17 thoughts on “U.S. Threat to Cut $400-Million in Aid, Israel Cancelling $100-Million Monthly PA Tax Payments: It’s All Good – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. “The world will not allow the West Bank to collapse into chaos.”

    Wow, quite a statement I don’t agree with. Just look at Israel’s neighborhood. Once there is no PA representation, there will be no voice for Palestinians from inside Eretz Yisrael. Yes, Israel will be glad to administer the West Bank, ehh Judea and Samaria, and establish its security with iron fist. Jenin a hundredfold. Israel owns US Congress and most of the Democrats and Republicans. The US population doesn’t care and it’s the European community who is accepting Palestine as a state.

    Israel’s stategy after 9/11 of the War on Terror and spreading the disease of Islamophobia has been very effective. Look at the European nations, I don’t recognize my close relatives, former friends and 25% of the Dutch, agreeing and will be voting for Geert Wilders, the Dutch Likudnik.

    Look at the recent demonstrations in Dresden by PEGIDA, German abbreviation for ‘Patriotic Europeans against the Islamization of the West’. “Germany for the Germans.” Where have we heard that before? Dresden “suffers” from Muslims … 0.4% of the regional population! In Sweden, a government that has accepted Palestine as a state … arson attacks on mosques. Today in The Netherlands after years of threats, discrimination and renewed death threats and threats to burn down mosques. The Dutch masses remain silent and indifferent. In Germany there were counter-protests, Dutch news failed to report this.

    With the PA removed in the short term, no hope for the Palestinians from the Western hemisphere.

    My optimism is that the diplomacy of today needs support to play out and leads to Palestinian independence ultimo 2017. During the last two years of a lame duck presidency, not throwing in a US veto at the United Nations may just be the greatest feat of Obama’s legacy.

    1. @Oui

      “Israel’s stategy after 9/11 of the War on Terror and spreading the disease of Islamophobia has been very effective. Look at the European nations, I don’t recognize my close relatives, former friends and 25% of the Dutch, agreeing and will be voting for Geert Wilders, the Dutch Likudnik.

      Blaming the Jews? That’s an original thought.

      1. Read my comment carefully Figg, I spoke of the State of Israel, not of a religion nor of the Jewish people living across the globe. But I’m glad you’re not bothered by an abundance of knowledge.

        Fear Inc.
        Wilders a Likudnik and FM Rosenthal (VVD) used his veto power in EU

        Read also Wilders’ remarks on his visit to Israel:
        “Dutch MP in Tel Aviv: Palestinians Should Go Home to Jordan” and
        “Partners of Wilders in US Earn Big Bucks from Jihad Watch.”

        RS has written often on this topic and rightly so. See how PM Netanyahu equates Palestinians with Al Qaeda, Boko Haram, Islamic State, just to name a few. Fear, fear! Promoting FEAR and getting the backlash so the USA, France and the UK know what terror is. The coward.

        1. [Comment rule violation: you’ve invoked the racism – anti Semitism card in an unjustified manner. A major comment rule violation. Your next violation of any sort will result in moderation.]

          1. I’ve been cursed for being a Jew, hated for being anti-semitic, got internet death threats for independent thinking. Yours is quite original, it is well noted. LOL 🙂

            To make it more complicated for you, I appreciate the Jesuit pope Francis, Jorge Mario Bergoglio.

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    1. You’re assuming the killers (at least 12 dead so far) are Muslims, but you don’t know that they are not militant Christian Scientists or Buddhists. And if in fact they are nominal Muslims, than they are not “true” Muslims, because Islam is the Religion of Peace and such actions would be in contravention of fundamental Islamic precepts.

      1. The Winner Is: Islamophobic French Right Wing

        Great essay by Juan Cole @Informed Comment!

        Sharpening Contradictions: Why al-Qaeda attacked Satirists in Paris

        The operatives who carried out this attack exhibit signs of professional training. They spoke unaccented French, and so certainly know that they are playing into the hands of Marine LePen and the Islamophobic French Right wing. They may have been French, but they appear to have been battle hardened. This horrific murder was not a pious protest against the defamation of a religious icon. It was an attempt to provoke European society into pogroms against French Muslims, at which point al-Qaeda recruitment would suddenly exhibit some successes instead of faltering in the face of lively Beur youth culture (French Arabs playfully call themselves by this anagram). Ironically, there are reports that one of the two policemen they killed was a Muslim.

    1. @Rambo

      Can we have some clarity of thought?

      From the fact that pre-war tirades against Jews (especially in Germany) – not to speak of the crimes that followed – were unjustified does not follow that present day complaints about Israeli treatment of the Palestinians are equally unjustified.

      I still detect in what you are saying the idea that whatever Israel does is justified by the holocaust. Not many people outside Israel will accept that. As Sir Gerald Kaufmann said in the House of Commons (you can see and hear it on Youtube): the fact that my grandmother was killed in her bed by a Nazi soldier does not provide a licence to an Israeli soldier to kill Palestinian grandmothers.

      That it is “too late” to complain about Israel, because it calls itself the Jewish State, doesn’t appear to be factually true. In fact the complaints have increased of late. The idea that “even your countrymen” (meaning the Dutch) “don’t want to hear of that anymore” is nonsense. Holland is probably still one of the most pro-Israel countries in Europe but I have seen attitudes change greatly over the last forty years or so. The hysterical acclaim for Israel at the 1967 war, or even the Yom Kippur War, has totally gone. Don’t be fooled by Geert Wilders’ 25 % ( a poll figure that might not be sustained at the actual election) -many of his adherents are more anti-immigration and anti-Moroccan (a rather problematic group of migrants) than pro-Israel. In fact Geert’s love affair with Israel has more the character of a personal idiosyncrasy.

  3. RE: “To me, it’s not so bad: yes, Palestinians will suffer from the cut-off of aid. But what is the alternative? To continue playing Stepin’ Fetchit in an Israeli-sponsored minstrel show? Are conditions for Palestinians so good that they’re willing to continue under Israel’s boot forever?” ~ R.S.

    MY COMMENT: Apparently conditions are good enough for the Palestinian elites so that they are willing to join with the Israelis in keeping the Palestinian proles under Israel’s boot so they have no choice but to play Stepin’ Fetchit in the Israeli-sponsored, American-financed minstrel show.

    EXCLUSIVE-US aid goes to Abbas-backed Palestinian phone venture
    Fri Apr 24, 2009 12:53pm BST

    RAMALLAH, West Bank, April 24 (Reuters) – U.S. aid in the form of loan guarantees meant for Palestinian farmers and other small to mid-sized businesses has been given to a mobile phone firm backed by President Mahmoud Abbas and Gulf investors.

    The shift in U.S. taxpayer support to Wataniya Palestine, a joint venture between a Kuwaiti and Qatari telecoms group and a holding company for public assets, the Palestine Investment Fund (PIF), has dismayed sponsors of small private enterprise.

    Its supporters counter that help for Wataniya Palestine is good for jobs and free markets at a time when Washington is throwing its weight, and money, behind Abbas as a bulwark against Hamas Islamists in Gaza and as a partner in efforts to relaunch peace negotiations with Israel.

    Among the firm’s advocates is Middle East envoy Tony Blair, who pressed Israel to grant Wataniya Palestine radio frequencies so the company can challenge a monopoly long held by PalTel. . .

    ENTIRE ARTICLE – http://uk.reuters.com/article/2009/04/24/idUKL1783372

    1. That`s true – the PA is in the same boat with Israel. Without it they can expect the same fate from Hamas as their (slain) colleagues in Gaza. While Israel needs protection from Hamas terror. A done deal with the US as its patron and the political show that now goes on is a convenient masking of it. But that` snot just the elite – ordinary Palestinians watching on their TV screen daily the nightmare in the region understand what`s at stake.

      1. @ Cassandra: I find comments like this not just cynical, but vacuous. I don’t know what you say or mean. There’s no point of view & no substance beyond cynicism. You’re wating your time & ours in having to read this. I don’t want my comment threads filled with crap like this. I have little patience with this & further commments like this one will result in moderation.

  4. Israel will avoid the collapse of the PA no less than it does the Hamas regime in Gaza. Regarding Gaza, Israeli leaders have said this outright: they prefer Hamas to chaos. I’m sure its measuring its steps carefully and monitoring the situation to avoid a total collapse. Abbas likes to threaten dissolution periodically, but it’s an idle threat.
    Bibi is the master of reaction. As Richard says, everything he does is done dragged kicking and screaming; he doesn’t initiate anything, out of fear. This is true both domestically and internationally. He is the paradigm conservative– don’t rock the boat, things can only get worse, keep things the way they are at all costs.

    1. @Yehuda: I have the same thing to say as I did about Cassandra so read what I wrote their. Cynicism masquerading as wisdom of some sort is boring & useless. It doesn’t teach or say anything and wastes everyone’s time. You’ll be moderated the next time you publish anything as useless as this.

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