18 thoughts on “Bibi Invited Pop Star Who Called for Obama’s Death to Sing HaTikvah on Election Night – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. @Richard, this Benayoun character is a failed pop star whose popularity in Israel is reserved strictly to right-wing Mizrahi people (and even then only as an after-thought). The closest U.S.-based analogy would be Ted Nugent, not Bob Seger.

    1. Feeling masochistic, I sat through the song: maybe this guy’s politics are similar to Nugent’s but musically this is something Dido could be singing.

  2. If one wanted to find an excuse for Netanyahu putting up with this bloke one could say that he must have been tipsy. He certainly looks it in the photograph you posted.

  3. Amazing! Israel habitually kills everyone around and then frets about the entire world wanting to “off” Israel and Jews (hence justifying more “had to do it” killing.) This is psychopathology, not unknown in history, but most commonly distributed among criminals. I know it’s been said before but these people are crazy.

      1. “othering” only to the extent of separating normal psychology from pathological varieties.
        But, next you may perhaps more directly suggest that I am “anti-semitic,” and can therefore be dismissed.

  4. Richard translates lyrics as “Because of my love for Obama I will only say That I called the crow by the name of that disgusting President.”

    Is this the correct translation??

      1. I would translate it “I named the crow after the disgusting president”, similar to how Richard translated.

        I believe it is bad taste to let him sing there.

      2. [Comment deleted: ageism is not acceptable here. Future violations of the comment rules may result in moderation. ]

  5. i am sure obama have no problem with this as he have no problem with Iran leaders who
    call the US the “great satan”

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