4 thoughts on “The Israel Lobby’s Distortion Effect on U.S. Middle East Policy – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. We have Israeli Zionism on the run – now let’s go and cut the REMAINING massive sanctuary and support for the Apartheid State OFF AT THE KNEES – it’s time to take OUT the American Zionists in the US STILL supporting the Apartheid State and put them thru a literal hell

    To STILL be a ‘Pro-Apartheid Zionist’ needs to carry the same 3rd Rail Fear for Zionists as the vicitms of Dershowitz’s or Bibi’s Anti-Semitic charge carries.

    Simply put – it’s time to create a whole new paradigm where to be a ‘Pro-Apartheid Zionist’ makes one AUTOMATIC SCUM – just as the old ‘Anti-Semtie’ charge WIELDED by these ‘Pro-Apartheid Zionist’ has been, continues to be, and will in the future continue to be TRIED to be used to destroy anyone trying to stop Apartheid

    ‘Pro-Apartheid Zionist’ must make Dershowitz feel like SCUM, persecuted, enlist all his worst ‘everybody hates me because I am a Jew RATHER than the fact I am such an incredible sociopathic Asshole’-fantasies

    The American Zionists still desperately supporting’ the Apartheid state – including ALL US Senators/Congress who support the Apartheid State – must START FEARING their ‘Pro-Apartheid Zionist’ support for Apartheid Zionism as MUCH as most every single human being on the face of the earth has come to fear being labeled an ‘Anti-Semite’ by the likes of a ‘Pro-Apartheid American Zionist’ like Dershowitz or a ‘Pro-Apartheid Israeli Zionist’ like Netanyahu or Bennett

    Being a ‘Pro-Apartheid Zionist’ must be made to NOT be a civilized option – but rather a CHOICE that will likely destroy your career, livelihood, and VOICE – like a Dershowitz would relentlessly destroy a Finklestein. THAT RAW

    Automatic Scum, Beyond the Pale, for ANY American to STILL be trying to drive the US into a war with Iran or Syria or whatever to protect the Israeli crimes – ‘Pro-Apartheid Zionist’ must make one AUTOMATIC SCUM

    ‘Pro-Apartheid Zionist’ must be come to be looked at as ‘Automatic Scum’, with support for the Apartheid State ALONE being enough to qualify a person as ‘AUTOMATIC SCUM’

    ‘Pro-Apartheid Zionist’ must be enough, where Brooks or Mort Zuckerman or Andrea Mitchell or Dick Gregory or DERSHOWITZ can no longer come out into the American public as a ‘Pro-Apartheid Zionist’

    We don’t want to hear your Defense of Pro-Apartheid Zionism – we demand reparations for your crimes, while you can sit down and shut up (mercifully), and prosecution of your leaders – you no longer get to argue it out for yourselves as a conversation between two gentleman, such as Zuckerman and Brooks –

    Your game as fallen apart – all your discussions are merely a discussion of the ‘Banality of your Evil’, Mr Brooks and Zuckerman, and are not of the world where civilized men and discussions between ‘gentleman’ belong. You are NOT gentleman and you are NOT part of the civilized culture. You are simply rank tribal ‘Pro-Apartheid’ cover men – and at long last, we have had enough of you.

    There are 10,000s of American ‘Pro-Apartheid Zionists’ STILL supporting the UN-illegal, International Law-illegal, Geneva Convention-illegal Apartheid State – and we REALLY don’t want (and you, Dershowitz, won’t be allowed to, any further) from making your ‘arguments to save the Apartheid State’.

    How’s no impunity feel, Dershowitz?

  2. I like this. When opposition is called “anti-semitic,” we respond that they are “pro-Apartheid” and does it get any worse than that? Or maybe in a rational discussion: “So, you must be “for” continuing Apartheid, that would be you are pro-Apartheid.”

    I’ll try it out.

  3. I wish there were more article like this could have been published in the Zionist control Media.
    I wish talking about the crimes of Apartheid Israel was not equal to antisemitism.
    and I wish one day, American learn more about the treasonous actions of “Israel Firster.” who are mostly in Congress and top echelon of the US Gov.

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