45 thoughts on “Breaking: Israeli Jewish Mob Lynches Eritrean, Mistaking Him for Terrorist – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. I do not see the two cousins stab the boy on the bike in this video released by the Israeli police. Not one time and certainly not twelve times. They may have bumped into him. It looks like they turn around for a second, then immediately run off. The woman standing at the entrance of the shop does not even look at the boy with the bike, but looks after the two running away. If a critically wounded boy, with twelve stabwounds were lying right in front of you, would you not look at him and run to help him? But everyone seems totally unconcerned and looks in a different direction or continues shopping.
    The captions are strange anyway throughout the video. Just look at the relaxed body language of the two cousins at the beginning. These do not seem like terrorists looking for a victim at all. When they are supposedly chasing a severely wounded man (he does not look wounded) they turn right when he turns left. etc. I would say this video is rather damning to the police version of events.


    1. You’re right, initially I didn’t look that careful at the images, if this is supposed to be the 25 years-old seriously wounded, he’s running pretty fast, and as you say, in these images, there is no way they’ve stabbed the boy on the bicylcle 12 times, we see one of the clients chasing at least one of them.
      Other images that the Western media are never going to show: after Fadel al-Qawasmi was killed by a settler in Hebron on Saturday, in Shuhada Street (after passing a check-point with a metal detector), the soldiers are clearly seen dropping something next to his body ….. and the neighbours who witnessed the killing from their windows were arrested and cameras confiscated.

      1. So what do you suppose really happened? How did that 13 year old Jewish kid manage to get stabbed 12 times? Just curious…

        1. Have you watched the video or not?
          Have you looked at the reactions of the other small boy and the woman or not?
          Does the small boy react as if right in front of him two terrorists are stabbing the boy on the bike more than 10 times? (Is there the time for that?)
          Does the woman even look at the boy on the pavement? They just watch the crazy guy in the shop chasing two Palestinan boys, and another young man just keeps shopping. And all the time a boy who has been stabbed multiple times is bleeding to death in front of them on the pavement? Get real.

          Is it my business to figure out who really stabbed the boy? Do you believe your corrupt police even when your own eyes can tell you this video ‘proof’ is nonsense?

          1. This is the tale told by police spokesperson Micky Rosenfeld: “Both terrorists stabbed the boy MANY TIMES ALL OVER HIS BODY before a driver neutralized the 13-year-old terrorist by ramming his car into him,” said Rosenfeld. “The other assailant then stabbed a 25-year-old Jewish man nearby before being shot dead by police.”
            “Magen David Adom paramedics arrived at the scene moments later and rushed the boy and second victim, who was in serious condition, to Shaare Zedek Medical Center in Jerusalem.”

            So the video reverses the order of events. How trustworthy all of this comnes accross, huh? And that second victim ‘who was in serious condition’ was a pretty good sprinter, I must say. And hey, how could he have been chased by both ‘terrorists’, when one had already been ‘neutralized’ by a car by that time?

            It seems the boys were running in the video because they had just been chased way from the shop, and the Jewish man seen running is just another hysterical Israeli, running because he sees two dangerous Arab boys running. They do not chase him. They don’t even follow him. The video just claims that they were looking for another victim because they have to explain that fact away, and that is why they reversed the order of the ‘attacks’. That whole video is a lie.

        2. @ Pea
          I have no idea what happened, but the video clearly does NOT show the Jewish kid getting stabbed 12 times, and we see an adult running out of the store, apparently chasing at least one of the boys.
          Why are we supposed to believe anything coming from the spokespersons of the IDF ? How many times have we seen stories been invented afterwards to justify killings of Palestinians . You want examples ?
          By the way, what’s the name of that Jewish boy ? Any pictures of him ? Just curious ….
          PS. And I’m not saying the cousins didn’t stab the boy, I’m saying that these images tell nothing.
          PPS. By the way we’re still waiting for the images from the check-point showing that Hadeel al-Hashlamoun had a knife and tried to stab a soldier. Why haven’t they been released yet. Just curious ….

  2. “As EI reported, none of the attackers will ever be charged. Why charge a Jew with murder for attacking an African, one suspected of terrorism?”
    Compared to the Palestinian citizens of Israel who were charged for the killing of the serial-killer Eden Natan-Zada.
    Indeed, A Light Upon Nations ….

    1. “As EI reported, none of the attackers will ever be charged.” Do the reporters at EI have some sort of crystal ball that they use to write their reports.

      Surely the correct journalistic construction should be: “Based on our interpretation of previous events, we believe that none of the attackers will ever be charged”.

      I’m surprised that you, Richard, would reprint this kind of woolly reporting especially as there are other news sources less remote than EI reporting something different – http://www.ynetnews.com/articles/0,7340,L-4713271,00.html

      Even Bibi managed a mealy mouthed, camera-ready comment on how Israelis must not take the law into their own hands. What has been the response from Palestinian leaders to the stabbing of civilians within the Green Line?

      1. @Hopper: This is merely what the emergency room Dr. claimed under pressure from the government. Not to mention that he was shot multiple times by both the security guard & the mob. So how can a Dr. who isn’t even a pathologist say the security guard’s bullet was the one that killed him? And are you claiming that a row of chairs that bashes in someone’s head hurled at point-blank range wouldn’t be a fatal blow??

        1. “This is merely what the emergency room Dr. claimed under pressure from the government. Not to mention that he was shot multiple times by both the security guard & the mob. ”

          I’m not so sure.
          The autopsy report came from Abu Kabir, in Tel Aviv. Abu Kabir is the government’s Pathology Office.

          Also, the security guard who shot the Eritrean says he only shot once. Hafton Zarhoum had eight bullet wounds, so it’s possible that the mob shot him, or that Zarhoum was shot by the terrorist.


          1. @ Hopper: Ah yes, Abu Kabir, where the chief pathologist stole body parts and sold them for a profit. A highly reliable state institution.

            As for what the shooter said he did, I don’t believe it for a second. His claim that the Eritrean was running toward him while all the others were running away (and that this is why he shot him) is proven false by video of the attack in which the Eritrean is crawling on the floor (before being shot). The shooter is a liar seeking to justify his own error.

  3. Elton Mayo’s well-used phrase, “impotent inspection of a cumulative disaster” come to mind. Though he was using it in another context, it well describes the feelings many living well out of this mayhem feel about Israel. Bad, wrong stuff, but what can they do apart from highlight iniquities and complain vociferously? Bearing witness is important, vital, and easy now with the internet, social media and G4. But if governments fail to put real pressure on Israel to change, what chance have individuals and concerned groups of helping to effect change? BDS is a rare example of success.

    Humans have hindsight and foresight. Israel looks excessively, obsessively, blindly at times, to history — recent and ancient — not to the future, possible futures, for its strength. Though it is part of the first world economically, technologically and scientifically — it’s mindset is of another time. It binds itself with the classic elements of the bog-standard in-group, pretty much in the same way as a cult like The Church of Scientology does.

  4. Mr. Silverstein,

    Look what Iran’s Press TV said about the Pisgat Zeev incident.
    Press TV purports to be a news station. Many individuals on the internet are circulating equally inaccurate accounts of the incident.

    What’s the Prime Minister’s Office to do? Wait for the Courts?

    “A lie gets halfway around the world before the truth has a chance to get its pants on.” – Winston Churchill

    1. That was from a week ago when there was confusion about which of the two cousins was shot and which survived. The other one did succumb to his wounds.

    2. @ Hopper: we have this quaint notion in countries governed by the rule of law that you DO wait for the legal process to play out. That you do trust in the law to resolve issues and mete out punishment appropriately. We have this equally quaint notion that taking the law into your own hands, even if you are the ruler, is a bad thing. That it destroys trust and makes the world hefker, a quality Jews generally dislike. So yes, the PMO’s responsibility is to permit the judicial system and the law to run its course. That’s what democratic societies do. Now, if you wish to renounce democracy and call Israel a theocracy or ethnocracy and authoritarian or gangland-style that’s OK by me. It might be more accurate than pretending Israel is something it clearly isn’t and hasn’t been for a long time.

  5. The shooting and lynching of Hafton Zarhoum just goes to show the incitement to violence precipitated months ago by Miri Regev and her “cancer to the body” that “infiltrators” (read Africans mistakenly seeking asylum in the zionist state which was created with asylum seekers from Europe) and another MK whose name I have forgotten who declared Israel was for white people. These lunatics can be taught ANYTHING but restraint, respect, humility, understanding and empathy. How many times does the torah say not to oppress the stranger? I’m pretty sure that covers prohibition against lynching. Spineless bastards all.

    It’s really hard to look at any picture of Bennett, but this one in particular, especially in the same group of photos of Hafton Zarhoum and Ahmad Manasra, it is especially vulgar and infuriating. I’ve seen that face of his (Bennett) before; however, from American history – the grinning murderers of Emmet Till and the hate-filled visages of George Wallace, Bull Connor, David Duke, Donald Trump, Sheldon Adelson, Meier Kahane, Benjamin Netanyahu and his cabinet, etc…….
    Ahmad looks like what he is, a terrified little boy surrounded by hateful strangers.

  6. ‘A terrorist’? Wouldn’t ‘a protester’ be a more apt description – Palestinian protesters fighting for their lives in a brutal occupation by Israel.
    How quickly we forget that terrorism was what created Israel and maintains it.

  7. When I was studying in Tel Aviv University in the 80’s ,a Palestinian friend of mine – a Doctor in Biology-told me:
    “Those Zionists don’t understand the Middle East.
    We’re not gonna drive them into the sea,we’re gonna drive them crazy.
    And then they’ll leave.”

    Here in Mexico,where I live in a place with lot’s of Israeli ex-pats ,tourists and Chabad houses.the basic opinion is the following amongst virtually all of them:
    “It’s time to solve this once and for all,these animals(sic) have to go, or die.”
    I’m not joking,and that’s Israeli’s that are not even in Israel ,and it includes Chabad Rabbis’.

    Looks like the Palestinian Doctor in Biology saw it coming over 30 years ago.

    Could it be he knows the Middle East and it’s history better than a bunch of imported Europeans and Americans?

    1. “And who can blame us with these animals assaulting us in the street?”

      “What does it say about this place? This society? It’s an armed camp. Just waiting for the animals to come out at night. Like a scene from Night of the Living Dead.”
      (from Richard’s above)

      The use word “animals” I have heard forever it seems with regard to Palestinians.Those who use it or feel this way don’t want to think of Palestinians as people because then their own moral standard would kick in. They are therefore helpless to do whatever, to kill, to defend against animals attacking. This is the language of panic and fear. It has a deep root amongst Jews and some tap into it easily. And it gets transferred down the generations, a heritage. This distorts reality so.

      Gerald Sternberg was unbelievable yesterday on Tom Ashbrook’s program (WBUR) totally distorting what Sayyed Kashua, was saying. No communication, none.

      It has to get a lot more painful for any change.

      This particular uprising is different from the others as they have been from each other. I don’t know how Israeli’s can deal with it and get back to a normality that they can live with and continue as usual if this continues.


      1. @ Dorothy: Did Ashbrook have Kashua on as well? Or just Steinberg. For the life of me I can’t figure out why NPR type shows use Steinberg. He’s a has-been academic without tenure at a 2nd rate Israeli institution. He’s been found guilty of libel in Israel courts & his publications are a total fraud, as I documented in a post.

        If you get me the program producer’s address I’ll write this to him.

      2. “language of desperation and fear”

        Looks like Bibi is feeling the pressure.

        He opened a worldwide discussion on who convinced Htiler of what and why,and who made what deals with him.

        And Bibi choose a very interesting forum for his Historical Revisionism: The Wordl Zionist Congress.

        I know it’s slightly off topic,but I can’t stop myslef,the Mufti made me do it.

  8. I looked at Toronto’s “Globe and Mail” (that seems to be considered by some as Canada’s “newspaper of record”) to check whether Netanyahu’s best friend among foreign leaders, that cretin Stephen Harper, had been shown the door yet. But it is too early (in this part of the world we are 17 hours ahead of Canada’s west coast).

    In the process I also looked at what that “newspaper of record” said about the lynching of the Eritrean. It said this:

    “A foreigner was shot by police during the attack after they apparently mistook him for an assailant. Halevy said security forces responding to the attack entered the bus station from another area and saw a “foreign national,” shooting and wounding him.

    Israeli media said the foreigner was an Eritrean national living in Israel.”

    So he was merely “wounded”. Of the killing that followed not a word.

      1. @Elisabeth

        No I didn’t. I only look at that paper (Holland’s “paper of record”) from time to time. I wouldn’t be surprised though if the poor scribe who used those terms didn’t realise their political connotations.

        I remember something about that paper that happened long ago, straight after the Six Day War. The story was told by the late Renate Rubinstein in her book “Jood in Arabie, Goi in Israel”. She attended a “teach-in” in those days in which Heldring, then the deputy chief editor of the paper, was supposed to be one of the experts. It was all about the recent war about which Holland was enthusiastic then as if had gained that victory itself. But a critical spirit among those attending asked something about the use of napalm. Heldring then said something along these lines (I can’t lay my hands on Rubinstein’s book right now): “Somebody asked a question about napalm. I am glad he did. Because it shows that the Israelis are no angels. They are therefore all the dearer to us.”

        Yes incredible. But this apparently went done well with a Dutch audience then. I left the country a long time ago but I imagine (or rather: hope) that little of that enthusiasm remains.

      2. Elisabeth, the short answer is no – but last night I wrote a longer answer that got caught in the automatic moderator.

  9. Euro-Mediterranean Human Rights Monitor has made a video: “Caught on Camera: Israel’s extra-judicial Killings” about 5 recent cases (though ‘only’ two were actually killed): Hadeel al-Hashlamoun (her father doctor al-Haslamoun is explaining the case), Fadi Aloun, Israa Abed (we see her sunglasses on the ground being kicked away), Ahmed Manasra and Marah Bakri.
    In their recent report “Israel’s Arbitrary Killings and its Structural Violence” they examine 8 cases (the five above are included):
    – euromedmonitor.org/en/article/963/Israel%E2%80%99s-Arbitrary-Killings-and-its–System-of-Structural-Violence

    1. Extra-judicial executions are an appalling. Creating a video called “Caught on Camera: Israel’s extra-judicial Killings” where in 3 of the 5 cases no one is killed is silly propaganda.

      I am still waiting for Euro-Mediterranean Human Rights Monitor to put out a video detailing the extra-judicial executions of at least 23 Palestinians that Hamas carried out last year. I guess THOSE Palestinians weren’t as camera-friendly. Why do you imagine that’s so?


      1. @ Er…: Speaking of “silly propaganda,” that would be YOU.

        …the extra-judicial executions of at least 23 Palestinians…

        You neglect that these men were almost certainly Shabak agents recruited by Israeli intelligence to spy on Palestinians. So it wasn’t Hamas that urged them to betray their people, but Shabak. So why don’t you direct your indignation to the cause of this ugly mess?

        Further, shall we compare this to the thousands of targeted killings and assassinations of Palestinians and other Arabs Israel has carried out over the years? Which do you think has murdered more in cold blood in that period? I’ll give you hint: it starts with “I.”

      2. How many Jews were executed by fellow Jews in Warsaw Ghetto and other closed prisons/concentration camps because of collaborating with Germans and Poles? I guess hundreds.

        It demands some creativeness to link critics of Israeli Jewish security “machine” killing Palestinians in very suspicious circumstances to demands that the occupied people also must be criticized for killing informers among them, But it is only a less honourable chapter in Israeli Jewish strategy of constant victim playing and demands of “equality in critics”. What if Germans in the 1940’s had been equally creative and justified what was done to European Jews by “linking” it to what happened in China or to that Jews killed each others in Ghettos?

        In Israeli propaganda the occupier and exploiter is always the innocent victim and the occupied, exploited are the aggressive attackers and terrorists. The astonishing thing is that you Israelis seem “honestly” believe in that propaganda. Well many Germans in the 30’s believed, that they were the victims of the “aggressive” Jews. Let’s see what the future history writing will say about who was the victim and who was the aggressor in Israel/Palestine in 2015 and before. I suppose that few historians will see the stronger party as the defenceless and innocent victim in the events.

      3. @ Er …. What Now (probably another recycled hasbarist)
        The three cases included in the report but not in the video were all killed so that makes 5 out of eight. Is that good enough ?
        You really should take a look at their website, there’s plenty of documentary of Israeli abuses of Palestinians, you know, the Light Upon Nations that is in close collaboration with the European Union whereas Hamas is considered a terrorist organization, isn’t that amazing ?

    1. @Simon: So your claim is that because he was an Israeli Palestinian, but working as a security guard in a facility serving largely Israeli Jews alongside Israeli Jewish security guards that he would all of a sudden remember he was Palestinian & express his solidarity by NOT shooting the Eritrean?

      That’s a lot to expect of an Israeli Palestinian earning his living within the Israel Jewish security apparatus.

      1. When you wrote about the murder of Hadil al-Hashlomon, someone immediately wrote about the killer “He looks like a Bedouin…”

        It is apparently always ‘Arabs’ who are the ‘bad apples’ (god forbid that this is structural!) in the Light unto the Nations.

        1. I am not claiming anything. Simply stating a fact. Quite an important fact your article omitted.

          There appears to be a media blackout on this but current rumours (which of course need to be treated with a huge pinch of salt) is that the Israeli Arab (Bedouin) security guard was possibly “working with” the terrorist and shot the Eritrean thinking he was an Ethiopian Jew.
          Again all conjecture and rumour at the moment.

          Elisabeth, you really do not need much to launch into your prejudices do you?

          1. I have heard such comments often enough from your fellow countrymen, Simon. It is a very common thing for Israeli’s to blame misconduct of IDF troups on Bedouin or Druze. (Surely you know that, please quit pretending.)
            The Dutch colonial regime in Indonesia also co-opted indigenous soldiers as collaborators. Still, human rights violations by these soldiers were a Dutch responsibility, just as human rights violations by Dutch soldiers were . So quit this game of blaming ‘Bedouin’ for what is common behavior for Jewish soldiers too anyway.

            Your ‘important fact’ is not an important fact at all. It is irrelevant bulshit. We all know where the responsibility lies.

            As for the rumour spreading in Israel that the ‘Bedouin’ guard was working with the terrorist; it just shows how sick and racist your society is.

            And don’t forget that it was Jews who lynched the asylum seeker.

          2. @ Simon: Cardinal comment rule here (and READ THEM if you haven’t already)–rumors that have no basis in fact and no credible support may not be circulated here. Your rumor is an outright lie & despicable. Do not spread the sort of trash found at Rotter & DebkaFiles. I will not permit it. If you do this again you will be moderated or banned outright.

  10. Above post was on the assumption that my comment last night had been moderated. Apologies if that was not the case given my post now seem to be up.

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