48 thoughts on “Shabak Places Israeli Palestinian Woman Under Administrative Detention for Text Message – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. The 2 songs are quite similar but there is 1 difference and that is the use of the word Shahid. We are talking about 2 opposite ideologies.

    1. Absolutely false and you a re blinded by racism not to see the parallels. Senesh and thousands of other Jews have seen themselves as sacrifical victims on behalf of their nation or religion over the centuries. Martyrdom is a sacred tradition in Judaism as in Islam.

  2. “Israel is not planning to annihilate an entire people.”
    That remains to be seen. Do you have this on good authority? Not that it matters, as the zionists can’t be trusted to tell the truth. If I were Palestinian, it’d look to me very much like Israel is planning on the annihilation of my people.

  3. Why should we care only about annihilation? Do the police pursue murderers alone, and ignore perpetrators of all (supposedly) lesser crimes?

    RS: Thanks so much for pointing out the similarities, Jews and Palestinians want the same things: respect, dignity, safety, and life.

    And we must be mindful that all people are capable of becomig terrorists (as many Palestinian Jews of 1945-48 showed, and as many Israeli Jews of the territories 2000-2015 now show. Some Palestinians have been terrorists as well. And many governments have looked the other way during civilian-acted pogroms, as the government of Israel shows today. And (elements of) many police and armies have lost any sense of decency and respect fo innocent life that they may have been supposed to have. USA’s and Israel’s and PA’s included.

  4. “Israeli has violated juvenile law by taking a photo of Ahmad and releasing it to the press. ”

    No. Ahmad Manasra violated juvenile law when he and his cousin set to knifing a 13 year old Jewish boy whose only crime was buying candy in a candy store. They punctured the boy’s body 12 times with their knives.

    1. @Lost: You as usual speak the language of fools. It doesn’t matter what crime the juvenile committed, whether murder or shoplifting. Jewish & Palestinian minors are both covered by the same regulations. You cannot name or photograph any minor w/o a judge’s permission. If you wish to confirm Israel as an apartheid state I suggest the Knesset change the law so that Palestinian citizens are ruled by military law. Then the world will see you & Israel for what you really are.

      1. Leaving aside the fact that the youth’s face had already been aired (in his knife videos), Israel was forced into releasing his photo when Prime Minister Abbas publicly declared that Israel had ‘executed’ the youth.

        And BTW Richard, this is the ‘pot calling the kettle black’?
        I mean, you just published the name and photograph of a 14 Arab girl being arrested.


        1. @ Lost: The law does not say you may publish a minor’s picture and name if it has already been published. It says you may not publish it period, regardless of anything that has happened beforehand. Israel was not forced into breaking its own laws. It did so willingly, making the health minister a criminal and Hadassah in violation of medical ethics. The whole thing stinks & you along with it.

          I did not publish the name or photograph of any 14 yr old girl being arrested. Are you daft? Asmaa Hamdan is 19 years old, nor did I publish her picture (though I would if anyone out there has it). You can’t even be bothered to read my post, can you?

          Not to mention, that I publish the names of Israel’s disappeared because Israel doesn’t want the world to know about them. These victims welcome the exposure I try to offer. They do not shun it. Often families are too frightened of the system to even speak to me because they’ve been told that if they do anything contrary to the government’s wishes they will suffer. So I speak for those who your government paralyzes with fear. And I do it proudly.

          Finally, Oh brainfully-challenged one, I’m not an Israeli citizen and not subject to Israel law (thank God). I can follow my conscience in these matters. If you had one, you’d understand.

          1. @Lost: You don’t know Arabic & so don’t know what is on that page. I linked to a Palestinian website which noted a 14 yr old Palestinian was accosted by police & her mother beaten. I didn’t name anyone or post anyone’s picture. Again you have lied.

            Not to mention that I don’t believe any of them were arrested.

            I am moderating you for being a provovcateur troll & a rather dim one at that. Send in the next hasbara intern on your way out. And request a superior brand of hasbara from your successor.

          2. As per Google Translate, the daughter’s name is Esra, and the photograph in the Maan article YOU linked, shows an Arab teenager girl being arrested. To wit, you posted a link which reveals the photo and name of a 14 year old arrest suspect.

            Stifle all dissent! Clampdown hard!

          3. @ Lost: Linking to other sources may be something you & Shabak consider illegal under Israeli law, but they’re not yet illegal in places where democracy and rule of law are observed. I have ensured you won’t be posting any further drivel here without my first approving it.

          4. Richard said:
            “They arrested a 14-year-old Palestinian girl..”

            Richard said:
            “Not to mention that I don’t believe any of them were arrested.”

            I’m baring my breast, Richard.

          5. @ Lost:

            I’m baring my breast, Richard.

            I have. And you are dead as far as this blog is concerned. Banned. Readers, there will be a yahrzeit ceremony for poor Lost at the Yizhar synagogue after which we all will go out and beat up a few Arabs. He was a good hasbarist–alas we knew him well. Actually, we didn’t know him well nor did we care. Good riddance.

            Lost: I warned you earlier about attempts at snark leaving me cold. Now you’ve gone from merely moderated to banned.

  5. @ Richard
    I don’t know who translated the text message by Asmaa Hamdan but ‘shahada’ does not mean ‘martyrdom’ (that is ‘istishhâd’, same root but totally different form), but ‘testimony’, it’s the Muslim creed: ‘There is no god but God. Muhammad is the messenger of God’.

  6. “You say there’s no
    comparison between the Holocaust and
    this Intifada? Perhaps in a historical
    sense this is true. Israel is not planning to
    annihilate an entire people.”

    Richard, are you too naive all of a sudden? That’s exactly what Israel wants and inching towards, if that’s not apparent enough for everyone through their public and private stance and actions. You of all people know that…

  7. Why did Shabak arrest this women? Because she might be a ticking time bomb? Maybe, maybe not. Erring on the side of caution, the police needed to arrest her to determine whether or not she posed a threat.

    And while we’re on the subject, I think we should name this current upheaval, the ‘Facebook Intifada’, because this is almost, exclusively, an intifada led by teenagers. These teens have no clear political agenda. The rioters and the youths stabbing Jews aren’t calling for a change in political leadership, or a return to the negotiating table.
    No. They just want to be seen and heard as heroes on the internet; because for this generation, there is no separation between the real and virtual worlds.

    1. @ Lost: No, that’s not the way police work in a democracy. In a democratic society police follow rule of law. They must have “probable cause” a crime will be committed. This statement is nowhere near probable cause. You can’t generally arrest people for what they think or write unless it offers tangible, concrete proof a crime is being planned. Not a wish or a thought or a feeling, but something concrete. Further, they placed her in administrative detention, which is completely unwarranted. They treat her like a proven terrorist when she is not.

      I think you don’t have the right to tell Palestinians what they should call anything. You least of all. You & Jodi Rudoren in utmost condesenscion want to call this Intifada an expression of nihilism & chaos. You want to blame social media. You want to blame children as if they don’t have brains enough to understand how you’re f(^_ing their people. They know, my bro, they know. They are far wiser than you. You have your head up your ass. They may be foolish and reckless in baring their breasts for the IDF/police bullet. But they know what is happening to them. No clear political agenda?? Bullshit. Their agenda is clear as day. Except you are blind.

      I have just about lost patience with your moral obtuseness. If you want to insult someone, go insult your own kind. You no longer have the right to disparage Palestinians here. The next time you write anything as insulting & stupid as you have here, you’re history.

      1. Your going to ban me for ‘moral obtuseness’? What’s Jody’s punishment?

        “You no longer have the right to disparage Palestinians here”

        Just which Palestinians have I disparaged today? Most Palestinians haven’t joined this ‘thing’, which doesn’t have a name, and which may or may not be an intifada? There was a call this past Tuesday for a general strike among Israeli Palestinians, and that call, largely went unheeded.
        Unlike in previous intifadas the political leadership of the Palestinians has yet to endorse this ‘thing’, much less join in the violence.

        Who’s left to disparage except the breast baring men? The hot heads who’ve used their cars and kitchen knives to kill Jews? Are you really going to ban me for disparaging, and/or, insulting (your words) a narrow segment of Palestinian society? Ban me for saying that rioters have, “No clear political agenda? ”

        You run a tight ship, Skipper.

        1. @LD

          You wrote:

          “Just which Palestinians have I disparaged today? Most Palestinians haven’t joined this ‘thing’, … “

          Active resistance against a hated regime always comes from a small minority, in which the young are often represented disproportionately.

          Examples with which you should be familiar are Dutch resistance against the German occupation (though the people involved there were often in their early adulthood) and Indonesian resistance against the Dutch. The Dutch initially fooled themselves into believing that only a “discontented minority” would like to see them gone.

          At first sight it seems paradoxical that the young, “who have so much to hope for”, are willing to sacrifice their lives to induce a change they will never be able to enjoy themselves. But it isn’t as mysterious as all that. The young are less rooted in life – they have not yet children, possessions and obligations of their own. Besides, what do they have to hope for in their present situation?

          Nevertheless it takes a lot of courage for a kid to protest in this fashion against the oppressor with the near-certainty to be shot. Such courage can only be born of despair – a despair that they have no doubt felt all around them since an early age. To dismiss their resistance as a Facebook phenomenon and to to take heart from the fact that only a minority is involved is equally mean as foolish.

          And to talk only about the attacks on Jews (ie Israelis) and to forget the countless times that Palestinian children were killed not with knives but by bullets, grenades and bombs is equally mean and equally foolish.

          1. ”Such courage can only be born of despair – a despair that they have no doubt felt all around them since an early age”

            Like the 30 year old Israeli-Arab divorcee and Technion graduate who got shot trying to stab Jews in Afula? Technion is the most prestigious college in Israel. It’s graduates are much sought after in Israel and abroad.

            “.. a Technion grad’s average monthly salary is approximately $6,558, much higher than the average wage in the local economy.”

          2. @ Lost: The Times of Israel published an article saying that Israeli “investigators” (i.e. Shabak & police) do NOT believe this woman was a terrorist and that whatever happened (they still haven’t proven by any stretch that she had a knife and they have failed to prove she attempted to stab anyone. The article makes clear that the Shabak believes the incident happened as a result of her mental illness. Nice try idiot. Blaming someone who’s mentally ill & calling her a terrorist.

          3. @Deir Yassin

            Maybe all she did was brandish a knife, but the TOI article you linked, states, ‘A security guard at the terminal initially told police he believed Abed was attacking him when she pulled the knife out of her purse while standing near him.’

            Regardless, my cite was meant to point out that ‘dispair’, isn’t the sole reason for these attacks.

          4. @ Lost: Really. Who are we to believe? A Israeli security official who says the entire incident wasn’t terror related, that she didn’t try to stab anyone, and that she is mentally ill–or you? Hmm, that’s a tough one. Give me a nano second.

    2. @LD
      You wrote:
      “These teens have no clear political agenda. The rioters and the youths stabbing Jews aren’t calling for a change in political leadership, or a return to the negotiating table.”

      No “clear political agenda” huh? The crowd that razed the Bastille on that memorable day in 1789 had no “clear political agenda” or, to turn to an example you should be more familiar with if you are indeed from Holland (frankly I have my doubts), the Indonesian “pemuda-pemuda”, the barefoot young that provided much of the impetus to the Indonesian national revolution had no “clear political agenda” except this one: they wanted to get rid of foreign overlordship, of a colonialism that was in its last century in fact infinitely more humane and constructive than the crappy colonialism by the Israelis has ever been. In fact on a comparative scale of colonial domination I rank the Israeli one at the very bottom, below that of the Belgians and the Portuguese, below even that of the present day Indonesian regime in Papua, and only comparable to the Indonesian regime in East Timor (where the native folk happily got rid of it).

      They don’t want a “return to the negotiating table” – what on earth would they want that for? Only to give the Netanyahu gang more of an excuse for foot dragging and gaining time to steal more Palestinian land? They might have no “clear political agenda” but they are not daft.

  8. Lost Dutchman does more to support the Palestinian cause than he realises. His posts are an open door into the vitriolic and twisted Zionist mindset.

  9. I know you consider the Times of Israel a “Likudist rag” but their claim that Hadassah Hospital refused to allow The Government Press Office to photograph Manasra was sourced from the NRG news site. They were apparently forced to relent after an order was issued by Health Minister Yaakov Litzman. I couldn’t tell you what Haaretz wrote because the article is behind a paywall. I guess a decision was made that the need to defuse tension was more important than the child’s rights. Whether one agrees with that assessment or not, I believe that Hadassah acted properly at all times. Indeed Hadassah is a model of diversity and coexistence with Arabs and Jews of all backgrounds working together to provide world-class health services to all, regardless of race, color or creed. As for Manasra’s fate, Israeli juvenile facilities are not like US maximum security jails where inmates get raped and murdered willy nilly. Should any harm come to Manasra, I’ll eat my words. Murder in a juvenile facility is unheard of in Israel.

    1. @Pea

      “I couldn’t tell you what Haaretz wrote because the article was behind a paywall.”

      So the photo of Manasra was published “to defuse tension”. How nice. I would have thought that the Netanyahu gang couldn’t resist the opportunity to be one up on Abbas, who had mistakenly claimed that the child had been killed. Anyway this is what Haaretz said among other things:

      “In response to the publication of the picture of 13-year-old Ahmed Manasra, the Israeli Physicians for Human Rights organization released a statement saying that the group takes a grave view of the release of a photo of Mansara, a minor, in the hospital at Hadassah University Medical Center at Ein Karem in Jerusalem.

      “The fact that it is a photo of a minor in custody who was photographed without his parents’ permission” is a violation of juvenile law and privacy laws, the organization said. In addition, the picture was taken at a medical facility “apparently with the approval of its management,” the organization claimed, adding that this would be a violation of medical ethics requiring maintenance of the confidentiality of medical information and respect for the patient.

      “Even more disturbing, is that reportedly the instructions [to publish the photo] came directly from the office of the health minister [Yaakov Litzman] and that the picture itself was distributed by the Prime Minister’s Office,” they said.
      “In addition, Physicians for Human Rights takes a grave view of the fact that the public has been briefed with details of [Mansara’s] condition while his parents are prevented from visiting him and have not been provided medical information on the condition of their son. Furthermore, one can see from the picture that Ahmed is bound to his bed, in violation of juvenile law, which bars [such] constraints on a minor,” the organization stated.
      The group alleged that this was done with the cooperation of medical staff “either through their consent or their silence.” It warned against a “dangerous erosion of the rules of professionalism and medical ethics” and said, particularly during times of confrontation, it would be expected that the heads of the medical system would withstand political and public pressures in this regard.”

      Amen to that.

      1. Scant sympathy for the 13 year old Jewish victim suffering with a dozen stab wounds.
        That victim will be suffering with his wounds long after his attacker get’s out of juvenile jail.

        1. @Lost: An Israeli lawyer specializing in child welfare cases says that Ahmad will be dead within months once he is placed in a juvenile detention facility with other child criminals. They will murder him & everyone in Israel will smile in approval including you.

          1. Is there a precedent to the silly claim ‘he will be dead within months’?
            I it a stupid blood libel!

    2. @pea: i see you’re up to your same old Hasbara tricks I see. Hadassah Hospital cannot be overruled by the Health Minister. The hospital has a medical medical obligation to protect its patients regardless of what the health Minister tells them to do. The Health Minister is not a doctor. The Health Minister is not bound by the Hippocratic oath and other directives of medical ethics. Further, a minor child in a hospital may not be handcuffed inside the hospital. Clearly Hadassah Hospital permitted this child to be handcuffed. That too is a violation of Israeli law regarding the treatment of children. Hadassah Hospital permitted itself to collaborate with Israeli police and us a violated of its obligation to its patient which should be sacrosanct and primary.

      An Israeli lawyer with 30 yes experience orirectingbtgevrighrs of children says he’ll be dead in months. Gee, I don’t know, who should we listen to? You or the lawyer? I think I’ll stick with the lawyer.

      As for your lib zio hasbara about Hadassah, spare me. You are using Hadassah’s reputation to burnish Israel’s image. Neither one are deserved.

      1. You have a link for that assertion? I’m just asking because try as I may, I couldn’t find a single incident reported of anyone, Arab or Jew or otherwise, being murdered in a juvenile holding facility in Israel, ever. I’m not justifying the decision to photograph the child or the motivation to do so. Just pointing out that the hospital initially refused to allow the GPO cameramen in and only relented after ordered to do so by the Health Minister. You made it seem like the Hospital administration were eager participants and that’s clearly not the case. You want to chalk all this up to your usual accusation of Liberal Zionist Hasbarah, go right ahead. I am not going to lend credence to your accusations by debating their merits.

  10. Israel descent to he’ll, no one can tell me this is no apartheid. How dare we criticize Sisi for killing rebelleous adults when we instituniolize the murder of children

    1. Hi Nessim –
      NO, NO, NO – this is not what Judaism is all about at all! This is what happens when Judaism and zionism are conflated everywhere. ZIONISM is the problem and has always been the problem! They are not the same. Hasbara central and the zionist state and its supreme leader and screwball, Netanyahu et al, are constantly insisting Judaism/Zionism are one in the same. THEY ARE NOT AND HAVE NEVER BEEN!!

      1. judaism has hijacked everything in its path, PERIOD. BenGurion is/was/will be at fault for not putting the lid on it from the get go. IT IS LATE VERY VERY LATE. unless “a” country takes a decision we’re on the same path as all other arab countries, no we’re no different from them, we ARE THEM.
        i cry every time i hear someone squawking about israel being a democracy, i cry about judaism being no different than isis. are we different? when family call/write to find out if we’re ok if not for gaza rockets than from anyone next to us in a bus. are we different? there’s no more judaism, zionism, there’s only killing

          1. at this rate can you tell them apart, are you sure that zionist aren’t jews or that zionist don’t espouse the current way of life or politics. current israelis whatever the personal tendencies are in for blood.
            when the economic site parades the words of someone saying that until the heads of hamas and isis are cutoff there won’t be peace in order to advance the construction/destruction of the west bank.
            new law – any police or army personel is entitled to request id. AND FRISK -= ANYONE WITHOUT OBVIOUS CAUSE OR REASON TO DO SO – and without indicating his reasons for doing so.
            israel is no longer any democracy. when i and elderly can be stopped, frisked and even emprisoned at the whim of a bored cop or a teenager soldier JUST BECAUSE. YES THIS LAW IS IN THE BOOKS

  11. @LD

    About the Technion graduate:

    (I wrote this before I learned from Deir Yassin that she might have mental health problems)

    So because she might make a good salary (I have no idea whether she did) she couldn’t feel despair on behalf of her people? She wouldn’t share in the humiliation and insults her people have to suffer because she might be able to pay the mortgage and can afford some nice meals? It is like saying that Martin Luther King must have just pretended to be upset by the plight of his people because he was himself comfortably placed as far as his income was concerned.

    To have a good education does apparently not save an Israeli Arab from marginalization and discrimination. Here is one example from an article about Israeli Arabs who move to the West Bank:

    “Mahmoud Mi’ari, who was to have taken up a post at Haifa University in 1972, left Israel long ago.

    “Only 10 days before I was supposed to start teaching, the Shin Bet [Israeli secret service] cancelled my appointment,” said Mi’ari, a professor at Ramallah’s Birzeit University. He was rejected for security reasons. Mi’ari said he never found out what exactly was held against him. “The general feeling of marginalization and discrimination just made me want to move to the Palestinian side.” “


    To just think in terms of earning capacity here is to miss an important social psychological element . I remember Mohammed Hatta (if you are indeed Dutch you should know that he was, with Soekarno, the co-signatory of the Indonesian Declaration of Independence) saying that the great value of independence was for him that he would no longer feel to be an inferior citizen of his country. Hatta too was well educated, being a graduate from a university level Dutch School of Economics.

      1. @ Lost: How convenient, Ynet, a mouthpiece of the Israeli Jewish media tells us Palestinians could give a crap about resisting Israeli Occupation, that they don’t care about the protests, & that they just want to get back to what every Israeli Jew is doing–making as much money as they can & taking care of their own. Gee, that’s awfully persuasive to me. How about the rest of you out there reading this?

        1. @ Richard
          Lost is simply a supremacist, who sees no reason why Palestinian citizens of Israel should ressent the legalized discrimination and daily contempt they experience, not to say why they should feel any solidarity with the Palestinians across the Green Line and in Gaza.
          And of course, linking to an article in Ynetnews written by two Israeli Jews is telling; they even found a Bedouin who praises the State of Israel, not that the Bedouins have anything to complain about.

    1. @ Arie
      Thanks, the Irin-article that you linked is interesting and very informative. And there’s a link to a long report by the International Crisis Group on the Palestinian citizens of Israel; legal institutionalized discrimination, political representation etc. One of the best documents I’ve read on the topic (though it’s back from 2012), with many useful sources.

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