11 thoughts on “Israeli Presidential Candidate, Silvan Shalom, Accused of Sexual Harrassment – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. “There is another phenomenon working in favor of Shalom in this case. Israeli police do a terrible job of investigating rape cases. They don’t like to bring them. They don’t like prosecuting men for rape. They like even less prosecuting wealthy, powerful men. They tend to disbelieve the victims. It’s highly doubtful even with good evidence that the victim in this alleged case would find justice.”

    What a load of bollocks! How do you make up this slander? There is international statistics regarding the investigation and prosecution of sex offenders and Israel is ranked very high. Check your facts! You are so biased it’s hard to read… You should go see a professional.

    1. @Alon Mizrahi: you conveniently cite no credible source or any source at all, making your claim bollocks. Interesting also that Haaretz published an article the day after this post was published saying how abysmal was Israeli prosecution of sex crimes. I guess that leaves you out of luck. If you knew anything about this site you’d know I regularly cover Israeli sexual violence & the haphazard approach of the Israeli police & justice system to the problem.

      1. What does rape have to do with any of this? The fifteen year old complaint is for sexual harassment.
        And no, I haven’t been raped. Have you?

        1. @ Shoshana: Unlike you apparently, I know people who have been raped and I never make flippant comments about acts that cause such personal suffering. Asking me whether I’ve been raped is precisely what I mean by such snark & flippancy. It’s inexcusable & uncalled for.

          In fact, some of the reports about this incident have used the word rape. I haven’t heard the victim’s statement on Galey Tzahal, which might indicate her perception of the event.

          That’s a little stale, even my [sic] Tikkun Olam’s standards.

          I don’t think I’ll allow you to be the judge of what my standards are either.

          1. @ Shoshana: Again with the heartless, cruel flippancy. How many times has a boss asked you to perform a sex act on him? And if you did, how did you feel about it afterward? Good? Or did you feel like shit, like you’d been used, like you’d been…well…raped?

  2. The charge is fifteen years old, so the statue of limitations has long since expired. Once the statute expires the issue becomes one of personal revenge, not justice, and for that reason, it’s not newsworthy.

    Justice betters society. Revenge only betters the victim.

    1. @ Shoshana: One of my cardinal comment rules is not to repeat yourself. As soon as you do you earn automatic suspension of comment rights for this thread. So you won’t be commenting on this subject in this thread further. Don’t test the rule as you’re already in moderation.

      If the statute of limitations had expired both the attorney general and police would not be opening an investigation and would not have questioned Shalom under caution as they did yesterday. Further, you hold youself as a greater expert on the criminal justice system than the AG & police. What remarkable hubris.

      But I am glad to see that you’ve abandoned belittling the actual (alleged) sex act and intimidation, shame and suffering that accompanied it for the victim.

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