12 thoughts on “Shin Bet Secretly Arrests Foreign National on Sensitive Security Charges – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. Interesting scoop, Richard. We haven’t heard much from your ‘source’ lately.

    The jailed spy was a Belgian, with Iranian roots.

    Also interesting is the Hamas terrorist cell uncovered in the West Bank.


    They got their orders from Hamas in Turkey, probably Salheh al Arouri, who’s been linked to the kidnap/murder of the three Jewish youths

    1. And recently you claimed the Jerusalem bus driver was hanged at the first bus stop he passed, when in reality he was found at the bus depot. You just like to spread confusion for reasons that only you know, and we can guess at.

    2. @ Red Eft: This comment is off topic. Please confine comments to the precise subject of the post.

      I’m not surprised that your coveted Daily Beast source for the off-topic part of your comment is none other than the Mossad’s favorite DC journalist, Eli Lake. Look up the comment rules which specify use of credible sources. Eli Lake is as credible a source as Tokyo Rose.

      Al Arouri is a godsend for Israeli intelligence. Whenever the’re in need of a scapegoat they dust him off & earn their brownie points from the pols and Israeli public. I’ve seen no real evidence of anything this supposed bomb-thrower has actually done that’s endangered Israel’s security.

    1. I see no mention of an Israeli bus driver in the article so let me add some unrelated drivel of my own: In my neighborhood a Jewish driver ran over a Jew!! Shock! Horror!

      1. Israeli jews that get arrested for serious security offences by shabak is not a rare thing, Anat Kam and Tali Fahima are quite recent and quite known cases. So I am assuming you mean israelis that were arrested, and their arrest was hidden from the public for some time. I think, that in general, when Shabak arrest someone, they try to keep it quite (with or without warrents) for at least a short time, but there are known cases were it was hidden from the public for longer priods…

        Ben zygier, Mordechai Vanunu (40 days), Mordechai Keidar (6 month), Marcus Klingberg (10 years)r and Anat Kam are some of the more known cases.

    1. @ Iris Bloom: You mean you think the prisoner may be Adam Leivick? Breaching Israeli security?? That would be hilarious. I’ll have to be in touch to make certain it’s not him. If so, we’ll have to mobilize our resources to offer him our full support!

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