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  1. RE: As Murphy notes, this is a guy who endorses the principle that “Caucasians” are superior to blacks… – R.S.

    SPOKEN WITH AN ACCENT AKIN TO HALEY BARBOUR’S: Well if it weren’t for his “ferin” soundin’ last name, I reckon this David fella might be jus’ the kinda good ol’ boy we need up yonder in the White House!

  2. FROM BRUCE WILSON, Talk to Action, 12/28/07:

    “What fascinates me is Yerushalmi’s level of success:
    Yerushalmi was instrumental in establishing the Israel Export Development Co., Ltd., as an entrepreneurial policy tool to initiate radical free market reforms in Israel. Working along side fellow board members and shareholders such as Robert Tishman, Jerry Speyer, Larry Silverstein, Lawrence Tisch, Eugene Grant and Sy Syms, Yerushalmi was appointed the company’s CEO and Chairman.
    Over a two-year period, Yerushalmi built an international sales force for marketing free zones and knowledge parks in Israel and around the world, successfully attracting $750 million in financial commitments and identifying over 20,000 high-technology jobs for Israelis…”

    SOURCE (see comments) – http://www.talk2action.org/story/2007/12/27/20819/823

  3. I know nothing on David Yerushalmi
    but i think the issue is not his views, the issue is weather or not you are willing to allow sharia or any other non American governing way of life to become the law of the land.

    1. Not the issue at all. Sharia isn’t the law of the land nor is will it ever be. The issue is whether Sharia, like halacha can be used in discreet situations like family law (divorce, etc.) to inform civil law. For Orthodox Jews, they may use halacha as a means to adjudicate such disputes & resolve them & civil law recognizes the agreements made. Sharia should be no diff. Those are the ONLY instances in which Sharia would be used. Don’t make a mtn. out of a molehill.

      1. Richard, Islam and Judaism though similar have few fundamental differences one of them has to do with the Status of the Wife.
        One of the more controversial issues in Islam is the Quran’s authorization for husbands to beat disobedient wives. This is found in chapter 4, verse 34. Additional references on wife beating are found in Muhammad’s traditions (hadith), and biographical material (sira). Many people have criticized Islam because of this harsh sanction and many Muslims have written articles seeking to mollify or defend it.
        In review of the actual teachings of the Quran, hadith, and sira, Islam is rightly criticized. This command is not only a harsh way to treat one’s wife, it portrays the degraded position of married women in Islam. It will be shown from the Quran, Hadith, Sira, and other Islamic writings that this “Islamic” wife beating is physical and painful.

        I can go on and on and quote Muslim Scholars position on wife beating but that is not the point, the point is that parts of Sharia conflicts with the law of the land, and if permitted will create a real problem. How do you deal with a situation at which a husband beats his wife? How do you deal with a situation in which a man marries a minor? How do you deal with bigamy?
        Those things needs to be answered and if you read the article you linked to, it is exactly what the article says: “Matheny, the House speaker pro tempore, said he is concerned that aspects of Sharia law might conflict with the U.S. Constitution, but he does not intend to criminalize practices such as the preparations for prayer or dietary rules.”

        1. You don’t know the half about similar rules in Judaism. In fact, you should read the post I wrote about child abuse in which I quote a verse fr. Proverbs which encourages a father to beat a child lest he sin. There were also rabbis who said that wife beating was permissible. You’ve somehow overlooked this. I wonder why?

          Get this through your head & listen carefully. I won’t repeat it again. This blog & comment threads WILL NOT be a forum for comparative religion discourses which list the alleged deficiencies or backwardness of Islam. This is the last time I’ll say this: you will stop this nonsense now. If not, you won’t remain. And I’ll do that in a heartbeat.

          1. “You somehow overlooked this. I wonder why ?”
            Only Islam-Bashing and Arabophobia is printed in the “Daily Propaganda News”.
            I’m still amazed how someone as IlanP – claiming he has a Master degree – stick to ‘wikipedia’ and now this ‘answering Islam”-site. I took a look, nice people, Evangelical Christian !! Aren’t they anti-semitic in the end ?? Seems that “the enemy of my enemy is my friend” to some people.

          2. 1. I am sorry you are taking my things out of context, i was simply asking a question, which you never answered.
            2. I read your child abuse and i am sorry you had to go through that. the relevant quote was “Do not withhold discipline from a child” and i assume you quoted one of the famous quotes from Proverbs חוסך שיבטו שונא בנו ואוהבו שיחרו מוסר
            you think that’s encourage a father to beat his son ? you are wrong. this is no encouragement to beat anyone this phrase speaks of the levels of teaching a father is obligated to teach his son and the word שבט actually refers to שבט לשונו the wrath of his tongue. and yes in special circumstances your are permitted to give your son a פליק/פלאסק as a way to distinguish between right and wrong not as a punishment.
            3. and yes i don’t know You don’t know the half about similar rules in Judaism, but i am here to learn as it states in Psalms מכל מלמדי השכלתי, so please instead of providing such an empty answer please elaborate on that a bit.

          3. I don’t think you read my post because this is the title of it: “IF YOU BEAT HIM HE WILL NOT DIE.” A quotation from Proverbs. Did you miss that in the Good Book? And similarly if you’d really read my post you would’ve read the rabbinic source which approve of a husband beating a wife.

        2. You might want to revisit Leviticus and Deuteronomy sometimes. Aren’t you and Matheny concerned that parts of these books conflict with the Constitution, especially when followers of the Bible so vastly outnumber Muslims in the US?

          The solution is what it has always been wrt application of foreign law: when a provision does not clash with the Constitution, it will be considered, otherwise not. It’s absurd to think you’ll have to allow either all foreign law or none of it.

        3. There are enough allowances for wife beating in both Christianity and Judaism (Bible and Torah) that your point becomes moot when you add in Islam. They are all branches of the same tree and you can’t cut off one without damaging the others. Make no mistake polygamy is an issue with all 3 just like domestic abuse.

          1. I agree, but I wonder about your remark on polygamy. I have been thinking about versions of Christianity that allow it, but could not think of one. Unless perhaps you count in the Mormons?

    2. That includes Christian and Jewish law you know. That means 10 commandments are out the door. Both are middle eastern based religious law. Are you willing to go there?

  4. FROM CHARLES JOHNSON, Little Green Footballs, 08/10/10:

    …This is a good time for some background information on Pamela Geller’s associate David Yerushalmi, who is an advocate for criminalizing Islam itself and imposing 20-year sentences on practicing Muslims. Yes, really.
    He’s not simply anti-Muslim, though; Yerushalmi also wrote a now-infamous article titled “On Race: A Tentative Discussion, Part II,” in which he advocated a return to a pre-Bill of Rights Constitution, and the restriction of voting rights to white male land-owners. Again … yes, really
    Here’s a lengthy article at Talk To Action on the bizarre views and causes of David Yerushalmi: Anti-Semitic White-Supremacist Orthodox Jew Tries To Ban Islam In US. – http://www.talk2action.org/story/2007/12/27/20819/823
    …Yerushalmi has deleted as much evidence of the “On Race” article as he could; he removed it from the Internet Archive and the Google cache, and put his entire website behind a registration wall. But here’s a PDF that contains the full article [ http://www.mcadamreport.org/The%20McAdam%20Report(585)-05-12-06.pdf ], and it’s as ugly and twisted a piece of racism as anything I’ve ever seen. Yerushalmi opens by calling Islam “an evil religion,” and “blacks … the most murderous of peoples.”…

    SOURCE – http://littlegreenfootballs.com/article/36930_The_Leaders_of_the_Anti-Mosque_Movement

  5. IINM, the Oklahoma bill is suspended, pending a constitutional challenge before the Supreme Court.

    Don’t US courts consider foreign religious law (Sharia, Halacha, Canon law) all the time in matters pertaining to marriage, custody, inheritance and so on between US and foreign citizens? Incorporating such laws into domestic US law (thus eliminating their “foreignness”) would almost certainly clash with the First Amendment, I think. Then there’s the little matter of the Supremacy Clause, ranking “foreign” (to a State) federal law above any State Constitution and establishing US treaties as the law of the land.

    Obviously the US Constitution is the red line for any such consideration of religious law. Adulterers are not lashed (as demanded by Sharia) any more than they are stoned to death (as demanded by the Bible).

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