police.

    Three young men from West Yorkshire wore suicide backpacks in London bomb blasts

  11. Richard are you aware that all the gay stories and rumors have been debunked.

    Also you talk about him not fitting the terrorist profile but the 9/11 hijackers went to clubs and drank etc as well.

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