26 thoughts on “Win $250,000 Prize for Best Hasbara Proposal – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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    1. I would rather save for a cheesecake FOR Ms Rodberg, didn’t they pass a law in Israel, one of few that I support, that models should be at least a tiny bit zaftig?

  1. “Arabs and Druze living among us… live in amazing conditions compared to their brethren in countries neighboring ours.” This argument made by racist Israeli Jewish extremists is like somebody saying during the dark early days of the U.S. that “Black Africans have it good in the U.S… Much better than their cousins in the ‘jungles of Africa'”.

    “…the enormous numbers of respondents in the world [who post anti-Israel comments].” Perhaps Israel should consider that these enormous numbers of people protesting against Israel’s international crimes might have a point.

    1. ““Black Africans have it good in the U.S… Much better than their cousins in the ‘jungles of Africa’”.

      Jester. Please cite instances of the Arab citizens of Israel who’ve migrated, even temporarily, from Israel. Where did they go? Europe? The Gulf States? Where?

      Please tell me. I’m dying to know.

        1. Okay, my point is that Arab citizens of Israel are free to migrate practically anywhere, but choose not remain in Israel because of the quality of life and freedom.
          I know of some instances of Arab citizens of Israel temporarily working in some Gulf States, the US and Canada.

          Jester. Can you provide any evidence that Arab and Druze citizens are fleeing Israel?

          1. Mitchell, why should Arabs run away from their homes in Israel? Israel would like them to do that, but a far better idea is for them to stay put and protest against Israel’s Jewish apartheid system of racism and oppression. Please Google “Arab protests in Israel” to enlighten yourself about the living conditions of Arabs in Israel, and the efforts of Arabs in Israel to reform the Jewish apartheid system.

          2. Mitchell Blood, does in not occur to you that Arab citizens of Israel stay in Israel, not because they like being under Israeli rule, but because they want to live within the former borders of their homeland, Palestine?

      1. @ Mitchell: Hundreds of thousands of Palestinians, some of them Israeli citizens, have emigrated from Israel. One of the most distinguished of them, Sayed Kashua has abandoned Israel entirely, feeling betrayed by the ceaseless wars and hatred against his fellow Palestinians: http://www.newyorker.com/magazine/2015/09/07/an-exile-in-the-corn-belt

        Mahmoud Darwish, the greatest Israeli-Palestinian poet who ever lived, was another. The fact that you are so incredibly ignorant on this subject tells us a great deal about the pro-Judean bubble in which you live.

        Please tell me. I’m dying to know.

        I do NOT appreciate snark & your attempt at sarcasm passing for wit is offensive.

  2. “The hatred spewed in Israeli schools toward the “Arab” “.
    Have you been to an Israeli School?
    I have. Nope, no Arab hatred there. Which is far from what can be said about what Palestinian schools teach about Israelis and Jews. Why don’t you write about that? (We know the answer, of course.).

        1. @ Elisabeth: Useful for a white Ashkenazi Jew to learn Arabic? Perish the thought! If Arabs want to live in his state let ’em learn Hebrew, the language of the Jewish people who rule this land, and rightfully so!

      1. @ Mitchell Blood: Your child will learn far, far less Arabic than any Israeli Palestinian child will learn Hebrew. Your child will not end school speaking or understanding Arabic while the Palestinian child will have studied Hebrew far more and be able to speak and write it at the end of his schooling.

      2. I have hardly ever seen an Israeli commenting here claim that he or she speaks good Arabic. The Arabic taught at Israeli schools must be very bad, or the pupils must be particularly unwilling to learn the language.

        If this is the way teachers think it fit to put enthusiasm into the students, then that is very, very sad:

        “Students studying Arabic … We need your help in foiling a terror attack about which we have received numerous alerts.” This is how a lesson taught by soldiers to junior high school students begins.
        read more: http://www.haaretz.com/news/israel/.premium-1.674964

        1. @ Mitchell told us his son is studying Arabic. Will he be in the tiny minority who actually take the bogrut in Arabic (only 3%). Certainly not. And why is his son studying Arabic? Probably so he can join Unit 8200, which sponsors much of the Arabic instruction in public schools.

    1. @ Hed Shaket: More hasbara nonsense. Try reading some credible media source for a change. The Economist writes:

      49% of texts dealing with Palestinians in Israeli state-issued schoolbooks are negative; in government-funded Orthodox Jewish academies the figure rises to 73%. One such textbook depicts Arabs as “bloodthirsty” and “a nest of murderers”.

      87% of the Israeli ones [maps] mark none of the land between the Mediterranean Sea and the Jordan river as Palestinian… “Israeli school maps feed into the Palestinian narrative that Israel wants to grab more and more land…”

      Further, many scholars have eviscerated the argument that Palestinian texts are any worse than Israeli ones.

      Why don’t you write about that? Because it would trouble your insular little settler-friendly world.

  3. The Hallelu Foundation – For the advancement of Israel’s Global Image See how they operate or at least wishes to operate.

    A hilarious example of the activity of the Hallelu Foundation. Stopping an anti-Semitic credit card. Well most of the effect of such excellent Israel’s/Jews image polishing and victory vanishes, when the international audience is reminded how many Israeli and Jewish organisations and influential members where loudly telling us, using every possible change and media, about free speech and how cartoons should be tolerated when the Mohammed cartoons were in the news. So “we” should tolerate “humour” about Muslims and Arabs, but when Jews are targeted there is no tolerance of humour and irony or free speech is left.

    This example of obvious double standards neutralizes most of Israeli propaganda now and in future. Nazi Germany in the 30’s was in many ways the center of world’s science and had much contribution to the world in that aspect. Did that “contribution” neutralize what was done? Imaging that Israel’s achievements in science and economy (which in both categories are considerably smaller to what we are demanded to believe) neutralizes the constant flow of news of massive civil right violations, war crimes and what extraordinary odd and self-righteous politicians and soldiers say is extremely wishful thinking.

    Yesterday was in the news “Israel confiscates ‘part of Islamic cemetery’ next to Aqsa Mosque”. It would be interesting to know what is the Israeli “contribution” which neutralizes a news like that. By the way Israel exports to Finland medicines worth 4 million Euros (in 2014, in 2013 worth 2.7 million euros). That was 0.2 percent of the Finnish import of medicines. How much Israelis believe goodwill among Finns can be bought with that achievement?

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