4 thoughts on “Israeli TV Report Proves Live Ammunition Killed Palestinian Child – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. B’Tselem has released additional images taken from another angel. They probably have more footage to release. I remember some other case where the IDF lied, and after each new lie, new footage was released to debunk the lies. Still amazing to see the denial posted by inconditionnal Israel-defenders on various blogs (Noam Sheizaf wrote an article available on 972 a couple of years ago about the hasbara system: an operation room working 24/24, in five languages, and having 100.000 dedicated Hasbara-soldiers available in time of crisis; this must be such a time….)
    (two videos)

  2. If you go to B’Tselem’s web site you’ll see that they have the complete unedited feeds from all four security cameras.

    They are more than willing to give copies of all the feeds to anyone from the media; all a reporter has to do is to front up to the B’Tselem office with a USB memory stick capable of holding 20GB of raw video.

  3. Thank you for the report and links. This is terrible -plain wrong. Unlawful, indiscriminate, deliberate targeting and killing of children. I hope the investigation won’t be a sham. And how long will it drag on? The establishment are making up lies as they go along.
    When are IDF ever held to account?

  4. Source: Israel suspends soldier after 2 Palestinians die in shooting by Ivan Watson, Michael Schwartz and Kareem Khadder

    The Israeli military has suspended a soldier who was filmed by CNN firing a rifle at Palestinian demonstrators during a deadly shooting incident on May 15 that resulted in the deaths of two Palestinian teenagers.

    CNN filmed two Israeli security officers firing at the time of the incident. The first wore the black uniform and visored-helmet of a border police officer. The second wore the green uniform of the Israeli Defense Force, and appears to be the same man who was filmed earlier taking photographs with a still camera. Seconds after he shoots his weapon, a border policeman takes the rifle from him. CNN was able to match events on the security video with events on CNN’s own video.

    The IDF soldier is seen at other moments in the video aiming the rifle at the Palestinian protesters, appearing to be coached by a border police officer.

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