9 thoughts on “BREAKING: In Mossad Scandal, $300,000 Disappears – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. From your twitter – “Ben Zygier tragedy indirectly leads to massive Mossad embezzlement scandal”

    You wrote here ” this passage likely likely refers to either one of two major failures involving the Mossad. One was the Mahmoud al Mabouh assassination and the other Ben Zygier” (likely twice to highlight the fact it is based on thin air???)

    Do you consider that journalistic material?

    1. @Jack: I have no idea what you’re talking about. The accused mentioned she worked on a project in which someone’s life was in danger. Clearly there was also a high level of secrecy involved. Israelis I’ve consulted with expertise in the matter believe it relates to Zygier. I added the possibility it could relate to al Mabouh. You’re welcome to prove me wrong with facts. If not, take a hike.

      1. ‘mentioned’, ‘clearly’, ‘believe’, ‘I added’.

        The words with which you cooked the theory about the connection to Zygier. Do you actually believe a serious journalist can publish anything based of this? You haven’t proved a thing. If you were a judge, half the world population would have thrown to prison.

          1. With these kind of articles and method of deduction, with these kind of replies to your own readers I often wonder what would happen to Israel if we ever listened to you and your quest of “promoting democracy in Israel”, this is not the first time you wonder off mixing stories without solid evidence, this is not the first time you voice your defensive, not to say barbaric reaction to your readers, do you still consider yourself liberal after that?


          2. @ Nimrod: Oh puh-leeze. This is the 30th time at least someone has written such garbage comments here. Comments must be substantive, have an political argument and relate directly to the post. The next time a comment violates these rules yours will be deleted and you will be subject to moderation.

            If there is any “barbarism” it’s you and the hasbara trolls defending the indefensible.

  2. @Richard

    Let me see if I understand.

    With no mind for personal gain, a few mossadniks ‘cook the books’ in order to cover up an inadvertent budget shortfall.
    They are caught by the head of the Mossad who immediately turned them over to the police.
    The suspects are all arrested, tried and sentenced.

    Why is this story so important to you? The amount of shame is de minimus?

    1. @ Barbarian:

      Let me see if I understand.

      No, you don’t understand. Either you can’t read or you took the abbreviated Hasbara reading correspondence course & missed most of the content. Only one suspect (out of four or more) was charged with a crime & that suspect was not sentenced to any meaningful punishment. Two other suspects were permitted to resign (probably saving their pensions as well). That was internal discipline, not the normal justice process.

      We will never know who these people are. This is the way justice happens in the national security state…if it happens at all.

      What’s more ludicrous about your comment is that Yediot ran the story on its front page (again that’s in my post as well, but you appear to have missed that). And you disparagingly ask “why it’s so important!” I’m so glad you’re not a newspaper editor. Imagine the crap you’d put there!

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