6 thoughts on “Anat Kamm: the Story That Dare Not Speak Her Name – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. There are several attacks on Democracy going on with this case:

    1. The military and intelligences services are above the law.

    2. The military and intelligence services can order the courts to block and censor the press.

    3. The courts, the military/intelligence services AND the press/media are ALL complicit in subverting a true democratic system.

    The courts and the press are pillars responsible for ensuring the integrity of a Democracy, but they are reverting to the authority of the military rather than defending Democracy. It appears that no one really cares, since they are all complicit, and this is because there is no formal Constitution, and the problem can be narrowed down to two questions: What prevents Israel from having a Constitution? Is Zionism incompatible with Democracy?

    (The worst part is that Israel has also become the 5th column in the U.S. via Aipac. I know there will be some who question this statement, but the Lobby’s influence in Congress has really become more than obvious, making it impossible to exert a positive influence and impose measures to correct the direction of Israel’s misguided foreign policy.)

    1. One could cite even more attacks on democracy in the US. Yes, the Israel Lobby has a lot of influence over the US congress, but so do the other military-industrial-complex lobbies have influence. And they are working in collusion. It is very convenient for Israel and the US to maintain this reciprocity in attempting to control the world, or at least the Middle East. Criticize not only AIPAC, look toward Obama and his controllers, too.

  2. Thank you for reporting on this disturbing case. Your blog is where I first learned most of the details about this.

    One comment, though. You write: “which makes her the most widely known “disappeared” person possibly in the world”

    Well, not really. I know of at least two disappeared persons that are far more famous than her, and I assume there are more.

    One of these is Gao Zhisheng.

    Another is Gedhun Choekyi Nyima, the eleventh Panchen Lama.

    Incidentally, these two were really “disappeared”, while Kamm could be better described as “banished” or “silenced”. Which teaches us that the Israeli regime has more to aspire to, and that the collapse of democracy in Israel can (and I believe will) continue quite a while more.

  3. Hi Richard,

    Thanks for the good words (I am from the “Philosophical Outlook”). They help in such times 🙂

    On what kind of colaboration did you thought of?


  4. Are there some good Israeli blogs or for that matter Palestinian blogs published in English? I hadn’t really thought of this before–I read human rights websites sometimes (B’Tselem and one or two Palestinian ones occasionally, along with AI and HRW), but the blogs I read on this subject are written in America (or England, maybe, in the case of JSF).

  5. My god she is beautiful.

    Such a contrast to the, er, “judge” woman.

    I am always amazed that many beautiful women do not rely on the genetic luck of their looks and instead do much more with their lives than I ever did.

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