7 thoughts on “Great Decisions Talk, ‘Gatekeepers’ film screening – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. Wow!
    And here I was, innocently thinking that people who gave talks were supposed to know what they’re talking about.
    Will wonders never cease, have fun.

    1. Baffled & Buffaloed: And here I thought commenters were not supposed to make asses of themselves by attempting to engage in snark which comes across as petulant & mean-spirited. But I guess asses will be asses.

      BTW, you should come. You might learn something if you could put away your smug self-satisfied smirk…

      1. [comment deleted for being banal, boring & puerile as I’ve seen. Next one brings immediate permanent banning.]

  2. [comment deleted: comments must be on-topic, meaning they must relate directly to the topic of the post. I especially object to comments that try to keep score and point out that however bad Israel may be the other side is worse. That’s grandstanding & not acceptable except in a soccer match.]

  3. The pro-Israel crowd want to play tit for tat and total up the scores, a style much like the “balanced view” demand one runs into. There is no balance between justice and injustice, between criminal and victim, between right and wrong. Palestinians never immigrated to a distant land with the purpose of dispossessing Jews of their property, land and culture. Not even a little bit, so what’s to balance? Palestinians do not put vast numbers of Jews in large open air prisons and control their lives, even their calories. The asymmetry is even sharper in the realm of violence with Pals throwing rocks and small rockets which mostly don’t hurt anyone, and Israel with one of the world’s top armies with tanks, F-16’s, bulldozers, a real army producing dead Palestinians …men, women and children by the bushel. (It’s been decades since that army has had anything to do other than policing a civilian population!)

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