6 thoughts on “Shabak Publicly Identifies U.S. Liaison Agent, Six Years After I Did – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. Richard – you have revealed Arieli’s identity about doing another job??? What does that even mean? Do you want credit for revealing Arieli’s other job now that he got another job?

    Also, how long have he been in office? Was he still in charge of that unit when Abu-Khdeir was murdered?

    Last, you write “It’s taken years to finely bring the Abu Khdeir killers to justice”. That is of course misrepresentation of reality. They were arrested within a few days and have been in prison ever since. And even the trail, with investigation and the regular bureaucracy took under two years. “taken years” is a prime example for how you distort reality to create fake impression on your readers.

    1. @ Israel: I revealed his earlier job in Shabak and I revealed his new more senior job and I’ll expose his promotion to the top job if that happens in five yrs. All before the Israeli media publish it. Is that good enough, or do you want even more?

          1. @Israel: You will NOT post in this thread again. Go ahead and Google his name in English and you will find only 1 site IDing the Avi Arieli who is a Shabak agent. Googling in Hebrew produces a similar result.

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