9 thoughts on “Who Supports Jack Teitel? ‘After All, It’s You and Me’ – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. Shortly after the Israeli invasion of the Gaza Strip

    Nine months ago Teitel’s brother-in-law, Avitan, was seriously injured in a shooting attack near the West Bank settlement of Kochav Hashachar, not far from Ramallah.

    “Yaakov was deeply affected by (Avitan’s) injury, as we all were,” Rivka’s sister said. “We are all aware of the risks (of living in a settlement), but this was the first time terror struck so close to home – suddenly we were terror victims.”

    http://www.haaretz.com/hasen/spages/1056845.html Israeli seriously wounded in West Bank shooting attack By Jonathan Lis, Haaretz Correspondent

    Funny I hadn’t thought that a time machine had been invented. An incident from 9 months ago affected Teitel so badly that he started his killing spree 12 years ago.

  2. That is one scary looking psycho! Nonetheless, Ive seen photos/videos of settlers who are even scarier looking. Thank God he moved to Israel. Of course, when these types (often American) move to the settlements, Israel is spared the expense of building mental hospitals/institutions to care for them. Eastward Ho, Psychos! That includes you guys: Robertson, Hagee, Lahey etc.

    1. P.S. It’s a shame his wife and four young children will have to vacate his house so that it can be bulldozed.(wink, wink) Under the circumstances, I imagine the Netanyahu government will resettle them in the Jordan Valley alongside some of the Gaza settlers (who were paid very, very handsomely to leave Gaza and resettle in “Judea and Samaria”).

      SEE: “Jordan Valley could be a sticking point in peace talks”, By Howard Schneider, Washington Post Foreign Service, 11/02/09

      (excerpt) “…That is certainly the view from Maskiot, where settlers such as Yosi Chazut are confident they have a permanent home. Chazut, 30, was among the thousands of Israelis removed from settlements in the Gaza Strip when Israel left the area in 2005. The government let him and his wife and three children settle here a year and a half ago with a long-range plan to develop the surrounding hillsides. During one of Netanyahu’s visits to Maskiot, “he said clearly — the Jordan Valley remains in Israeli hands in every future negotiation,” Chazut said.”…

      ENTIRE ARTICLE – http://www.washingtonpost.com/wp-dyn/content/article/2009/11/01/AR2009110102434_pf.html

      FROM ‘ISRAEL NATIONAL NEWS’ : “…Hagel made clear his attitude towards Israel when he spoke at the pro-Arab and self-proclaimed pro-Israel J Street lobby last week. He echoed President Obama’s previous statements that meeting the demand of the Palestinian Authority for a

      new Arab state within Israel’s current borders “is central,

      not peripheral, to U.S. vital security interests in combating terrorism.”…

      …Hagel, who once criticized President George W. Bush for refusing to meet with Yasser Arafat, has questioned the loyalty of American Jews who support Israel, stating that “the political reality is that … the Jewish lobby intimidates a lot of people up here.”…

      SOURCE – http://www.israelnationalnews.com/News/News.aspx/134183

  3. Rode a tank
    Held a general’s rank
    When al Nakba raged
    And Deir Yassin stanK…

    (As you know, Sir Mick put a lot of emphasis on that last ‘k’.)

  4. In a lot of nations, violent felons like Teitel are deported to their native countries, their citizenship being conditional upon decent behavior.

    1. The Zionist argument would be, of course, that if one is a Jew, Israel IS his “native country”, despite the fact that his ancestry is extremely unlikely to include anyone who actually ever came near that part of the world.

  5. Did you see his arsenal? You could equip a commando team with all that firepower. Why do these homocidal nut cases in Israel so often turn out to be Americans?

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