19 thoughts on “IDF Takes Control (Tacitly) of Syrian Golan – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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    1. Oui – doesn’t look like you read the article you posted. They directly contradict Richard’s ‘assistance to radical Islamic organization conspiracy theory’.

      1. @ Tankist: My, my an official IDF publication & Times of Israel contradict me. How shocking & surprising & dispiriting because they, of course, represent the height of journalistic integrity & accuracy!

  1. ” taking sides against Assad ”

    Israel hasn’t taken sides against Assad. Israel HAS taken a stance against Assad’s shipping threatening missiles to Hezbollah, which is a direct Iranian proxy.

    1. @ Famous Flame: I think that Assad, when he sees Israeli jets attacking targets in his country and destroying Syrian facilities & killing his fellow Syrians might tend to disagree with you. There is another flaw in your logic. When a country attacks another country, no matter what the motivation, it’s “taken sides against” the victim nation. Elementary concepts of international law, my friend.

      You’ve activated my hasbara comment rule: make sure you post no more than three comments in any 24 hour period.

  2. “Israel likes it Arabs (leaders, that is) to be docile, corrupt, and brutal. ”

    King Abdullah II of Jordan is none of these things.

    1. @ Famous Flame: I pointedly referred to the Hussein-Abdullah dynasty. Hussein butchered tens of thousands of Palestinians during 1970’s Black September. As far as ‘docile’ goes, Jordanian intelligence collaborates closely with Israeli intelligence. In fact, Jordan arrested a Jordanian citizen on behalf of Israeli intelligence (Dirar Abusisi). As far as “corrupt” goes, if you think Jordan’s monarchy isn’t corrupt, I’ve got a few bridges to sell you. I can get you a nice price for the one of your choice.

  3. Richard. You’ve repeatedly told us that Israel is giving aid and talking strategy with Islamic extremists.
    You’ve repeated ‘al Nusra’ as if it was some sort of mantra, and now, lo and behold, you let slip that Israel had had liaison with local Syrian Druze rebels. Local Syrian Druze rebels are not Islamic extremists.


    1. @ Famous Flame: Logic not your strong suit? In order to control the Syrian border Israel co-opts all Syrian groups in the region no matter their affiliation or religion. There’s no contradiction here other than in your own hasbaramind.

      1. Great respond, only one problem – it justifies Israel actions.
        If Assad was still there he would get the same treatment (minus the small amount of aid since he won’t need it). But he lost in that battle so Israel moved on.

  4. The picture is not of Benny Gantz talking to Druze leaders. It’s of Admiral Ram Rotenberg, the Israeli Navy’s top officer. Not quite sure how you claim to know how Israel plans it’s strategy vis-a-vis the Syrians, rebels, Hizbullah but can’t identify the IDF’s senior leadership.

    Food for thought indeed.

    1. @ Harry: Thanks for noting my error, which I’ve corrected.

      I had a different picture when I first published the post (it’s still featured here if you’d like to see it), then changed the pic but forgot to change the caption. I love know-it-alls who’ve never made mistakes basking in their Gotcha moment. They won’t come often, but Enjoy them while you can!

    1. Damas Pakada, an Ethiopian-born IDF soldier was assaulted by police in Holon on Sunday, April 27, 2015. A video of the incident went viral on social media. The Tel Aviv riots as a result … PM Netanyahu to meet with leaders of Ethiopian community and IDF soldier Pakada tomorrow.

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