8 thoughts on “Rightist Philosophy Lecturer Dismissed by Hebrew University – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. Richard hi,

    I think your argument is conditioned upon Baratz having no publications and other candidates being better qualified. Can you provide a link?

    Regarding his “extra-curricular” activities, no matter how offensive they seem to us progressives, I think they should not play a role in appointment decisions. This includes even his McCarthyist assistance to the hounding of other academics (which goes beyond anything I’ve done. I just expressed my opinions which some people didn’t like).

    Academic departments, and especially philosophy, are supposed to be diverse exactly in that respect. If Baratz was the best candidate, I say, then bring him on. Let him face hard questions from his colleagues and from progressive students of philosophy, I’m sure that some outspoken ones can be found. Let the debate take place inside the university, not just on the media.

    However, if Baratz had no publications and is just out to confuse and confound the shallow Israeli media to create yet another false narrative, that is a different matter.

    1. You can see his vitae at the Shalem Ctr. link. I agree that it isn’t terribly impressive. No books (just a PhD disseration which doesn’t appear to be published as a book. One article under consideration for publication & a few articles which don’t appear to be in academic or peer reviewed publications:


      Alētheia and Doxa: Parmenides’ Natural Philosophy (Ph.D. dissertation in Philosophy, Hebrew University of Jerusalem, 2008)


      “Plato on the Uniformity of Nature,” under review.


      Review of H. White, What is What-Is? An Analysis of Parmenides’ Poem (New York: Peter Lang, 2005), Iyun, 2007.

      Review of A. Rosler, Political Authority and Obligation in Aristotle (Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2005), Bryn Mawr Classical Review, 2006.

      Review of C. J. Rowe, Plato, 2nd ed. (London: Bristol Classical Press, 2003), Bryn Mawr Classical Review, 2005.

      Scientific Editing

      Samuel Scolnicov, Idea and Method: Thirty-Three Studies in Plato (Jerusalem: Magnes, 2008). [Hebrew]

      Select Articles

      * “Freedom: A Journey,” Ynet-Science, 2010.
      * “Body and Soul in Ancient Greece,” Mabua 50:11-17, 2009.
      * “Solving the Officer Problem of the IDF,” Nativ 117:22-31, 2007.
      * “The Return of the Ground Offensive,” Nativ 114:29-38, 2007.

      1. Yes, you are right. No refereed publications to date. Given the dearth of positions in humanities in Israel and the amount of good young researchers waiting for such positions, it is highly plausible they found a far more qualified candidate than Baratz.

        In other words, he’s trying to do here an “Israel David trick” in reverse: just like David bullied BGU into viewing my candidacy as toxic via the media, Baratz is trying to bully HUJI into viewing not accepting him as toxic via the media.

        And both are leveraging the witch-hunt public atmosphere, while supposedly providing false “evidence” of how the Israeli academia is dominated by the left.

  2. Adjunct teaching employment is at-will. No reason need be given for non-renewal. In most cases it is assumed that adjunct teaching is close-ended, not ongoing. If Baratz is so desirable then Shalem should snap him up. If this is a fake victim ploy, then Baratz’ career is toast.

  3. Are you for real?
    1. don’t you notice that Yakira says that Baratz’ contract was not renewed already last year too, and he admits that it was a wrongdoing? this seems to be a chain of similar events.
    2. can’t you see the hostility of this Yakira guy? Baratz is extreme right, the students are extreme left, he speaks about “real bastards” that he wants to fight, and you expect me to believe that this is kosher?
    3. from just reading the English, you probably don’t realize that this whole story is a students fight to keep their best teacher, not as a tenure track professor but as a teaching fellow.
    4. I’m pretty sure that if Baratz was the best teacher in the department, but instead of a right wing person who was sacked he was an Ethiopian, or an arab female, you would have sounded different. this is hypocrisy.

    1. For your information, Yakira is a known Israeli hawk & neocon. So he SHOULD sympathize with Baratz’s efforts, but doesn’t.

      I’m pretty sure

      Being “pretty sure” of the outcome of a hypothetical event means precisely nothing. If someone holding a temporary apptmt is let go & given a chance to apply for a permanent job that another superior candidate is chosen for instead, I’d have no problem w. that. And indeed that’s what happened in this case.

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