16 thoughts on “Knesset Deputy Speaker Fundraises for Israeli Terror Group – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. Why make a whole post about JDL as a terrorist group, but if says that Hamas is a terrorist group, you’ll react in dismay and go on about Begin Irgun etc?

    1. And why don’t you start your own blog, then you can make your own priorities instead of constantly telling Richard what to write on HIS blog.

        1. Deir Yassin didn’t tell anybody what to think. He suggested that Sara should start her own blog and therefore have control over its priorities, rather than tell Richard what to write.

          Your comment is a non sequitur.

  2. Great post. Timely. Necessary.

    Canadian pro-Israeli extremism is not a small matter.

    Would that others had your courage.

  3. This is what Feiglin say about the Haaretz interview you quoted here:

    I was young then, and naïve. I actually believed that the Ha’aretz newspaper, that prides itself on being the ‘newspaper for thinking people,’ would accurately quote my answers to their questions. The reporter, Ada Ushpiz asked me how I could struggle against an agreement that was democratically ratified. I answered that the fact that a decision is affirmed democratically, does not guarantee that it is moral. As proof, I cited the Nazi party in Germany, which ascended to power in a democratic manner. I continued to explain to the representative of the ‘thinking people’ that at the beginning, it seemed that the Nazi regime was actually a success. It rehabilitated the German economy, the trains ran on time and people throughout the world were captivated by the charms of Nazism. Nazi parties sprang up in England and America. We all know the end of the story. From the above, Ms. Ushpiz somehow concluded that Feiglin admires Hitler. From then and until this very day, the Left, that cannot counter my claims on a logical basis – demonizes and dehumanizes me with its tried and true weapon; Feiglin is a Nazi.

    1. @ free man: I know about Feiglin’s non-denial denial. He said what he’s quoted as saying. He didn’t deny he said it. He expressed admiration for Nazism & doesn’t deny it. He only claimed without proof that he was somehow taken out of context. Of course Feiglin is a Nazi & a racist. Only someone who shares his views would believe otherwise.

    1. @ yosi: This blog isn’t intended for people who choose to believe the earth is flat because they haven’t seen its curvature or the globe from outer space. Scientific evidence & observation proves the earth is round just as evidence proves the domination of Israeli politics by Kahanism. Just because Israel says it is a democracy doesn’t make it one & doesn’t obviate the fact that it is ruled by the spirit of Kahanism. Just because you vote doesn’t mean you live in a democracy. A democratic vote led to the rise of Nazism.

      If you mean that Jewish fascists are alien to the spirit of Judaism & the tolerant social vision of the Israeli Declaration of Independence, then aliens do indeed control the Israeli government.

      This blog has almost 10,000 posts. Many of them describe the process of Kahanization of Israel. I suggest you read a few thousand before you come back and ask the same question. Then you would look like someone who was diligent and open-minded, not someone who is a lazy-ass ideologue as you do.

      1. I will continue reading your blog as you suggested. As a conspiracy theorist and Israel specialist, you should probably be more careful with the facts. Kahana’s movement was not called “Kahana Chai”. “Chai” means alive in Hebrew, and this movement was founded after Kahana was murdered. The original name of Kahana’s movement was “Kach”. Source: wikipedia.

        “Just because Israel says it is a democracy doesn’t make it one…”
        Is this an argument? Do you want to compare Israel to other countries in terms of democracy? We had a female prime minister before Switzerland allowed women to vote. We had an Arab parliament members while in the US Afro-americans were not allowed to study in some universities. Can you name other countries that are not “real” democracies by your standards?
        Let me tell you a story – in the university that i studied, there were special buses from Arab villages to the university. There is a special discrimination preferring Arabs to Jews in enrolling to the University, to give them a better chance to integrate in our society. There are special government funded scholarships for Arabs ONLY. Is this Kahanism?

        “… & doesn’t obviate the fact that it is ruled by the spirit of Kahanism”
        The spirit of Kahanism is to murder arabs plain and simple. That’s what makes them different from other political movements, and that’s why they were banned. How come they are banned if they pull all the strings? Do Arabs stay at home, afraid for their life in israel? Or is it the other way around? What on earth are you talking about??

        Why are Jews forbidden to pray in the temple mountain? Doesn’t it fall in the category freedom of worship? Why do you, the person who redefines democracy, go against this simple act?

        “Just because you vote doesn’t mean you live in a democracy. A democratic vote led to the rise of Nazism.”
        Just because you call yourself a journalist also doesn’t make you one. Can you say something concrete or just general blurred collection of words? Also, nice reference to Nazism in the Holocaust memorial day.

        I hope you post this.


        1. @ yosi: You’re new here. Despite the fact that the comment box clearly urged you to read the comment rules before you commented, you didn’t. Now, you will do that. And you will respect the comment rules. Calling me a “conspiracy theorist,” is a violation of the comment rules. Don’t do it again.

          This blog isn’t a debating society where the sides score points by proving they’re better than the other side. I’m not interested in hearing your spiel about the wonders of Israel just as I’m not interested in hearing any spiel promoting the angelic nature of the Palestinian side. I’m not interested in cute stories. So save it. Keep your comments directly related to the subject of the post.

          You’ve raised several claims that Palestinians are treated fairly in Israel. These claims are largely anecdotal. And even if true, they hardly attest to Israel’s beneficence towards its Palestinian minority. After all, discrimination against it is massive and can’t be relieved by a few minor bones thrown its way.

          Not to mention that the power of Kahanism in Israeli society pervades virtually everything politically. It isn’t confined to treatment of the Palestinian minority as you seem to argue.

          Can you say something concrete or just general blurred collection of words?

          As I’ve told you I’ve written thousands of posts on this subject, which are quite concrete. The fact that you haven’t read any of them is a commentary on your lack of good faith in commenting here. As for your blurred vision, I suggest a good optometrist. My words are quite clear & concrete. Again, if you want to comment here again, I expect you to research the subject as to what I’ve written. If you don’t, I’ll be progressively harsher in my judgment.

  4. JDJ, Congress at odds over English Defence League (EDL)

    TORONTO – The local JDL held a support rally for the controversial English Defence League (EDL) in recognition of the English Defence League’s (EDL’s) fight against Radical Islam, featuring EDL leader Tommy Robinson (aka Stephen Lennon) via hook-up video. There has been conflicting opinion regarding forging ties with the EDL (see Jewish Tribune, Jan. 13, 2011). Comments vary as to the group’s background and motivation, and whether the EDL-JDL alliance is a good match. But there was no violence or disrespect for authorities displayed by the program participants – contrary to the impression given by Toronto Sun op-ed.

    According to the op-ed by Bernie Farber, CEO of Canadian Jewish Congress, and Benjamin Shinewald, its national executive director and general counsel, titled Troubling marriage for T.O.’s Jews, “those attending the indoor rally at the Toronto Zionist Centre, near Lawrence Ave. and the Allen Expwy., were met by others opposing it outside.

    h/t bigcitylib

  5. Harper’s planeload

    (IJV Canada) – Headlines in the news trumpet the fact that the Prime Minister has taken a group of 208 (!) supporters to Israel, many at Canadian taxpayers’ expense.

    Reading through the list is an eye-opener. It includes 21 Jewish rabbis and more than 56 representatives from various Zionist lobbying groups and private Jewish schools. In addition, there are 10 representatives from evangelical Christian groups which unconditionally support the most extreme Israeli positions. The delegation includes members of these groups: the Christian Missionary Alliance of Canada, the Evangelical Fellowship of Canada, Trinity Bible Church, Crossroads Christian Communications, and the Pentecostal Assemblies of Canada.

    The Prime Minister is also taking more than 27 chief executives of Canadian corporations, lawyers and two Canadian university presidents.

    From his own government, the Prime Minister brings six cabinet ministers and eight Tory MPs. In addition, he gave free seats to former Tory cabinet minister Stockwell Day and his wife Valorie. Stockwell Day sits on the board of the Centre for Israel and Jewish Affairs (CIJA), the most prominent pro-Israel lobbying group in Canada.

    What will the Prime Minister’s huge delegation do? There will be little of substance. But clearly that’s not the real purpose of the trip, in any event. Harper’s junket is designed to mark the beginning of an unsurpassed effort to align the Canadian government with one of the most aggressive, intransigent, hardline, expansionist governments in the history of Israel.

    By ignoring Israel’s transgressions and giving unconditional support to the government of Israel, the PM shames us all.

    Authors: Judy Haiven, from Halifax, teaches at Saint Mary’s University. Sid Shniad, from Vancouver, is retired research director of the Telecommunications Workers Union. Both are members of Independent Jewish Voices – Canada [twitter].

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