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  1. The title of your article reads, “Israel Spied on U.S. Even Before State Was Founded”, but you’ve failed to provide any concrete examples of pre-war espionage directed at the U.S.
    Spying on the Saudi delegation in New York , or recruiting Arab spies in Washington D.C., is not the same as spying on the U.S.

    Did I miss something?

    1. @ Famous Flame: Again, you have to read the original Hebrew article to know the other items discussed. One of them is the massive theft or uranium from NUMEC in Pennsylvania. The uranium was stolen with the inside help of the director, Zalman Shapiro & transferred to Israel where it helped Israel get the Bomb. Not to mention the nuclear triggers Arnon Milchan illegally purchased & exported to Israel, again helping get the Bomb. Will that do?

      Not to mention that if Israel spied on the British & Saudis I’m sure they’d spy on the US delegation to the UN as well. Nahum Ziv would be unlikely to talk about such activity as it would be explosive & damaging to U.S.-Israel relations.

      If you don’t read Hebrew you should learn. Or use Google Translate to read the entire article.

      1. Not to split hairs, but the NUMAC uranium theft was in 1965 and that the State of Israel was founded in May 1948. Your claim is that the Zionist spied on the US before the founding of the State of Israel.

        1. @ Famous Flame:

          Not to split hairs

          Whenever the hasbara brigade says “not that I’m doing this” you know that’s precisely what they’re doing.

          Do NOT tell me what I write or claim. Invariably, you will be self-serving & wrong. I claimed that Israel spied on targets in the U.S. before the State was founded. Also, when a foreign power spies on individuals inside the U.S., no matter who they are, U.S. or foreign, this constitutes both spying “in” and “on” the U.S. Both are violations of U.S. law, which is why one of the four Israelis arrested with Herzog & Freier was expelled from the U.S. That incident, btw, happened in 1951, three yrs after the State was founded.

          This details spying on U.S. targets only a few yrs after the founding of the State:

          In 1954, a hidden microphone planted by the Israelis was discovered in the Office of the US Ambassador in Tel Aviv. In 1956, telephone taps were found connected to two telephones in the residence of the US military attache.

          If you think the Israelis spied on the U.S. in 1951, 1954 and 1956, but didn’t do so in 1947, you’re exceedingly naive.

          I also claimed it spied on targets after the State was founded. I said it later even spied on and stole U.S. secrets & assets. That is what I said & what I “claimed.” Don’t get into a pissing match with me. You’ll lose.

          You’re done in this thread. Move on.

  2. Very interesting stories.

    If only the title was accurate ‘on’ -> ‘in’, it would have been a great shabbat delight.

    1. @ Tankist: If a single word means the difference between Shabbat delight and unhappiness, you’re entirely too sensitive for your own good. It’s a tragedy you’ll have to live with.

  3. Rudolf Goldschmid Sonneborn (June 22, 1898 – June 1, 1986) funding Haganah terror in Palestine.

    Sir William Stephenson and his role developing the OSS and espionage for the State of Israel. A political-scientific intelligence espionage operation was set up by Chaim Weizmann under the guidance of Winston Churchill’s top intelligence chief Sir William Stephenson.

    Orde Wingate (February 26, 1903 – March 24, 1944) a British officer in Palestine and his role in establishing Jewish terror squads for anti-Arab night raids before WWII.

  4. You Mr Silverman must not like Israel very much. You ant it to go back to pre 1967 borders? Wtf? And you defame a guy who helped bring the air force of Israel into existence? You think it was a cakewalk and everyone wanted Israel to have planes or pilots? Nobody wanted Israel to succeed.
    mr Ziv was from what I understand trying to buy airplanes for the new state of Israel even before the state was declared. he had to buy planes at exorbitant prices and was forbidden to fly them to Israel. The hotel near the UN was filled with Arabs. THe y spied on each other both Saudis and Jews . The atmosphere in New York before Israel as declared was one of open hostility to the thought of Jewish people forming an air force. The CIA tried to thwart Israel from obtaining airplanes as did the British.. MR ZIV Was often in danger being followed by Arabs in New York. he Was doing his job in train and prepare pilots and obtain airplanes. mr Ziv spied in the USA he did not spy ON the USA. HE was thwarted by people who wouldn’t issue passports to young Jewish willing to go to Israel to fight for the Jewish state. They had to bribe people to get these visa or forge them. What would you have had them do? Not have an Air Force ready when Egypt invaded? I don’t care what you studied , or what you per port to know , you are a naive person with a kind of malice who should realize he did not take any American secrets and trade them for cash.. he just got planes and people for the Air Force, you hold some grudge against Israel. These pioneers had guts and were in danger in New York. Many pilots lost their lives attempting to get to Israel . THe Israeli Air Force was desperate and had to fly messerschmidts a nazi plane with bad landing capabilities to defend th nascent nation. You should thank Mr Ziv’s memory. he was playing in a tough naeighborhood and had the guts to succeed to build a skeleton Air Force.. What sir have you done for Israel? You sound like a flake. You are the kind of Jewish man we don’t need not a mensch but the kind of whining complainer who gets kicked in the school yard by bigger boys . mr Ziv wasn’t an American and had no alliegeience with America. he was not a traitor. IN fact he had done his time fighting and surviving World War Two. He did not hurt America , he went even American. And by the way countries spy on each other that’s how it works.

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