5 thoughts on “Bogie Yaalon’s Excellent Adventure with Feiglin, Kahane Kids – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. I agree with the characterization of ruthlessness, including the very very sad willingness to rationalize Torah for what are really private (collective private) land-lusts.

    “Coveting thy neighbor’s possessions” is in violation of Torah, not an affirmation of it.

  2. Please give one example of Moshe Feiglin either lying, cheating or stealing.

    (As you implied that he does this.)

    1. I did not imply that he does. I STATED that extremist settlers do these things.

      They lie cheat & steal. How do you think they steal the Palestinian land they appropriate? They forge deeds, they buy it from the Israeli gov’t which expropriates it illegally. And how do the settlers induce guilt in Israelis? They call settlement withdrawl ethnic cleansing & wear Jewish stars. This is shameless opportunism & abuse of Jewish tradition & history–in other words it is lying about our history to advance their own political agenda.

      As for Feiglin personally, I don’t know his individual history to be aware of his specific sins. But I am sure they are myriad.

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