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  1. In the 2015-Corruption Perception Index of Transparency International Israel ranks with a score of 32 below such South American countries is Uruguay (21) and Chile (23) and Asian countries as Singapore (8), Japan (18), Hong Kong (18) and even Taiwan (30). In its own environment it ranks below the United Arab Emirates (23).

    “Israel’s CPI score has not significantly improved since 2007. In 1997, Israel received a relatively high score of 7.9 ranking number 15 in the world, but has deteriorated considerably since then.
    However, Transparency International identified Bhutan, Chile, Ecuador, Macedonia, Gambia, Haiti, Jamaica, Kuwait, and Qatar as states where improvement had been made over the past year.
    “As opposed to Israel, other countries are improving, and that is a problem,” said Transparency International Israel CEO Galia Sagi on Tuesday.”

    read more: http://www.haaretz.com/israel-news/israel-ranks-among-western-world-s-most-corrupt-countries-1.321251

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