8 thoughts on “Fresh from U.S. Quarantine, Israeli Defense Minister Enforces Apartheid in Public Transport – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. Yes, Tony Judt used the right term in different context: “Autistic”. “Israel (behaves) in a way that suggests it is no longer fully able to estimate, assess or understand the way other people think about it.” No amount of hasbara can ultimately undo the external effect of this.

    1. I think hasbara has backfired. They always seem to try to push the debate to the extremes. On my facebook account, a person started following me and making anti semitic comments (or comments designed to steer me in that direction) after I put a post up about the Israel /Palestine conflict. At first I tried to bring this “person” into a rational debate, to see what would happen. It was funny cos I think I was getting through to them on some level. But then they said something unbelievably offensive (quite childish too). So I clicked onto their facebook page. It was bare. This person only had one friend, and it was me. I confronted them with this fact, asking them who they were. An hour later the account was deleted.

      I can’t say for sure that this was hasbara, or something of that ilk, or just an uber patriotic Israeli, but it didn’t work. And it was so obvious that this person’s intentions weren’t honest. If they want to steer the debate, then I don’t think they’re doing a good job. It’s more like hardening their own support base. Preaching to the converted.

      But, then, it all comes down to the occupation. And most rational people can see that’s unjust. No amount of hasbara can distort that fact.

    1. @ ray: They posed a threat to the economic well being of the city because they were among the primary riders on the public transit and patronized many downtown stores. Once they boycotted, all of the stores owned by whites, were close to bankruptcy. Eventually, the whites had to compromise for economic reasons. ‘Luckily’ for Israeli Jewish supremacists, they are insulated economically from Palestinians.

      1. They are not insulated from world boycott and that’s what’s on the horizon, total boycott of all Israeli goods and services.

  2. “When the perpetrators have no conscience and are willing to go to any means to defend their privilege, then non-violence cannot succeed.”

    Why, you sound like you are channeling JFK, Richard:

    “Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution inevitable.”

  3. “Unlike Gandhi or Martin Luther King, I believe there are times when non-violence fails in the face of implacable evil and violence. When the perpetrators have no conscience and are willing to go to any means to defend their privilege, then non-violence cannot succeed………..Much more blood will be shed on both sides.”

    Unlike Gandhi or Martin Luther King, you appear not to fully understand the dangers for both sides that are inherent in a violent response to the injustices that are the daily lot of the Palestinians. With such giddy ease, you describe the stubborn (and indeed somewhat autistic!) folly of Israel, as an implacable evil. Where do you get off writing like this in your ivory tower. Do you honestly believe that all non-violent solutions has been exhausted and failed?……….would not an awakening of the silent majority among Israeli Jews prove to be a better solution…..do you not believe that it is possible?

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