14 thoughts on “Israel Lobby, Neocon Media Continue Campaign Against Iran – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. Thank you for comprehensive article on the lies and more lies by the lobby in favor of PM Netanyahu’s anti-Iran policy. Polls are an indication how messed up the media is, not only in western nations of the US and Europe, but also Israel:

    Obama disliked in Israeli polls | Ynet News |

    US Government spokespersons are advocates of continuous lies abut the Middle East policy by the West and the root cause of the upheaval. Does US ambassador to the UN Samantha Power believe she has an audience, or is it just the might of UNSC 5 permanent members and its veto power. How she loves her husband Cass Susstein and promotes his Social and Behavioral Science theory implemented via an Executive Order by Obama’s White House. Who watches over the behavior of the US Government?

  2. The Iran Lobby.


    “Parchin has been a military site for 85 years ”

    Wouldn’t you expect a weaponization program to be located at a military site?

    “Soleimani did travel to Russia and hold such meetings. ”

    And may have traveled there a second time and increased Iranian troop strength in Syria.


    1. @ Mitchell: A ridiculous Daily Beast article. It calls the Namazi family the “intellectual architects” of NIAC without creating any connection between the two at all. How were they intellectual architects? What did they do? Are they donors? Did they hire the staff? Did they write the mission statement? We don’t have any answers to these questions. Nor do we know how any of the alleged skullduggery presented as fact connects to NIAC. This is shoddy journalism. But I can see why you’re drawn to it since it seems to be your stock in trade.

      As for Parchin’s being a site to weaponize nukes, what I or anyone “expects” has nothing to do with what Parchin IS. Iran has not conducted weaponization experiments as far as the factual record reveals. If you, the Mossad, the MeK or anyone else has concrete proof of this bring it. THe only proof offered so far, has been debunked solidly.

      As for Iranian military escalation: an unnamed Israeli “security source” reported in an unspecified publication that the IRG sent hundreds of troops to fight with Hezbollah in Syria. I don’t know who’s making this claim or where it was made. Sorry, but I’ll have to ask for better sourcing before I credit anything in this report.

      1. @Richard

        ” It calls the Namazi family the “intellectual architects” of NIAC without creating any connection between the two at all. ”

        The author states that Namazi and Trita Parsi co-wrote a white paper, and, “The white paper led to the creation two years later, in 2001, of NIAC, a Washington, D.C.-based organization … ”

        That sounds like a link to me.

          1. ” Is that all there is? ”

            NIAC’s current research director is Reza Marashi, an Iranian-American dual national, who worked for Atieh Bahar until 2006. Atieh Bahar was founded in the nineties by Pari Namazi and her husband, Bijan Khajehpour.

            Current enough?

          2. @ Mitchell: And how has Reza Marashi been tainted by sin & corruption by working for a company founded by one of the Namazi family? What terrible deeds and illegality has Marashi engaged in? What intellectual or political misdeeds is he guilty of? Does NIAC take direction from Ayatollah Khamenei? Does he whisper in Trita Parsi’s ear?

            Calling NIAC the “Iran Lobby” is offensive. NIAC does not lobby on behalf of the Iranian government as Aipac and other pro Israel groups do for the Israeli government. NIAC has profound differences with many aspects of Iran’s clerical regime. Far more differences than any Israel Lobby group has with the Israeli regime.

            You and your anti Iran pals are on a fishing expedition. But keep it up. It makes all of you look like fools. If that’s the way you want to go, by all means.

          3. @Richard

            “Calling NIAC the “Iran Lobby” is offensive”.

            How so?
            NIAC filed a ‘lobby disclosure’ pursuant to the Lobby Disclosure Act, and admits it’s a lobby in it’s own internal memos.
            You did open and read the PDF link to a court exhibit?

            “And how has Reza Marashi been tainted by sin & corruption by working for a company founded by one of the Namazi family?”

            I don’t know. Marashi refused to speak to the journalist who wrote this article.
            An equally good question is, ‘Why didn’t Marashi disclose his employment at AB on his NIAC bio?

            “What intellectual or political misdeeds is he guilty of?”

            Other than using the ‘dual loyalty’ canard to smear Senior Senator Schumer, I can’t say.

          4. @Mitchell: You’re being disingenous. The issue I have with yr lies is not yr use of the word “lobby” but yr linking it to “Iran.” It is a lie to claim that NIAC lobbies for the Iranian regime. There is absolutely no proof ever offered to support such lies.

            There’s another lie in the DB article which you’ve regurgitated. NIAC is not a lobbying group. In fact, under U.S. law it may not lobby given its non profit registration. NIAC has created a separate entity, just as hundreds of other DC based groups have done, which does lobby and is registered so. This political action group is registered as a U.S. lobby, not an Iranian lobby. IN other words, it lobbies within the U.S.. It does not lobby for Iran nor is it registered to do so. It is perfectly legal under U.S. law to do this.

            You will read the following evisceration of this Daily Best piece of crap: http://mediamatters.org/research/2015/09/16/the-flaws-in-the-daily-beasts-hit-on-the-nation/205602. You will read every word of it. If you write another word on this subject without doing so & absorbing the facts in this piece I will ban yr ass. That’s how seriously I take this issue.

            As for Reza Marashi: why should he speak to a hit man who didn’t even have the courage to use his real name in reporting this story?

            As for “smearing” Chuck Schumer with “dual loyalty” charges, I’m afraid Schumer brought that on himself. He’s the one who’s doing Israel’s bidding in voting against the deal. He’s the one more concerned about serving his pro Israel donors than what’s right for America. He’s the one who never says a bad word about Israeli government policies.

            As for dual loyalty charges, it’s you & your ilk who are accusing NIAC of being agents for Iran, which is the grossest form of dual loyalty smear. Pot’s calling the kettle, I’m afraid.

            The Daily Beast story is a sack of lies (in Hebrew chatichat chara). I don’t permit lies to be published here. You have been warned.

        1. @Richard

          I have duly read and digested your Media Matters link. Now please consider the following.

          As revealed by Wikileaks, a document shows that the Iranian regime’s envoy Salman Safavi met with US embassy officials in August 2007 in London, and advised the White House not to designate the Iran’s Revolutionary Guard as a Foreign Terrorist Organization (FTO).
          A day earlier, Trita Parsi published an article and used exactly the same arguments to prevent the IRG designation. Salamn Safavi is the brother of Rahim Safavi who was the commander of the Revolutionary Guards in 2007.

          Trita Parsi’s message was published on August 14th 2007 in an article on NIAC’s website, and
          Safavi’s message was delivered on August 15th 2007 to American’s officials in a secret meeting in London.
          Precise timing aside, consider and compare the wording and the tone of Trita Parsi’s threat to US with that of Safavi’s message:

          “The White House’s decision to designate the Iranian Revolutionary Guards Corps as a terrorist organization could deal a double blow to efforts to utilize diplomacy with Iran to stabilize Iraq.”

          Salman Safavi’s threat was delivered in very similar tone and words: “a USG designation of the IRGC as a terrorist organization would effectively end all interest, or political ability, of the IRGC to cooperate with the USG on Iraqi or Afghan security.”

          An odd coincidence, or two? Whose to say.

          1. @ Mitchell: That’s it? That’s all you have? That Parsi is an Iranian plant because he warned the U.S. against designating the IRG as terrorists & because an IRG commander said something similar a week (not “a day,” as you claim) earlier? I’ll tell you what. I wrote here that I’m opposed to sanctions against Iran and on the same day Iran’s leaders said the same thing. So did 1,000 other people in the world. That makes all of us paid lobbyists for Iran too, I guess.

            NIAC and Trita Parsi have regularly denounced Iranian policies. Show me one instance in which Aipac has denounced an Israeli policy.

          2. “one instance in which Aipac has denounced an Israeli policy.”

            I can’t, but comparing AIPAC to NIAC serves no practical purpose.

            More to the point. What do you think about the odd coincidence of Trita Parsi’s and Salman Safavi’s August 2007 policy warnings to the USG? Don’t these coincidences raise an eyebrow?

          3. @ Richard

            “That’s all you have? … because he warned the U.S. against designating the IRG as terrorists & because an IRG commander said something similar a week (not “a day,” as you claim) earlier? ”

            No. I’m sorry, but you’re mistaken. Trita Parsi’s published on Tuesday, August 14, 2007, and the Safavi’s secret meeting in London was on August 15, 2007, one day apart.


            Also, the Parsi warning and the Safavi warning, are not merely ‘similar’, the warnings are nearly identical.

  3. USA used to have (and certainly declared that it had) a “war on terror” and especially on Al-Qaeda and those who aid and abet it. Now we hear that Israel is aiding and abetting an AQ affiliate in Syria (presumably as part of an anti-Iranian effort).

    But what of the USA’s war on AQ? doesn’t it warrant either a total rethink (ho ho) or a word or two about Israel as a promoter of a terrorist group (or maybe that AQ in Syria — Al Nusra):
    The most egregious example of such aid in recent times has been Israel’s support for Jabhat al-Nusra, al-Qaida’s franchise in Syria, as witnessed by UN peacekeeping forces stationed in the occupied Golan Heights. ND QUOTE see: https://electronicintifada.net/content/why-has-israel-embraced-al-qaidas-branch-syria/14619

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