43 thoughts on “Young Black-Hebrew Soldier Dies Mysteriously at Israeli Air Force Base – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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    1. Wow Victor you are talented. Can be used – really – and you found out it in 10 seconds?

      One can make suicide using a fork or a F 15 fighter plane if one really wants to do that. But how many do and in what circumstances? I suppose the question WHY is at least as important than the question HOW in all suicide cases, even for the less admirable IDF and its supporters.

    1. The question isn’t whether some random woman could kill herself with an M16, but rather whether a short woman could do it & shoot herself twice in the face. As I mentioned, an IDF officer who dealt with hundreds of IDF fatalities & read files on many others, including many suicides, says she never encountered a female IDF soldier killing herself by shooting herself in the face.

      You hope the military is going to “get to the bottom of this” because??? No, the IDF will never get to the bottom off this unless it is forced to, & people like you will surely not force them to.

      1. This young soldier’s death is a tragedy, and if foul play was involved, the tragedy is compounded and justice must be served.
        I don’t believe any Israeli wishes a coverup. Would you want to leave a murderer to remain amongst your children serving in the military? No.
        While it is laudable that you are focusing media attention on this case, it is disreputable to say,
        “And it isn’t”, when questioning the probability that a female can commit suicide with an automatic rifle. Clearly, forensic evidence suggests otherwise.

        1. @ Victor:

          justice must be served

          Who’s gonna “serve justice,” bubbie? You? The military police? A powerful AFB commander whose career must remain unblemished to rise up the ranks??

          I don’t believe any Israeli wishes a coverup.

          You don’t believe “any Israeli” wishes a cover up? The Radcliffe family certainly doesn’t wish a coverup. But they’re not “Israelis,” since the State denies them citizenship. But there are some extremely powerful generals and subordinates who do indeed wish a cover-up & they’re orchestrating it now as I write this. The question is whether they will succeed. And with apologists like you around they just might.

          Would you want to leave a murderer to remain amongst your children serving in the military?

          The question has nothing to do with me, but rather with how much homicide a base commander can stand. And whether he feels he must manage it by denying it or by coming clean and dealing with it (which he’s shown no indication of).

          questioning the probability that a female can commit suicide with an automatic rifle

          Your syntax is whacked. First, I never questioned that a woman “can” commit suicide with an M16. Of course, there may be a few who do so out of many hundreds of thousands who’ve done so over the years. I questioned the “likelihood” that this particular woman did. In fact, I denied outright it was possible in this particular case. As for questioning the “probability” that a female would (not “could”) commit suicide with an M16–you bet I do. It’s highly improbable in almost every case. Note, I said “almost.”

          Brush up your Shakespeare and your syntax, buddy. Call it quits in this thread. No more comments for you here. Move on.

          1. Carmela Menashe.

            She is famous for uncovering IDF scandals. If she has her eye on this case, I can rest somewhat easier.

      2. @Richard “whether a short woman could do it” – you probably think of the old M16 (~99 cm) used in Vietnam which were also used as paddles for the local rivers. By now, most M16 used by the IDF are the short type with their barrel reduced from the original 20 inches. If my reserve unit in the army has it, so did she.

        While that is said, thank you for bringing the story out. It is important. I just wish you wouldn’t compile to much of your personal views. For some readers, it stands in the way of looking at the important facts.

  1. I used to work in a suicide crisis center and one of the things we knew was that females could but rarely used violent means to end their lives, preferring drug overdoses. I suspect strongly that she was murdered in order to cover up sexual abuse by another soldier, likely one who out ranked Toveet. So once again the world will learn how the idf investigates itself when criminal actions are to be hidden not exposed. There must be a legit autopsy on behalf of her family and full explanation for Toveet’s death (murder). There is a complete lack of trust in anything the idf has to say since it is typically self serving not the ‘most moral army’ it used to pretend to be.

      1. @ Victor: This is perfect & typical hasbara behavior. When a commenter notes the overwhelming evidence that sexual violence is prevalent in the IDF, hasbaraniks manage to dig up the one or two cases in which someone was actually held accountable for misbehavior. That of course sweeps under the rug the thousands of other instances which are either not investigated, not charged, not tried, or not convicted. And there are thousands.

        I remember reading a chillign story by an Israel soldier in which he recounted his own rape of a fellow female soldier. He wrote this in a spirit of teshuvah and asking forgiveness. But the entire exercise was quite chilling and disturbing. How many IDF rapists do you think even have such pangs of conscience?

        1. There are mechanisms in place to allow IDF soldiers, male and female, to report sexual offenses without ‘going up the chain of command.

          The problem isn’t being swept under the rug. The Knesset is examining the problem.

          Obviously there is a serious problem with sexual offenses in the IDF as there is a serious problem in the United States military.

          1. A point of correction. Her father lived in Israel for many years, and she did not kill herself!!!

  2. Thank you for writing this about my friend we tried been trying everything just so people will listen and help get to the bottom of this

  3. Why tag it “racism?” Hummmm young black girl dead shot in face… TWICE! OK, not once… But, by golly she shot herself twice in the face with a riffle! Lol some people will see the sun and deny it shines…

    1. @ Tsuriel:

      Why the tag ‘racism’

      Why tag it “racism?”

      For those who disbelieve there’s such a thing as the hasbara patrol, compare Thomas’ comment to Tsuriel’s, both of which begin with almost identical words and quotation marks around the same word. Is that an accident? Are Thomas & Tsuriel the same person (they use different IP addresses & e mail addresses, though that doesn’t mean much)? I think the hasbara meister gave out the same talking points to 2 different hasbara trainees. With the result that Hasbara Central has egg on its face today…

  4. Many years ago in Victoria, Australia, Jennifer Tanner was found dead with two bullets in her head and wounds in her hands. The rifle used was a bolt-action rifle, meaning that it had to be manually re-loaded before the second shot was fired. An inadequate police investigation led to an open finding by the coroner. Years later, after renewed publicity, a second inquest found that she had been murdered by her brother-in-law, who was a policeman at the time of her death. A lack of evidence has meant that he has never been charged.

    1. There are also people who have doubts about the official story of the death of Australian Corporal Kovco in Iraq. He is supposed to have shot himself by accident on a military base. Military bases are not especially good places for open enquiries and transparency. In this case a proper autopsy must be undertaken immediately. I thank Richard S for this article, it is a significant story.

  5. So she was shot in the face twice at the IDF/AF base where they test missiles, launch satellites, and fly drones….so this would be the equivalent of a female Airman being killed at NORAD’s Cheyenne Mountain bunker in the US.

    They will try to bury this as deep as they can shovel the dirt, and we need to stay on top of it, name the names, and hope that the perpetrators will wind up breaking rocks in Siberia.

  6. Things to note:
    1) M16 in this instance probably refers to a shortened version, about the size of a M4. As long M16 are rarely issued nowndays beyond basic training or ceremonies.

    2) 2 rounds or even 3 rounds fired is seen in cases when someone fires the weapon in burst/full auto mode.

    I hope the family is able to do a private autopsy and someone tells the full story.

  7. Very hard to believe that a guard’s station “in a top-secret highly classified portion of the base” is not itself under video surveillance.

    Indeed, that stretches credibility way, way beyond breaking point.

    Which rather begs a question: what evidence is there that she was actually on guard duty at the time of her death?

    What? Because the IDF said so?

    Hmmm, but then again, “The first version told to the family was that she’d died in her bedroom at the base.”

    Dare I suggest that this first version is more likely to be the correct one, and the location was changed to a “highly classified portion of the base” so that it would be easier to stonewall any further questions with a “I’m not allowed to say more because…. you understand…. it’s classified….”

    1. A “bedroom” for an ordinary soldier? There would be always witnesses around in the usual sleeping accommodation for soldiers. Perhaps it was some general’s bedroom. That could also be a “highly classified portion of the base”.

  8. Her Facebook page radiates warmth, goodness, fun — and a sheer love of the world, its people and all of life. We must have the truth about what happened, and her family must.

  9. Justice must be served. We will get to the bottom of this and we won’t stop till we do. R.I.p. baby girl gone but never forgotten

  10. The country she’s in don’t like Black People that much its like here in America .They like you taxes follows but hate you.Why don’t our President look into this. He nows how this country is.

  11. “The country she’s in don’t like Black People..”

    The country she’s in spent millions of dollars and sacrificed lives in order to bring Ethiopian Jews to Israel.

    William. You’re as bigoted as you are ignorant.

    BTW. The ‘Black Hebrews’ fled Chicago 30 years ago to come and make a new life in Israel.
    Chicago is a city in the United States.

    1. @ Victor: The country you’re in raised millions of dollars from Diaspora Jews who largely financed the Ethiopian airlift. THough I don’t know the financial/budgetary particulars, I’d bet the Diaspora financed much more of this project than Israel did. And it hasn’t done an especially good job of absorbing these Ethiopians as immigrants precisely because of the racism mentioned. You forget that spending millions is not a substitute for a prejudice-free society, which Israel clearly isn’t.

      Further, Israel’s treatment of African refugees and the Black Hebrews cements the notion of Israel as a thoroughly racist society.

      1. Israeli’s of German/Polish ancestry call them “Schwarzes”. That is not a loving word. It is close to “Untermensch”.

  12. When I was in tiranut, oh some 25 years ago, I was trained at a base called Machaneh 80. At this base was a RASAR (Sgt. Major, I believe) named Banai. Anyone remember that guy? Short dude, big walrus mustache. Anyway when he wasn’t busy Rasaring, he was busy molesting women, which was sort of an open secret at the time. You know, a “chativah thing”. It wasn’t until 10 or 15 years out of the army that I heard they finally arrested this prick and sent him to jail. I should add that while I was in the service, I assumed this was an isolated incident. I was young and naive. It was only afterwards that I understood that raping your secretary was considered de riguer in the Israeli officer corp. Thus, while I’m merely speculating mind you, it will come as no suprise if they discover that this poor girl was assaulted and fought back and her assailant murdered her. She killed herself with three shots to the face? Bullshit. That dog don’t hunt. Lol.

  13. If this story ever gets in the hands of the right people it is sure to draw a lot of attention to Israel’s image… a significant reality these days. RIP LITTLE SISTER, AND WE PRAY THAT THE MOST HOLY ONE OF ISRAEL WILL REVEAL THE TRUTH IN THIS MOST SERIOUS MATTER, AND THAT JUSTICE WILL BE BROUGHT TO WHO TOOK YOUR LIFE.

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