5 thoughts on “Amos Oz: Settler Price Taggers are “Hebrew Neo-Nazis” – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. “There is nothing that the Nazis did in Europe which the Hebrew neo-Nazis don’t do here.”

    Are we then to assume that Hebrews in Israel have gas chambers at the ready, or that the Germans did not?

  2. Ethnic cleansing is, according to the UN definition, a form of genocide. If the only thing that separates the Israeli right-wing from the Nazis is the possession of gas chambers that doesn’t make the fascist, exterminationist Israeli state less Nazi-like. Israel stole all its land from the Palestinian people and will have no legitimate right to exist until it is an actual democracy with the full right of return for the Palestinians and significant compensation. Racist, settler-colonialist Israel is the shame of the Jewish people, a shame it will take centuries to live down!

    1. About Oz: Better late than never.

      I do agree that Israel is producing, by design, a sort of genocide. The Germans were only really at it for a few years. Israel has been pushing the envelope on “disappearing” Pals for decades and decades.

      The divorce metaphor fails to mention that the husband despoiled and abused the wife prior to consummation (and after) and these facts should be brought before the court in the “divorce.” He should make her whole prior to any divorce settlement. California might be a good jurisdiction for the proceedings (for reasons I won’t go into!) .

  3. ” Last year, he said in a speech that he supported two states–not going on a honeymoon but getting a fair divorce. The problem with the marriage-divorce metaphor is that Israel is the husband seeking a divorce after stealing all the joint assets.”

    That’s the biggest problem. Here’s another–there’s no way a 2SS can work unless both sides cooperate on a host of issues–water rights, pollution, etc… In the long run they have to like and respect each other or the solution will fall apart . Oz wants a solution where the Palestinians are given a few table scraps and the Israelis don’t have to bother with them anymore. Which gets back to what you said. And it won’t work.

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