21 thoughts on “Israeli TV News Claims Dearborn Hotbed of Islamist Terrorism – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. I can think of one terrorist bombing that almost occurred in Dearborn. In 2012 Roger Stockham, an Islamophobic U.S. military veteran, pled guilty to driving from California to the largest mosque in Dearborn with a car trunk full of class-C explosives intending to cause harm. When he drove up to the mosque in January 2011 with the explosives in his car, he was arrested by Dearborn who had been tipped off by a local bar manager. Police said Stockham was an admirer of Timothy McVeigh. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/2011_Dearborn_mosque_bombing_plot

  2. You mention “… national war against Islam (as the prime minister himself has described it on more than one occasion)”.
    When did Mr. Netanyahu describe it as such?

    1. Rather than make me do your job, I’d suggest you Google the appropriate search terms & find the material yourself. Word of warning: if you return & say you couldn’t find anything, I will not only offer sources but call you out for being lazy or a fraud.

      Let me also ask a simple question: do you honestly believe Bibi doesn’t see Israel as being in a war against Islam ?

  3. The “Pro-Israel”campaign against islam and Muslims, Arabs in particular, has unlimited resources available to it from the yearly $5-10 BILLION and the hundreds of millions of Jewish and Christian dollars that are poured into Israel every year. It is almost impossible to counter the tsunamoi of brainwashing done by the Blindly pro-Israelis, it is more dangerous and destructive than anythin ISIS or Al-Q can think of doing.

    These praopagandists know how to target decision-makers and policy-makers. As a a result, the US military, the FBI, Police in America…all have been trained to think of Muslims and Islam as the greatest threat to the US and to the West. It takes generations of serious effort to wipe out such built-in hostilitty, just ask any African American.

    The New Yorker of Sept 1, 2014, has an excellent article (“Friends of Israel”) that presents us with just a slice of the massive effort put in this “Love Israel or else” campaign. It will shake even those of us who think we know pretty much what the Blindly-Pro-Israel groups do in America.

    1. It’d be so much easier to “show” how Jews run America (if one wanted to demonstrate this) than this ridiculous piece of reporting on Arab “terrorism” in the heart of America. It too would be a distortion of the truth, but it would be so…oo..oo much easier to make the case!! A walk in the park!

  4. The US has big problems–most of them instigated by special interest and fanatics like this a@@hole– but the majority of the population hasnt turned to mass discrimination or mass fear despite what the Neo and Zio media would like for us to believe.
    A recent poll in Reuters said 1 out of 4 American wanted their state to secede from Washington and congress has I think about a 6% approval rating—-which proves most of the country is still sane.

  5. “she flies an Israeli flag proudly in the midst of an Arab-American community and is surprised when she meets hostility?”
    Moslem hostility is legitimate? Israeli hostility-Islam phobia?

    1. Well yes, in the sense that hostility towards the White masters was legitimate but hostility towards Blacks was inexcusable. You have to forgive a Palestinian if he wants to throw up when he meets an Israeli, but an Israeli touting pride for Israel is a bit off-putting, considering what Israel has done and continues to do.

      1. Any answer of mine will be defined Hasbara, therefore I will ask you few questions, how would you call shooting 4,500 rockets at civilian population? How a reasonable country would have responded to this kind of shooting? How would you call killing of 191,000 people? most of them civilians.

        1. “How would you call killing of 191,000 people?”
          Yep, that definitely IS hasbara ! What the h*** has the death toll from the war in Syria got to do with the subject ? If I were into conspiracy theories I would say that the Zionists started this war to use it as a strawman whenever we’re talking about Israel.

          1. @ Deir Yassin: I think Gilad is claiming that ISIS, the Syrian rebels & Assad plan to massacre all the Jews in Israel. But we know that even if they tried such an idiotic project the IDF would kill 10 times as many in response before the Islamists had a chance to kill more than 100 Israelis. Not to mention that so far no Syrian rebels have done anything more than lob shells at IDF posts & that only irregularly.

          2. @ Richard
            At the end of August, United Nations’ Human Rights Office published a report estimating the death toll during the war in Syria at 191.000, the same number as Gilad but I don’t know what he’s trying to tell us: maybe that mostly Muslims killing 191.000 mostly Muslims is much more Islamophobic than Israel killing 2.100.

        2. @ gilad: First, I don’t know that your number is correct. Second, even if it is those 4,500 rockets killed 3 civilians. Third, those rockets were only fired after Bibi launched pogroms throughout the entire West Bank, killed 7 Palestinians, ransacked thousands of homes, & arrested 500 on the West Bank. So, sorry if I can’t muster huges levels of sympathy for that Hasbara meme of yours.

          In answer to your 2nd question, a “reasonable” country would’ve agreed to a peace deal with Palestine 45 yrs ago that would’ve obviated any violence from Palestinians. But you don’t live in such a country.

  6. Suppose Israel subjected America to a Gaza-like siege. What would happen?
    (a) Would Americans just sit there and take it?
    (b) Would they fire rockets at Israel?
    (c) Or would they rise up and completely destroy Israel?
    What do you think, folks?

    1. I wonder if any Jews ever gets indicted for training with Israel? After all, many of these sincere, fresh, young Jews go to Israel and return with military training and brainwashing against islam and Muslims…and Arabs!

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