22 thoughts on “Breaking: Three Jewish Terrorist Suspects in Israeli Church-Burning Identified – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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      1. I wish whoever did it to sit for a long time behind bars. But before we (or the police) know more, you might have risked their future by publishing this in case they are innocent.
        You have a lot of trust in the Israeli justice system all of the sudden.

        1. @ james: In case she is innocent? Really? She didn’t kill Beck? Who did then? Or are you arguing the one crooked paid-off witness told the truth & Beck ran the red light? That’s the truth? And Palti is innocent?

          I don’t have any trust in the Israeli justice system & neither should you or any Israeli.

  1. Too bad American Christians refuse to read this and other articles. most American Christians support Jewish terrorists. As a Jew, I find what Israel does appalling and putting Jews outside of Israel at risk.

  2. “the only Jewish terror suspect who received a life sentence is Yigal Amir” – the following Jewish terrorists received a life sentence: jack teitel; alan goodman; nir efroni; eli vanunu; david ben shimul; dani eisman; ami poper; nachshon walss; Daniel morly; gur hamel; asher wisgan.
    “many in high places lobby regularly for his release” – who?

    1. I googled them: Jack Teitel killed Jews. All the others except Ami Poper were released after serving only part of their sentence. (Asher Wisgan commited suicide, otherwise he would be free by now too.)

      1. That is because the sentence for murder in Israel in 25 years and in many cases it ends approx at 15 years for good behaviour etc.
        Absurd, but this is the law in Israel.

          1. Elisabeth:
            a. Richard claimed: ” the only Jewish terror suspect who received a life sentence is Yigal Amir”. As the list shows this claim is false. Many jewish terrorists where sentenced for life.
            b. Yonah avrushmi was sentenced for life for the murder of a jew. Nevertheless His sentence was latter caped to 27 years.
            c. The following jewish terrorists sentenced for life are still in jail: eli vanunu; gur hamel; yakov teitel.
            d. “do Palestinians get out of jail after 8 to 10 years also, like these guys?” – yes indeed. In 1985 israel released 380 Palestinians sentenced for life, including 76 who actually murdered jews. Numerous Palestinians where released since then during the oslo process and in other times like the shalit deal. I don’t have accurate numbers but it seems obvious that many Palestinians are released way before there sentence is over. Indeed, that is typically the argument of those who demand capping the sentence of jewish prisoners

          2. No, they spend life in prison for knowing someone who knows someone who threw rocks (sarcasm).

      1. Did you actually read the article?
        1. It isn’t about lobbying. It is about people answering a survey. Completely unrelated.
        2. The headline doesn’t represent the article. Only 5% support an early pardon (now) while 25% support him getting the usual upper limit of 25 yrs and 69% support treating him differently and not limiting (לקצוב) his sentence.

        1. @ james: You read the article and the poll results incorrectly. 25% support his being pardoned after serving 25 years. That means wiping out his conviction and his guilt after being released from prison. In other words, they too support his pardon, and the original headline saying 30% support pardoning him remains correct.

          1. Capping someones sentence doesn’t mean “wiping out his conviction”. How did you come up with this? Doe being released after serving ones sentence, on let’s say manslaughter, means pardoning? It’s mean the person served his sentence. That is it!

            The 25% believe Amir should be treated like any other murderer. Not more not less.

      2. You claim: “many in high places lobby regularly for his release”. The article you quote does not support your claim.

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