18 thoughts on “Israeli President Applauds Shin Bet Chemist Doing “God’s Work” Developing Chemical Weapons to Assassinate Palestinians – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. A chemical expert does not necessarily mean “chemical weapons” or poison (which is more a bio-medical field) – explosives experts, for instance, are chemists. There are several other additional possibilities here.

    The more funny anecdote from this ceremony was that Rivlin’s PR said “he and the shaback head” handed out awards – while Bibi was also present and photographed sitting between the two. Sort of like Churchill’s blurb – “An empty taxi arrived at 10 Downing Street, and when the door was opened, Atlee got out.”.

    1. @ lepxii:

      explosives experts, for instance, are chemists

      Good point. But my source directly connects this Shabak unit to an assassination whose method was food poisoning. That’s chemical weapons.

      1. Food poisoning would not, generally, be considered chemical weapons in the classic sense which is generally limited to chemicals dispersed in gas or aerosol with a wide impact.
        In the very wide sense some poisons may be also chemical weapons (if they cause death via chemical (as opposed to bio, rad, or other mechanism) – but usually one would simply say “poison”. “poison” has been used since ancient times, where chemical weapons date to WWI.

        Just because the unit did it via poison once, twice, or thrice (or more) – doesn’t mean that this is the only (or ever the main) thing they do….

        1. @lepxii: I do so love the Hasbara brigade arguing that assassination by chemical poison isn’t really a “chemical weapon,” just a discrete murder of an individual or two or three. To be a legit chemical weapon, Israel would have to use it in a mass atrack on Palestinians killing say, 1,000 or 10,000. Now I understand.

          I’ve got news. An assassination is a war crime. You will be judged for it individually (that is, Mr. Q) and as a nation.

          1. “An assassination is a war crime”? How could you possibly make up such nonsense! I don’t really want to offend you because I fear being “moderated” but that an individual and a nation would be tried for a war crime because of an assassination is ludicrous. If you were to provide one, just one example, or anything to support such nonsense, I promise to admit being all the insults you say about me

            Personally, the assassination of Mullah Mansour a few days ago was good for humanity, and no, I do not believe Obama, the US nor anyone involved in the operation will be tried for a war crime.

            I think you just like the sound of it “war crime”.

          2. Extra judicial assassination violates international law. It is state terror.

            Of course the leader of the most powerful nation on earth won’t be tried for war crimes. But if he were Slobodan Milosevic who killed Mansour you can bet yr bottom dollar he’d be tried.

  2. @Richard

    “An Israeli security source confirmed that A’s work involves assassinations, including this one ”

    Are you saying that Mr. Q helped assassinate a Hamasnik in 2004, when Mr. Q was only 20 years old?

    This ‘ wunderkind’ must have been a ‘bonus baby’!

  3. What’s the alternative to poisoning a Hamas commander, dropping a two ton bomb on his house and killing him and his entire family?

    1. @Abby: They’d already tried to assassinate him by conventional means & failed.

      The alternative is recognizing a Palestinian state, its capital in Jerusalem, return to 67 borders, and ROR. Or alternatively, one state with equal rights for all Palestinians and West Bank annexed to Isrsel.

      1. [Comment deleted: this is a flagrant, offensive, mendacious violation of the comment rules. If you violate them again you will be moderated]

    2. Maybe you should try ending occupation, before it is irreparably to late for Israeli Jews. Well it is already to late, there is no second state left that you could offer to Palestinians. Israeli Jews can not kill the over 5 million Palestinians now living under Jewish rule. You can not deport them, neither can you put them in circumstances in style of Gaza and Warsaw Ghetto. The only option left in 10 to 30 years is to give equality to all Palestinians and it means goodbye to Jewish state dreams and Israel will become Palestine again. Believing that Israel can with numerous nuclear weapons, routinely Gaza slaughters, new settlements etc violence keep forever the present Jewish dominance is naive day dreaming. People like Lieberman as ministers make only the time Israel has left as Israel shorter, not the Jewish position stronger and more secure. The wilder, racist and more violent the circumstances in Israel develop, the shorter will the history of present days Jewish Israel be. And when the west ends its last support to Israel the game is over.

      By the way Abby is for Palestinians poisoning the food and water of the Israeli Jewish side the alternative to knifes and suicide bombs? Why is it so difficult to understand that it works both ways? A Jew poisoning Palestinian leaders and civilians is no more heroic than a Palestinian poisoning Jewish leaders and civilians.

      1. @ SimoHurtta:

        By the way Abby is for Palestinians poisoning the food and water of the Israeli Jewish side the alternative to knifes and suicide bombs? Why is it so difficult to understand that it works both ways? A Jew poisoning Palestinian leaders and civilians is no more heroic than a Palestinian poisoning Jewish leaders and civilians.

        Ah, but Abby sees the Israelis as defending themselves from murderous “Arabs.” So there is no reason for Arabs to poison Israeli Jews, since the Jews are all good, Arabs all bad.

        1. Some people in the 1930’s had a similar mindset of their own racial/religious/ideological superiority and need to purify “their surrounding”. It did not end well to them, but only a naive optimist believes that the solving Israel’s “Arab problem” will end well if Jews want to keep their domination in present style.

          As an outsider spectator it is impossible to figure out how Israeli Jews intend or believe solving their “Arab problem” and keeping the Jewish State + the occupied areas. So I have asked this question lately several times presenting the preconditions . Suddenly these normally very active and vocal Israeli “propagandists” on different forums vanish from commenting. They obviously have no rational answers or solutions at least such they would dare to put on “paper”. This regardless they know perfectly well that “the problem” must be solved in the near future.

        2. @Richard

          “By the way Abby is for Palestinians poisoning the food and water of the Israeli Jewish side … ”

          No Genius. Abby favors poison over two ton bombs because bombing causes collateral damage and kills innocents, be they Jew or Arab.

          1. Abby have you ever thought that people mostly eat with other people. Well maybe they do not do that in Israel. So arranging food poisoning in order to kill some “target” but not others who are eating with him is obviously a talent which only Israeli Jewish chemists have. So lets stop to bullshit about that poisoning is safe, civilized and a human way to kill.

            Abby what is your opinion of the well poisonings in West Bank made by settlers and witnessed by international observers? Is throwing dirty dippers in the well providing drinking water to “Arabs” and shooting at those who try to clean the poisoned well a human Jewish action. Or is stealing the water of Palestinians and selling it back to them in small amounts with a considerable price tag? Well “closing” natural wells with dirty dippers etc increases business opportunities and income on the Jewish water sector. Maybe they teach such marketing strategies in Settlers’ economic books. Who knows?

    3. Perhaps if your objective is to kill opponents without any collateral damage you might recommend the building of gas chambers then, Abby? Or could you not simply bring yourself to say “Murder is wrong” and “Never again”?

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