23 thoughts on “Netanyahu’s New Public Relations Flack: Rivlin Isn’t Even Worth Killing – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. President Rivlin’s adherence to the idea of One State, with full Arab citiaenship, deserves study and an analysis of possible alternative structures, administration, and objectives.

  2. as i said it before it is high noon for some immense undoing by the far right goons that will shock the country and bring it back to reality .
    it has slowly begun, when journalists from channel 10 are brought down whilst trying to do their job
    (see : http://www.globes.co.il/news/article.aspx?did=1001078932#fromelement=hp_morearticles )
    even the journalist himself says it, it’s not a matter of if but a matter of when.
    may the petri dish be ready to explode so that we can wake up and begin to be humans rather than this racist arrogant monster that hides behind religion.
    there are places in israel that i a jew would rather not step into. this is my country that is being stolen from me. where are the american jews to shake this from its foundations and refuse to infuse endless monies to fund nazi thugs . we decried the glass night, it is happening day it day out right here

    1. I am very sorry for those who feel as you do in Israel, who don’t want to leave and keep hoping. I read today Obama is going to meet with Netanyahu and that we are going to give billions over the next decade. At the very least it should be conditional. I would rather we disengage.

  3. “Because an academic institution which makes Palestinian janitors wear special tags identifying them as non-Jews is certainly one that will persecute right-wing ideologues like Baratz!” – Could you give a reference to any source?

      1. Just as with the nra or oil or wall street no american politico has the guts to stand up to aipac
        They all know that 2 states is dead with facts on the ground and a single state is suicide this will happen when the slaves revolt will not be kwelled by any means military

        1. just as i wrote it, an item on politico indicates that even hillary clinton election team had no choice but to back down and invite bibi in his next trip . THEY DO/DID NOT WANT TO EVEN SMELL HIM BUT AIPAC WAS NO BETTER THAN HOUNDDOGS GOING AFTER THE STAFFERS AND THINK TANK UNTIL THEY BACKED DOWN.
          just as Obama is warning bibi that israel is running towards a one nation solution and bibi doesn’t give a crap will hillary do anything in the next 8 years . so that’s another decade granted to the settlement.
          may the un finally force israel to grant palestinians equal vote a part of a grand and unique nation.
          may we all bow down to the adelsons and the aipacs of the world , SAD THAT NONE OF THEM DESIRE TO LIVE IN THE HILLS AND FACE THE DAILY IRE OF A PEOPLE WHO IS NO BETTER THAT AMERICA 17TH CENTURY SLAVES. halleluyah!!

  4. This brings up the question of how many more people were involved in Rabin’s assassination, because Amir’s unpleasant way of thinking is shared beyond just a small group, as you shown, and includes Baratz as in your citation.

    There is, however, several times more circumstantial evidence to suggest that there was much more involvement. Take for example the rabbinical Pulsa di Noura against Rabin mentioned on Wikipedia, which shows that at least one rabbi must have approved it.

    The problem is that it seems like there is not that much in English or even Russian (the other main language among Israelis besides Arabic) about the critical aspects of the case, like things that could point beyond a handful of fringe extremists. The best English source seems to be Barry Chamish, who has his own drawbacks as a reliable source ( a right wing pro-settler Israeli-American). There must be much more available in Hebrew. Do you think that you could research the issue in Hebrew beyond what we can find in English, Richard?

    1. sad to see so many people focusing on the trees and losing sight of the forest
      sad to see that no one is disecting the ideas that rabin carried rather than the meat and bones.
      we should be fomenting and fermenting analyzing and disecting his ideas and hopes that apparently went to the grave with him never to be seen again.
      again we kneel at the industry of the assassination a sub industry of the holocaust manufacturing branch
      sad we do not put as much emphasis on forwarding his peace policies. sad indeed.
      it is part of the hasbarah to keep us from doing ANYTHING EXCEPT SETTLEMENT

      1. I agree. What Rabin’s assassin succeeded in doing besides killing Rabin, was burying the idea he embodied: that one can evolve from war to peace, an evolution that he wanted to take the country through. It’s very sad.

      2. Nessim,

        It depends on what you mean by “we”. I certainly support Rabin’s peace ideas. He was one of the last major opportunities for reconciliation with Palestinians, at least from the Israeli side. Rabin did want, it seems a two state solution. However, the same might not be said of Rabin’s successors.

    1. Not sure if you read Dutch,but Herman Loonstein is a nasty piece of work.

      In the article under it,he falsely accuses Marrocans of throwing eggs at a Jewish family’s house and Jews are leaving Holland because of that,but the perpetrators were some Jewish kids.

      Not the first time he does things like that.

      Dangerous man,especially for Jews.

  5. Interesting comment at the State Department daily press briefing:
    Press: ….”Seems that Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu appointed a spokesman who has basically made allegations that the president – President Obama was anti-Semitic and so on. Is that something that you – I mean, do you have any comment on that?”
    Flack: …..”The Secretary spoke with Prime Minister Netanyahu this morning, and we understand that the prime minister will be reviewing this appointment when he returns from his visit to the United States. And I would refer you to the Government of Israel for any additional comment.”

    “reviewing this appointment” = we told Bibi to dump the douchebag.

    He won’t, of course.

    Netanyahu will come to Washington, and while he’s there he’ll promise to dump Ran Baratz.

    And when he returns to Israel he’ll deny that Washington has any problems with Baratz, in effect shivving the Obama Administration. Again.

    1. @ Yeah, Right: Personally, Bibi will dump Baratz like a hot potato. Then in 3 months Baratz will land a cushy job somewhere else & be told to only offend the “right people” like weak Palestinians & leftists. In the meantime, Bibi will get huge kudos from his constituency for appointing Baratz and rubbing Obama’s face in it. It’s a win-win for all the righists.

      1. WRONG WRONG WRONG, bibi himself gave the answer , HE POSTPONED THE NOMINATION UNTIL “AFTER” HIS RETURN, the key word is AFTER = he keeps the door open to brown nose O and then stick it back to him AFTER
        and we’rrrrre back to same
        remember kahlon who was going to do the right for his electors, where are they now they are being screwed by the death of this baby the cellular industry reform, he sold his soul for some second hand beans, he will go down the same path as Liberman, Barak etc.. long live the settlement industry

      2. Time will tell but, no, I don’t think so Richard.

        To cashier Baratz would be to hand a victory – however small – to Obama, and Netanyahu would hate that when this situation also presents an opportunity for Bibi to play the POTUS for a fool.

        But Bibi can’t stand up for Baratz while he is in Washington, since Obama has endless opportunities to sleight Netanyahu.

        But – ahhhhh, the joyful prospect – Netanyahu can placate Obama in private and then do the opposite upon his return to Israel.

        Everyone in Israel will get that message: Obama is a fool, no match for a Netanyahu who is effortlessly able to outwit the Americans.

        That this would outrage Obama is of no concern: that relationship is already poisonous and, furthermore, every time it gets more poisonous then Israel is showering with more military aid.

        What Obama has to do is obvious: he needs to tell Netanyahu that if Baratz has not been Very Publically Sacked before that plane lands in Washington then….. that plane isn’t landing in Washington.

        He won’t, of course. Obama will accept Netanyahu’s private assurances, and then Netanyahu will shaft him.

        If Obama then says nothing then he is revealed as a wimp.
        But if Obama complains then he is revealed to be a fool.

        How could Netanyahu possibly resist that temptation?

  6. Barry Chamish’s book WHO MURDERED YITZHAK RABIN? is partly online:

    It is interesting because it has alot of information, but it has a disorganized style:


    have you written about Rabin’s assassination, Richard?

  7. “Perhaps the Secret Service may even arrest him for impersonating a human being.”

    This hateful sentence is disgusting.

    You may not like this guy, but I don’t think that gives you the right to dehumanize him. You may criticize him, but this is not criticism, this is Nazi-like hate speech.

    You are criticizing his posts, but look at yours!

    1. @Good Little Israeli Hasbara Boy (my translation of his Hebrew handle):

      This hateful sentence is disgusting.

      Spare me. This ass says the President of your country should be murdered, except he’s too insignificant to bother and you expect me to call him a decent human being? You assassinated your own prime minister in your country, and you fault me for calling out someone who echoes such murderous incitement???!!

      It’s not that I “don’t like this guy.” I think he’s evil. And you should too. He has dehumanized himself. Anyone who advocates murder, even in words, is heinous & evil.

  8. One of the greatest social philosophers of our time, Zygmunt Bauman, will turn 90 this month (on the 19th to be precise). Bauman lived and taught in Israel for a few years after he had been driven out of Poland by real anti-Semitism (that of Mieczyslaw Moczar, the then chief of the Polish communist secret police)not the imaginary one referred to by Baratz, a referral which is merely an apologetic trick.

    Bauman and his wife left Israel in 1971 because they were quite unhappy with developments there after the Six Day War. Haaretz wrote in 2011:

    “Zygmunt Bauman, the Jewish sociologist and one of the greatest philosophers of our time, castigated Israel harshly this week, saying it did not want peace and was afraid of it.

    Bauman said Israel was “taking advantage of the Holocaust to legitimize unconscionable acts,” and compared the separation fence to the walls surrounding the Warsaw Ghetto, in which hundreds of thousands of Jews perished in the Holocaust.

    In a long interview to the important Polish weekly “Politika,” Bauman said Israel was not interested in peace. “Israeli politicians are terrified of peace, they tremble with fear from the possibility of peace, because without war and without general mobilization they don’t know how to live,” he said.

    “Israel does not see the missiles falling on communities along the border as a bad thing. On the contrary, they would be worried and even alarmed were it not for this fire,” the Polish-British sociologist said.

    Bauman, who lived in Israel briefly, referred to an article he wrote in Haaretz, in which he expressed concern that the younger Israeli generation was being raised on the understanding that the state of war and military alert were natural and unavoidable.”

    read more: http://www.haaretz.com/print-edition/news/polish-jewish-sociologist-compares-west-bank-separation-fence-to-warsaw-ghetto-walls-1.381828


  9. “Baratz is a defrocked academic, who earned his PhD in classical Greek philosophy at the Hebrew University…..”
    HU is very left wing. In your day at the Givat Ram campus there were Israeli students lying all over on the grass etc. today it is mostly Arabs..things have changed.
    A couple who happen to be friends of mine on a Prof of Anthropology and his wife a Prof of Geology were teaching/employed at HU and due to the high cost of living in Jer they entertained the idea of living somewhere in the West Bank. They were told if they moved there their employment would be terminated and thus they returned to the US.

    1. @ jack:

      HU is very left wing

      Left-wing, my ass. Compared to Ariel Settler School (aka University), yes it’s left-wing. But that’s not saying much.

      I don’t accept anecdotes passed on by clearly right-wing hacks like you as having any merit. Nor can the Hebrew University force an employee not to live in the Territories & fire them if they do. I don’t believe you. You’re either lying or don’t know what the frig you’re talking about.

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